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  1. i_love_cars

    ILC gets an E46 Mfwee

    love where your head is at. Unfortunately those are the wrong offset. I'm looking for an ET22 for a square 265 setup BHF with Badger bimmers on august 13th!
  2. i_love_cars

    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    Holy shit dude. Great pickup. That thing looks amazing you will have to bring it to a WIBimmer meet. It is crazy just how much better these cars look with the M-sport package.
  3. i_love_cars

    ILC gets an E46 Mfwee

    I blame TJ. Woke up this morning and saw that he sent me a link to a very reasonably priced 2005 M3 in the most unlikely of places - WCEC classifieds. Upon brief deliberation, we agreed to go together to the shanty one-horse town of Watertucky and see if this car had any merit. It turned out to not be a piece of shit, in fact it was actually quite solid and fit the bill perfectly for what I was looking for in a new track car. I had almost given up hope that a reasonably priced, non-clapped out E46 M3 existed. Engine and clutch are solid, no signs of subframe cracking, amazingly the seats are like, mint for being 150k miles, and it's quite clean underneath. I will be taking the car to Efab next week for some GC coilovers and camber plates, subframe reinforcement, and refreshing a lot of the bushings. In the meantime I need to scoop some apex wheels because the wheels that came on this car are junk ebay wheels with questionable fitment. This will be my dedicated track car and be parked most of the year, but I don't have any plans to do crazy track prep with it because I don't want to be back in the world of needing a truck and trailer. I want a car I can drive to/from the track, has cheap-ish running costs, and holds its value. I think at the price I bought this thing for, I should always be able to sell it to a broad audience if I had to and get my money out of it.
  4. haha not exactly what I'm looking for but I like where your head is at. Snapsby already linked me to a car in Crystal Lake today that I am reviewing right now
  5. Definitely was a perfect day for it and a lot of fun. Unfortunately it made me realize how much I need to force myself to dedicate time for track days again. Especially since we ran in to some of my old track buddies who were on track yesterday. I've clearly been focusing too much on money and not enough on fun. I am now officially looking for a ragmuffin trackrat E46 M3. Thanks for organizing this, it was great to see people, fast cars, hundreds of missed apexes at Canada Corner, and a muffler flying off of an E30.
  6. That's almost identical to what my wagon was, even has M-sport. Slightly higher mileage but not by much. Makes me feel good about the 5500 I got when I sold it. $5k seems like a solid price for this if it isn't a rust bucket underneath.
  7. yeah NWSC is basically like every other HPDE group these days. Open registration for anyone as long as you pay the annual club membership fee. Glad I checked the forum. I spent the last month billing 120 hours a week and literally have had no concept of time. I was shocked to see this is only 2 days away hahah. I should probably dust the cobwebs off of the M3. I'm looking forward to this because I haven't done anything at all related to cars for 6 weeks now
  8. I will be there.
  9. i_love_cars

    New build! E90 M3

    sounds like shit because no xpipe. I'm gonna buy you an xpipe as a house-warming gift so it no longer sounds like shit.
  10. i_love_cars

    Which M3 is Best M3?

    I'd say this should have been posted on Taco Tuesday, but then I remembered that really every day should be taco day.
  11. i_love_cars

    Which M3 is Best M3?

    They are facts - we're talking about the difference between 2 particular motors and my premise is evolution of engineering. You have a preference for simplicity, and there's nothing wrong with that, but I'm talking purely about technical advancements over time. Also, your argument disregards the concept of scale and puts no value on it - the crane can do things at scale such that it is exponentially superior to the man with the shovel, wood and ropes. Part of the achievement is how much you can do in so little amount of time with the crane, and I would argue that the R&D and cost of time/materials and hundreds of hours to build it isn't really an argument against it given the absolute ROI you get on the backend for making the design an model a physical reality. You are arguing a poor man's ingenuity over results, based on one scenario's lack of advanced tooling ability. Engineering "achievement" the way we understand it in the world is based on what it can produce when it's done. What is the value-add, so to speak. That's why there's a hell of a lot more money to be made in STEM fields than retail stores selling ropes, shovels, and wood. I know we're talking about cars but since you went outside the scope of that and used an example of a man with a shovel and rope vs. a crane - space shuttles are insanely complicated and require absurd amounts of time to program and test and verify. They fly in outer fucking space in a controlled way. Highly complicated. Nothing simple about it. Are we to believe that it isn't a fact that the engineering required to make that a reality in a controlled manner isn't a high level of achievement, just because some crazy Russian could in simple terms build a home-grown rocket and shoot it willy nilly up into the sky so we call it the same thing? Because that's basically your argument. In the end, the man with a shovel and rope and wood can't even come close to building the final product that a crane can, no matter how ingenious that man is. He can accomplish some semblance of the same thing at much smaller scale, but in real terms, it won't even be close to comparable. If you were able to produce an example of an apples to apples result, then I 100% would agree that simplicity and elegance is more of an achievement in this arena. I've been in the software world for 15 years - if someone can produce the exact same results with more elegant and simple code, I will 100% back that every time as the more impressive feat. I just think the way you are arguing this is flawed.
  12. i_love_cars

    Which M3 is Best M3?

    Ok well if we're talking money is no object then I'll bring a GT3 RS and destroy any E9x M3 no matter how many hundreds of thousands you put into the car. Let's keep it realistic because if you think the E9x would be your track toy if money were truly no object, then you're just letting your bias in because you are still high on your recent jump into ownership. The M3 is not even close to the end-all be-all of track cars if money is no object.
  13. i_love_cars

    Which M3 is Best M3?

    We haven't defined what best means. If we are talking about the best overall package for driving on the street and to/from the track, the E9x wins by a fucking landslide. The tech and creature comforts and interior are a cut above the E46, and as Pat already noted - the lap times are on the same page or better in the E9x. If we're talking about raw driving experience overall - the E46 wins. It is the pinnacle of the "pure driver engagement" factor of the M cars. E30 started it but E46 perfected it. If we're talking about the engine - the S65 perfected what the E46 started with 100+ hp per liter, because the S65 did it with 2 more cylinders and a significantly higher redline. There's no question that the S65 mechanically is the more impressive piece of engineering. It's simply a fact of physics and design. For a dedicated track car it is a no brainer - the E46 wins. But only as a dedicated track car because it's cheaper and parts are plentiful and the aftermarket has had an extra decade to perfect itself compared to the E9x. For literally anything other than a dedicated track car, the E9x is a superior vehicle choice on paper because it retains everything that made the E46 good like hydraulic steering and high revs, and improves everything else inside the cabin. The only reason to get an E46 M3 at that point is because it's cheaper, or if you simply just arbitrarily "like it" more than the E9x. But in terms of facts and engineering achievement, the E9x is just simply better. My next track car will very likely be an E46 M3.
  14. agreed it's definitely not my style either, but it sure seems rare. I'm not a huge alpina fan in general, though.