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  1. If you are planning to join the cruise, this year I am doing something a little different by using the Octane app. I've been playing around with this app a bit and it basically lets you set up car events like cruises, and then people can "join" in order to see where other cars are on the cruise, so we can keep track of each other. Last year it wasn't too bad to lead since I only had to keep track of 7 cars or so behind me, but the turnout is looking even stronger this year and while we have some designated "wait for stragglers" spots on the cruise, the Octane app definitely makes it easier in case people get separated.
  2. i_love_cars

    E46 Things

    The standing water was a real thing that day. Those were good times lol
  3. Yeah those seats are proper. I bet this thing will hoon pretty well. The welds on the half cage look decent too, hopefully it won't kill you in the event of a crash. 😂
  4. You got it. Financial sense is not the strong suit of the general population since schools and most parents don't really teach things that would otherwise raise financial intelligence. I have friends that I have had to coach on how to do a written budget, and it's like uhhh if you can add / subtract, you can definitely figure this out people.
  5. yup, picked them up in the dirtiest of the dirty parts of Racine. @dastuz was with me and was like "you're sure we aren't just going here to get mugged?" There were active drug dealers on the streets as we drove through the trailer park lolol
  6. I felt bad for the guy I bought them from. He ordered a ton of shit for his M3 and got in over his head, spent too much and had to liquidate. He paid 7k for the seats and didn't even get to use them as the rest of his car was still in pieces, and he sold them to me 3 weeks later for 5k.
  7. Catching up on people's build threads today after being absent for at least 6 months, and realized this hasn't been updated in well over a year. The car went on Ohlins R/T this spring with some GC camber plates and I got rid of the factory ZCP wheels in favor of BimmerWorld's replica - the TA-16 wheels. This was mainly to accommodate a 275/295 tire setup properly, while still retaining a very factory ZCP look. The drop on the car is modest as always since I don't slam my cars, and the Ohlins retain a quality ride on public roads. I also installed a BimmerWorld oil pan which is just a factory pan modified to accept an oil dipstick. So I now have a dipstick in my E92 M3 which I think is pretty unique. Last week I scooped OEM performance seats as many of you already know, and they are amazing. I've put more miles on the car in the last 4 days than I have in the last month. They look great, have incredible back support, and are modestly more comfortable than the stock seats. A few months ago I also swapped out the stock pedals for some BimmerWorld aluminum pedals, and I replaced the original wood grain trim with new OE aluminum interior trim. I had my detailer apply ceramic to it before install so nothing sticks to the trim and it shouldn't oxidize over time like you see on a lot of BMWs with factory aluminum. These latest changes complete the car for me. I don't think there is much else worth doing to an E92 that is driven on the street. I very recently was considering moving on to the F80 platform since I found a super low mileage 2016 comp pack for like 55k in Sakhir orange 6MT, but then I found these performance seats and with the addition of those, combined with the supercharger and ability to have traction now, it's hard to see what an F80 can offer other than lower mileage. My weekend cars are usually on a 3 year average of when I sell them, and this October will mark 3 years with the E92. The V8 is still impossible to beat for me so I am still planning to just continue driving this thing and replace the engine when it inevitably grenades.
  8. i_love_cars

    E46 Things

    My track pads for that car from Blackhawk last year are literally like new with 99% life left. Do you want them? They are good PFC pads. I picked up on the caliper failure early enough that I was able to get off the track before the pads melted.
  9. i_love_cars

    E46 Things

    I'm sad that the car was misrepresented and thus a complete waste of your time, but I'm laughing out loud at "instead of 'I'm sorry we are idiots'"
  10. That Cappucino was bought by my friend and I drove him to get the car. It's an amazingly fun vehicle. We have been bombing around the backroads in it for the past couple weeks.
  11. The only thing under construction that's intrusive to my normal route is that Hwy 164 is closed. All you need to do is take Hubertus east to Hillside Dr. and then north to 167 west back over to 164 north. It's a short detour. That said, good news is there is active construction around Hubertus West / Monches / St. Augustine as they are finally acknowledging those roads are.........literally impossible to drive on for anything short of a military grade humvee, and even then I don't think it could exceed 5 mph without blowing tires on potholes and causing herniated discs in the backs of anyone unfortunate enough to be along for the ride.
  12. So this topic died which is unfortunate. It needs to be revived. I have been on hiatus from pretty much everything since I bought a 2019 Civic type R and have been neglecting the M3 since the type R is about 10x better to drive than an E92 m3. I'd like to get a couple of cruises going this summer and stretch the V8 legs of the M3. I think at minimum we should do something local again since that is going to be easier for most people. As much as I liked the route we did last year and I still drive it all the time, I'd like to do something a bit longer - there are some roads that I can tie in to that route so that we end up at Road America - it's a solid amount of driving about 3 hours to get there from start in Delafield. It would involve most of the roads from the cruise last Fall, with some additional northwest of Dousman and then heading east towards West Bend and up towards RA on the more standard Kettle Moraine route roads. I would like to do this on August 3rd or 4th because that is the weekend of IMSA races at Road America and we could do a long morning cruise, then get lunch at RA and watch racing in the afternoon or people can fuck off then if they want. Extra credit is for people who want to do an additional cruise that would be more like a full day and possibly stay at a hotel - speaking more towards the comments above about heading west of Madison. I haven't been out that way very much other than Mt. Horeb / Dodgeville / Platteville area, and I would enjoy heading to some roads untraveled that are new to me / most of the group. I know this would be a smaller subset of people but it is something I've wanted to do for a long time. It would be especially nice to find some cool nature backdrops further west or near some body of water for group car photos.
  13. I talked to her for a bit on the book of many faces - sounds like the car has had like 15k miles put on it since I sold it, and it's still running like a top. I was glad to see it is getting use
  14. i_love_cars

    E46 Things

    Yeah, just drive the car. Not that I'm biased or anything but I sunk literally more than you paid for the car into just mods and maintenance alone. It's good.
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