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  1. i_love_cars

    Fall colors meet/cruise

    Schedule currently looks like i should be able to attend.
  2. i_love_cars

    ILC gets an E46 Mfwee

    Updates: track repairs after brake failure are done. I bought standard (see: non-competition) caliper carriers so that I could fit my PFC rotors, since nobody in the E46 world actually uses the ZCP brakes. New calipers, stainless lines, new wheel bearings, all was well. Then came my Blackstone analysis. Rod bearings completely toasted So now I have new rod bearings. As luck would have it, when I went to test drive the car after bearing install, my cooling system started to take a shit. Temp needle quickly started to peg at the 3/4 mark and discovered my fan was dead. I took this as an opportunity to replace the radiator, water pump/tstat, and have an electric fan wired in to get rid of the factory mechanical fan. I took the car in to my body shop today for an estimate on both patching up the dings/dents, and repainting the entire car. I am for sure going to repair the dents that were on the car when I bought it, but I am still up in the air on repainting it and throwing on a CSL front bumper shroud. I dunno. I love driving the car on the street and like having a full interior despite some track-oriented suspension. It would be nice to clean the car up a bit more and make it more presentable since I think I'm going to be driving it more than just only on track days. Still noodling on that one.
  3. i_love_cars

    ILC gets an E46 Mfwee

    Probably RE-71r. I'm at least going to run those for a few events before upgrading to the track candy. I ran slicks on my E30 and you just carry way too much speed around the track with them if you don't yet know how to drive your car. In my case, the E46 is still new and I need to get all my standard turn-in points and braking zones figured out on Blackhawk and RA where I usually frequent, and then I will probably look to slicks. I always use Jon Berget Racing Tires in Delavan for lightly used slicks since they are local and the price is right.
  4. I haven't detailed the E46 yet. It's plenty dirty already. Just let me know if you want to take it.
  5. I am going to be busy with soccer tournament that weekend for the kids. @snap You are welcome to drive either of my M3s if you need a car for the cruise.
  6. i_love_cars

    ILC gets an E46 Mfwee

    They didn't last. RS4 was a bad decision. They greased badly after 7 laps and I wasn't even driving hard. I'm man enough to admit when I've made a mistake.
  7. i_love_cars

    New Ride: e46 330i ZHP

    this is a really nice car. I saw this when Tim was still trying to sell it at Brew City BMW night in August. Good buy for sure
  8. i_love_cars

    Let's talk "DETAILING"

    Yup $1000 is the going rate for a properly applied, quality product. A year-round car should definitely see 3+ years before needing new ceramic, if it is garaged and you keep up on washes. People who neglect their cars in winter and wash them once every 1-2 months, and/or park the cars outside where they are constantly battered by the elements - there is a significant reduction in life expectancy on the ceramic at that point. Washing the car regularly and not letting it get abused by the elements are the biggest factors because at the end of the day, it's the breakdown of the ceramic that you're concerned with, which salt, road debris, and sun all play a factor in depending on the time of year. We run the Pilot through a wash weekly during winter, and if there is ever a really bad bout of weather that causes excessive salt to be dropped, then it gets washed sometimes twice a week. I've had ceramic on the Pilot for over 2 years now and it hasn't had to be re-applied. @YoungCR @Jdesign
  9. i_love_cars

    Let's talk "DETAILING"

    I just have a guy for this who's been running a detailing business doing it himself for 20 years. I used to try and detail my own cars but it's an art unto itself. I've yet to meet any car enthusiast who can take care of their own shit as well and as efficiently as a properly experienced detailer can. I will say I keep all my cars ceramic coated, but not with Quartz. My detailer has access to better product. Few things are as beneficial as a properly applied, quality ceramic coat. You basically never have to physically touch the car again when you wash it, and you can just loosely pull a high quality micro across and it will pull the water right off when you're drying. I've taken video of the wash being applied to my cars with ceramic on as well and you have never seen water bead off of a car so nicely. I don't consider it anecdotal because I have it applied to my E92, my S4, and my Pilot. Completely different vehicles and different types of paint. Same result regardless. Also while not as strong as PPF, I have 7 coats of ceramic on the hood and fenders of the E92, and I have had several rocks get flung at my car from semis that scuffed the ceramic but didn't break through to the clear. My detailer only had to reapply a small amount of ceramic after buffing the area. Some people will tell you that ceramic does 0 to protect against rock chips and that is 100% bullshit. It helps.
  10. i_love_cars

