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  1. i_love_cars

    E46 M3 S85 swap thread

    The dream is still alive. I have decided that (at least for now) I am keeping the engine and all swap-related parts at Efab Motorsports. Eric will store them for me indefinitely. So I'm going to part out everything else like I planned on in order to break even on the purchase of the car, but at that point as long as I've recouped my 7k, then I don't see any harm in hanging on to a 33k mile S85 that works, assuming I will one day swap it. I don't see myself being able to replicate this kind of a deal for such a low mileage , functional example so it's hard to sell the engine.
  2. i_love_cars

    WTB: E46 M3

    It's a tough market. E46 M3 has been on the uptick in prices for a while now. Whether or not people actually pay those prices is hard to say. You are going to have to be patient if you want an example that already has had everything done to it like RBs / vanos / subframe + low miles + 6mt + $15k or less. My car has rock chips but is rust free and even with 150k miles and getting it for 8500 bucks needing work, I could have kept it all stock and just replaced what needed to be done + RBs / subframe and would be into it for like 14k and honestly I wouldn't hesitate to ask for that much when selling it. I'd probably list it at 15k to be honest. People will pay for a non-rusted, non-fuckered E46 M3 because they are becoming harder and harder to find. It's a good car for you because overall they are reliable and great out of the box performance so running costs shouldn't be crazy. If I ever had financial troubles and needed to sell an M3, it's likely I would sell my E92 and keep my E46 for that reason alone.
  3. emotion is a pretty key concept here. At the end of the day, the people who love something are always going to care more and be opinionated about it. So those of us who truly love cars are attached to the concept of what we love. I enjoy driving my E46 more than my E92, but I daily something from 2018. Pretty much in line with what you're saying. We all want to drive the older stuff but many people aren't dailying those things. I also think not having something like an older M3 as a daily, and instead as a weekend car, makes it more special. Same way that bringing a car out of storage feels in spring time. People can say whatever they want - the fact is everyone becomes numb to a certain degree to their routine. Cars are no different - if you drive a classic BMW every day, it doesn't feel as special. Intellectually you know what you're driving all the time, and as an enthusiast you are like "cool" and have some level of appreciation but it's not quite the same as leaving your modern daily for something special to you at the end of the week, or whatever.
  4. i_love_cars

    E46 M3 S85 swap thread

    No, no it's definitely a big disappointment to quite a few people lol. You can say what we're all thinking - it's ok 😂 I think it was the right decision. 40k for this build is a lot indeed
  5. i_love_cars

    E46 M3 S85 swap thread

    It is an eternal battle for us all 😂
  6. i_love_cars

    E46 M3 S85 swap thread

    This project has been canned! Main thread updated
  7. i_love_cars

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    just caught up on the last 6 pages of this. Damn I miss having a clean E30. I'm really not a fan of gray cars since it's such a common color on the road, but I always make exception if the car is cool and has a red interior. It's just such a good looking combo. The wheels help this car a ton too. It just looks awesome. Sans the deer smashing the corner of the fender. Stupid nature. I'm gonna put extra miles on my V10 and V8 this year to hopefully kill some more nature with my pollution.
  8. i_love_cars

