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  1. If only. My plan right now is to throw an S85 in the E46 and then take the S54 and drivetrain from the E46 and put it into an E30.
  2. Christ that thing looks nice. 12k isn't *that* steep if it's truly a rust free car, has an LSD, and is as well-maintained as advertised. I want to buy this but I'm also out of room now having 4 vehicles. Great find I kinda hate you right now because I'm so tempted to go look at this lol
  3. i_love_cars

    Jake's M-Sport X5 35i Build Thread

    I would just like to say that I agree with all of the aforementioned comments. That is all.
  4. i_love_cars

    Fall colors meet/cruise Saturday, October 6th, 2018

    If anyone wants to review the route ahead of time to get familiar these are the instructions. With the wet roads we will be on i'm expecting it will be a bit longer of a drive. I recommend bringing up a Google earth view on your map and it will be pretty easy to visualize the overall route. TJs house to Parry to waterville S to ZZ ZZ to 67 S to Piper E Piper to Waterville N Waterville to ZZ W ZZ to 67 N (short) 67 to ZZ W ZZ W to County N southbound N to 59 W 59 W to County S southbound County S to 67 E 67 E to LO E (slight right) LO to Beulah south Beulah to J eastbound J to I northbound I to LO eastbound LO to 83 stop lights, cross over on to Pearl ave Pearl to National/Fox east National (Hwy ES) to Hillview north Hillview comes to a tee Johnson splits left stay on Hillview to the right Hillview to Oakdale/XX north Oakdale/XX to Lawnsdale west Lawnsdale to River s River to Point w Point quickly breaks 90 degrees north Point to Saylesville rd / X quick left onto Saylesville then right onto Rockwood Trail Rockwood to 59 W 59 to Hillside N Hillside to Wern Way / Hwy D west D to Highview south Highview to E north E to D west (D is also Wern Way) D to C (waterville intersection) waterville to ZZ west ZZ to 67 N 67 to TJs
  5. 39k seems high to me for that with the mileage and paint issues. This price is the going rate on BaT auctions if you look at the graph plots IF the car doesn't need a significant amount of paint work. Cars in this price range usually have only very minor spots of clearcoat issues at worst. For the convenience of local, this would be a pretty cool car if you could get it for like 35k. Still a lot but you probably won't ever lose money on it.
  6. i_love_cars

    Fall colors meet/cruise Saturday, October 6th, 2018

    Google got finnicky when the roads started overlapping each other in the Dousman area so I gave up.
  7. i_love_cars

    Fall colors meet/cruise Saturday, October 6th, 2018

    TJ is probably too kind. He asked if I would help, so after I got done watching a bunch of M3 videos on Friday night because I have no M cars right now and miss the sounds of the S65, I stayed up till 2:30 planning a route. amazingly there were no dead ends and only a couple of roads that were Wisconsin-ish i.e. crumbling. The route has the usual Kettle roads including 3 passes through Waterville Rd because I love Waterville, and some new roads that TJ and I haven't done before. Basically we will be starting from Dousman, heading south a bit, then coming back up and west through Dousman, down to Eagle, east to Mukwonago and then northwest-ish until we get back to Dousman. There is a good mix of some curvy roads (some new ones that we discovered which are really nice), some very long straight backroads where people can 60 roll/rage crash into trees, and a handful of county highways that we need to unfortunately be on sometimes to connect everything together. There are a couple of designated "catch-up" spots in case we get separated but most of the route should be conducive to keeping everyone together. There's only one place to really watch out for police and that is when we are on Hwy LO and ES going through Muktown because for whatever reason cops are incredibly anal there about any sort of speeding.
  8. i_love_cars

    Fall colors meet/cruise Saturday, October 6th, 2018

    Schedule currently looks like i should be able to attend.
  9. i_love_cars

    ILC gets an E46 Mfwee

    Updates: track repairs after brake failure are done. I bought standard (see: non-competition) caliper carriers so that I could fit my PFC rotors, since nobody in the E46 world actually uses the ZCP brakes. New calipers, stainless lines, new wheel bearings, all was well. Then came my Blackstone analysis. Rod bearings completely toasted So now I have new rod bearings. As luck would have it, when I went to test drive the car after bearing install, my cooling system started to take a shit. Temp needle quickly started to peg at the 3/4 mark and discovered my fan was dead. I took this as an opportunity to replace the radiator, water pump/tstat, and have an electric fan wired in to get rid of the factory mechanical fan. I took the car in to my body shop today for an estimate on both patching up the dings/dents, and repainting the entire car. I am for sure going to repair the dents that were on the car when I bought it, but I am still up in the air on repainting it and throwing on a CSL front bumper shroud. I dunno. I love driving the car on the street and like having a full interior despite some track-oriented suspension. It would be nice to clean the car up a bit more and make it more presentable since I think I'm going to be driving it more than just only on track days. Still noodling on that one.
  10. i_love_cars

    ILC gets an E46 Mfwee

    Probably RE-71r. I'm at least going to run those for a few events before upgrading to the track candy. I ran slicks on my E30 and you just carry way too much speed around the track with them if you don't yet know how to drive your car. In my case, the E46 is still new and I need to get all my standard turn-in points and braking zones figured out on Blackhawk and RA where I usually frequent, and then I will probably look to slicks. I always use Jon Berget Racing Tires in Delavan for lightly used slicks since they are local and the price is right.
  11. I haven't detailed the E46 yet. It's plenty dirty already. Just let me know if you want to take it.
  12. I am going to be busy with soccer tournament that weekend for the kids. @snap You are welcome to drive either of my M3s if you need a car for the cruise.
  13. i_love_cars

    ILC gets an E46 Mfwee

    They didn't last. RS4 was a bad decision. They greased badly after 7 laps and I wasn't even driving hard. I'm man enough to admit when I've made a mistake.
  14. i_love_cars

    New Ride: e46 330i ZHP

    this is a really nice car. I saw this when Tim was still trying to sell it at Brew City BMW night in August. Good buy for sure
  15. i_love_cars

    Let's talk "DETAILING"

    Yup $1000 is the going rate for a properly applied, quality product. A year-round car should definitely see 3+ years before needing new ceramic, if it is garaged and you keep up on washes. People who neglect their cars in winter and wash them once every 1-2 months, and/or park the cars outside where they are constantly battered by the elements - there is a significant reduction in life expectancy on the ceramic at that point. Washing the car regularly and not letting it get abused by the elements are the biggest factors because at the end of the day, it's the breakdown of the ceramic that you're concerned with, which salt, road debris, and sun all play a factor in depending on the time of year. We run the Pilot through a wash weekly during winter, and if there is ever a really bad bout of weather that causes excessive salt to be dropped, then it gets washed sometimes twice a week. I've had ceramic on the Pilot for over 2 years now and it hasn't had to be re-applied. @YoungCR @Jdesign