    Brew City Cruise Night - BMW/MINI Night 8/14

    if I can get the E92 washed in time I should be there.
  11. i_love_cars

    ILC gets an E46 Mfwee

    First and foremost I want to learn the car on street tires before moving to slicks. Beyond that, these tires have a stiff sidewall which I definitely want while I'm learning the E46 on track. I am quite sure that to begin with I'll be pushing the car harder into the corners than it likes because I'm going to be still thinking like I have the E30 which was so light and easy to brake and corner with that the tires never really overheated or scrubbed.
  12. i_love_cars

    ILC gets an E46 Mfwee

    Got the car back today with all the go turn-fast parts on, subframe reinforced, and aligned at least well enough to get me home. Tomorrow I am dropping the car off at Big Bear for corner balancing and proper damper adjustments, but in the meantime it looks pretty mean with -3.5 camber in front. Will have to see how it is after adjustment but the spring rates are like 650/600 definitely a bit bouncy on the street but still the car handles 1000x better than it did before. There was a lot of tired suspension on that bitch. Had to deal with a couple unknown things because the guibo was totally fucked and looked like it had maybe 30 miles left before it completely fell apart. Also had a stock mid section welded back in because what was on there was completely fucked, so now the car sounds normal again without excessive levels of e46 rasp. and my personal favorite - my shop guy rips all the warning labels off his equipment and replaces them with this:
  13. i_love_cars

    My latest project

    best color is best. Looks like a solid project on what appears to be a pretty clean car
  14. i_love_cars

    New guy with a little e30 318i

    His dreams are already a reality - he has a running E30. My parents live in New Berlin, i grew up there and visit Snap often when I take the kids to see the grandparents. As far as the video goes, I'm not trying to discourage you, but I'm going to challenge you to think about what really makes your content any different than the other 8070970980 "car review" channels on YouTard nowadays. Everyone basically says the same things about the same cars. In my opinion, savagegeese has probably the best YouTard channel for car reviews because he is doing it truly differently than everyone else - his opinions are truly his perspective as opposed to regurgitated stats about cars that so many people use as filler content, and he has branched into different types of car content with things like his "Fine Print" series. There's too much saturation on YouTard with the car scene right now and like any other group of people on the planet, there's a few winners and a whole lot of losers. I watched your M3 video and to me it was like any of the other 500 F8x M3 videos I've seen. I admittedly kept yours unmuted for longer than anyone else because you didn't have much footage of the awful exhaust note. I also wholly disagree with the F8x platform as a whole, which is why I have a supercharged E92 and daily an S4 because even on the best of days I could only see using the F8x as a daily, but it's not that good at being a daily compared to other cars out there like the S4. I'm salty because BMW has lost me as a customer completely at this point, though, and I really want to like the F8x M3 but I just can't do it anymore with the shit cars they are producing nowadays. Welcome to the forum. PM me where you live in New Berlin we can meet up sometime maybe with Snap too.
  15. i_love_cars

    BHF 8/13 Track day

    yeah it blows that Badger Bimmers (and quite a few other organizations now too) run BHF events on Mondays only. The only decent organization I know of that does weekend BHF is NWSC Definitely agree with Boris though - if you were considering any events at all, then certainly OFast in September is the way to go because there will definitely be at least a couple of us there. I still think it would be fun to get a group of WIBimmers together for at least 1 legit track day. There's just no getting around the fact that it isn't cheap though.