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  1. i_love_cars

    E46 Things

    I have time to kill today when I take my daughter to soccer practice in Brookfield and I need to put miles on the E92 so I may have to stop by your house to check this out
  2. i_love_cars

    E46 Things

    I love knowing the car is being driven EDIT: i think I have the tow hook for you still it's in my garage I'm pretty sure
  3. i_love_cars

    E46 Things

    I lost 8k on this car after all the mods. Worth it to see a friend back in a BMW where he belongs. Me putting 500 miles a year on the car wasn't going to do it justice. That infotainment screen is indeed the worst travesty I have seen I think as far as that sort of thing is concerned. I'd rather have a non-nav unit in the car but at this point just get a modern double din for it and call it a day.
  4. i_love_cars

    WCEC Season Opener - West bend

  5. i_love_cars

    WCEC Season Opener - West bend

    Saw the thread title and came in here just to say literally exactly this. But you already said it. +1
  6. i_love_cars

    Suspenceful's 2008 BSM 135i build thread!

    That's $200 too much. You asked explicitly what we think about the wheel. So here we are. If you'd get off your lazy ass and make some decent M3 designs, you wouldn't have had to barter for a shitty steering wheel because I'd have paid you cash for multiples of good shirts and then you'd have money to pay a vendor for real performance parts. You basically just said that your car is fine as it is, yet have things like an LSD, stronger axles, and suspension on a "want" list. Why would stronger axles even be on the list if your car is just fine? I stand by my statement that your car is not complete, and if all you needed was a set of MT slicks and a shitty factory E-diff to have perfect traction, the entire drag car aftermarket community would be rendered obsolete, yet for some reason it's been around for 50 years and still going strong. Because you actually do need to put some real money into your car beyond just tires to make it maximize the power delivery. You could have one of the most mechanically well-sorted and high performing N54s in Wisconsin (and the world), but instead you relegate yourself to tacky CF steering wheels.
  7. i_love_cars

    Suspenceful's 2008 BSM 135i build thread!

    I think you should've put the money towards something useful like a limited slip diff. I haven't seen a video on it yet so I'm assuming that's still outstanding, as are some other suspension upgrades. Your 1er is rough around the edges and isn't a show car. This would be like if I added a CF wheel to my E46 M3. Having an alcantara shift boot with factory aluminum interior trim doesn't look that great with a steering wheel that is predominately CF. The steering wheel you have there looks like an afterthought. It's your money of course but the direction you have taken this car is largely about going fast. You have gobs of power now, so why aren't you spending more money to help the car put it down as best as possible?
  8. i_love_cars

    E46 M3 S85 swap thread

    The dream is still alive. I have decided that (at least for now) I am keeping the engine and all swap-related parts at Efab Motorsports. Eric will store them for me indefinitely. So I'm going to part out everything else like I planned on in order to break even on the purchase of the car, but at that point as long as I've recouped my 7k, then I don't see any harm in hanging on to a 33k mile S85 that works, assuming I will one day swap it. I don't see myself being able to replicate this kind of a deal for such a low mileage , functional example so it's hard to sell the engine.
  9. emotion is a pretty key concept here. At the end of the day, the people who love something are always going to care more and be opinionated about it. So those of us who truly love cars are attached to the concept of what we love. I enjoy driving my E46 more than my E92, but I daily something from 2018. Pretty much in line with what you're saying. We all want to drive the older stuff but many people aren't dailying those things. I also think not having something like an older M3 as a daily, and instead as a weekend car, makes it more special. Same way that bringing a car out of storage feels in spring time. People can say whatever they want - the fact is everyone becomes numb to a certain degree to their routine. Cars are no different - if you drive a classic BMW every day, it doesn't feel as special. Intellectually you know what you're driving all the time, and as an enthusiast you are like "cool" and have some level of appreciation but it's not quite the same as leaving your modern daily for something special to you at the end of the week, or whatever.
  10. i_love_cars

    E46 M3 S85 swap thread

    No, no it's definitely a big disappointment to quite a few people lol. You can say what we're all thinking - it's ok 😂 I think it was the right decision. 40k for this build is a lot indeed
  11. i_love_cars

    E46 M3 S85 swap thread

    It is an eternal battle for us all 😂
  12. i_love_cars

    E46 M3 S85 swap thread

    This project has been canned! Main thread updated
  13. i_love_cars

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    just caught up on the last 6 pages of this. Damn I miss having a clean E30. I'm really not a fan of gray cars since it's such a common color on the road, but I always make exception if the car is cool and has a red interior. It's just such a good looking combo. The wheels help this car a ton too. It just looks awesome. Sans the deer smashing the corner of the fender. Stupid nature. I'm gonna put extra miles on my V10 and V8 this year to hopefully kill some more nature with my pollution.
  14. i_love_cars

    E46 M3 S85 swap thread

    So, updates. Main thread has been updated with a spreadsheet screenshot of all the cost breakdown for everything. It will be updated over time as needed but at this point we have covered just about all the bases. The transmission I had got on ebay arrived with a giant crack in the bellhousing among other problems - basically everything got fucked up by the freight carrier. So I have been refunded for that and am back on the hunt for a transmission again. If anyone catches a beat on a decent E9x 6mt transmission, let me know. I have a standing order in with BimmerWorld for a set of BE bearings which is somewhat entertaining because they didn't even take payment info and said "anything we authorize will likely expire by the time bearings actually get in stock" since BE is constantly on backorder for S65/S85 bearings upgrades. The majority of other updates are essentially already documented as a result of the pricing spreadsheet - basically have just been talking with vendors for making custom parts and updated prices accordingly based on what they said. Part out of the M5 begins right away in January, and I already have the SMG sold for $2700 and in January will be posting up in the M5 forums and chicago area BMW FB groups probably with official part-out lists.
  15. Not a bad price but not a very desirable car on the whole. Melbourne is a low production color, and 6mt is nice, but what kills this car is beige interior and lack of CF roof which for many people wanting a E92 with a stick, is important to have the CF roof. What's ridiculous is that they actually paid to option out of it because the CF roof was standard equipment on the E92 M3. Lastly being a pre-LCI is kinda meh. But for someone who wants a low mileage V8 M3, it is definitely not a bad price at all.