    E46 M3 S85 swap thread

    So, updates. Main thread has been updated with a spreadsheet screenshot of all the cost breakdown for everything. It will be updated over time as needed but at this point we have covered just about all the bases. The transmission I had got on ebay arrived with a giant crack in the bellhousing among other problems - basically everything got fucked up by the freight carrier. So I have been refunded for that and am back on the hunt for a transmission again. If anyone catches a beat on a decent E9x 6mt transmission, let me know. I have a standing order in with BimmerWorld for a set of BE bearings which is somewhat entertaining because they didn't even take payment info and said "anything we authorize will likely expire by the time bearings actually get in stock" since BE is constantly on backorder for S65/S85 bearings upgrades. The majority of other updates are essentially already documented as a result of the pricing spreadsheet - basically have just been talking with vendors for making custom parts and updated prices accordingly based on what they said. Part out of the M5 begins right away in January, and I already have the SMG sold for $2700 and in January will be posting up in the M5 forums and chicago area BMW FB groups probably with official part-out lists.
  9. Not a bad price but not a very desirable car on the whole. Melbourne is a low production color, and 6mt is nice, but what kills this car is beige interior and lack of CF roof which for many people wanting a E92 with a stick, is important to have the CF roof. What's ridiculous is that they actually paid to option out of it because the CF roof was standard equipment on the E92 M3. Lastly being a pre-LCI is kinda meh. But for someone who wants a low mileage V8 M3, it is definitely not a bad price at all.
  10. 1) Definitely E46. I mean sure if an S65 lasts to 200k great, but I wouldn't put money on those odds. I'm fully expecting to replace an engine in my E92. I'm ok with that, but for sure if the question is about "not hesitating to own to 200k" then e46 is the newest I would have faith in. I don't see many people getting to 200k on N5x platforms either. Talk to any shop like a Kummrow that does a lot of bmw stuff and they will tell you the most common engine failures they see right now are N5x and that is largely because we are at the 10 year mark where mileage starts to matter and it's harder for these cars that typically have the shit kicked out of them with turbskis to last for 200k. 2.) In some ways it is way easier because of the internet. You have YouTard videos and forums galore for not only information on what you care about but in general you can find content on basically any vehicle out there, at any level of modification or rarity. The flip side is that in terms of community, you have the rise of WCEC which seems that for every non-shitfuck there are 20 actual shitfucks. Also there are too many people doing video content that don't know what they are talking about. There is plenty of misinformation out there and unfortunately this is a downside - people who want valid info have to be really aware to sort out the bad advice or wrong technical data. 3.) My jimmies are very rustled because I don't believe that driving should be a clinical experience. This is why I don't like vehicles like the GT-R. Unfortunately the electrification of cars and reduction of moving parts gets driving on the path of appliance instead of experience or skill. From a daily commute standpoint, I get it, and if there were still a segment still producing IC engines I would be ok. What sucks in my mind is that all manufacturers will eventually be producing exclusively electrics. I love older cars too but I also don't want to drive the same car for 40 years trying to keep it going just to hang on to an IC vehicle. For enthusiasts and racing applications it's going to suck because all a performance car will be is "faster than the other electric cars" but not offer any difference in experience. In my opinion regulations are driving things towards too much normalization and will only incense competition between manufacturers for the wrong priorities to a driving enthusiast. 4) Autonomous cars are not a concern. Not only do you have the fact that in very recent time, autonomous tests in public have resulted in bad crashes, but critical things like ability to drive in rain/snow hasn't been addressed yet. There is a laundry list of things that make autonomous cars a pipe dream for those thinking it will be a utopia of no one ever driving on the road. This is decades away at best from being any sort of norm. 5) Cars are absolutely expensive. Dan isn't wrong about people's sense of entitlement, but I don't think people should have to be forced to drive a 20 year old vehicle. That's a little extreme. Credit and stretching payments over 84 months and beyond is a problem, regulations impose costs on car development and production that sends prices up, and numerous other factors play into costs of cars but bottom line is a new Civic (non Type-R) can easily break 30k which is insanity. Look at it this way - in 2007 I bought a brand new loaded Civic for 17k. In 2018 11 years later that same car is 30k. But if we go backwards in time to 1994 when my parents bought a Corolla for 13k, not only is that a longer timespan at 13 years prior compared to 11 years later, but the cost for an econobox car rose basically a few thousand dollars between 1994 and 2007, yet it basically fucking doubled between 2007 and 2018. It's fucking stupid how much cars cost now. This isn't helping the used market either. It just drives demand up for cheaper used cars which pushes the price up of those used cars due to simple economics.
  11. This is without a doubt one of the best things on the internet right now, out of all the things. It is amazing that the chassis has such incredibly high mileage and isn't completely fucked.
  12. i_love_cars

    F30 328i N20 4cyl Turbo

    I fear that in general these tech advancements are basically the end of the DIYer as we know it. When I look at the S4 under the hood, or when I pulled the wheels off to put my winter setup on and I took one look at the suspension and barfed, all I can think of is "dear god how would i ever work on this?" - the complexity involved in removing stuff for replacement on newer cars is becoming absurd. Combined with the amount of electronics to deal with that are all intertwined, it scares the shit out of me in terms of maintenance costs. 10 years from now, a new car will be completely foreign to me I think. As cars move further and further towards being 100% appliance as opposed to "driver engagement required" products, more and more will become internalized and black-boxed. The tech is impressive and I love my S4 - honestly it is so much fun to bomb around in that I don't even care that it's autotragic. But I still wouldn't want to touch the thing outside of warranty. The F30 is trash to me and I also know people with them who have had engines grenade below 60k. IMO it's a reflection of why BMW has lost me as a customer for anything new and why I am currently in an Audi. There's way too much bad shit being posted about F30s online for such a highly mass-produced bread and butter car. I get S65 and S85s blowing up with rod bearings 10 years ago because M cars are performance oriented which carries some risks, and are lower production. A basic beta bitch 328 that they produced hundreds of thousands of should not be so unreliable and it goes to show how badly the bean counters have taken over.
  13. i_love_cars

    2018 holiday sales, promo codes, etc.

    don't even get me started. BimmerWorld was 21% off BBKs so I got stoptechs for the E46, plus 25% off Epic tunes which I need for my swap so I've frontloaded that as well