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  1. i_love_cars

    E30 Picnic 2018

    I'll be there probably around noon
  2. i_love_cars

    E30 Picnic 2018

    i'm tentative. My son has a soccer tournament that weekend but I don't have the game schedule yet.
  3. i_love_cars

    E30 M52

    So what you're saying is we should definitely expect to see this beast at Cars and Coffee on Saturday !
  4. i_love_cars

    Jdesigns 93 E30 Vert boring build Thread thing...

    that looks amazing. I wouldn't fault you in the slightest for going the route you did - Wisconsin is so unfriendly in so many ways to the front bumper shrouds and lips on cars. It's just not worth all the money you spend going for something like fiberglass
  5. i_love_cars

    ILC's E92 M3

    Car is up and running. TJ did stop by and confirm I did not fuck it up. I needed a witness. I'm not used to superchargers *at all* so I was freaking out about all the noises. Then I learned some things. 200 mile break-in period for the supercharger gears/bearing/seals and to allow the ECU to adapt to the tune. Luckily I have a 93 mile one-way drive on Sunday to get my rod bearings replaced !
  6. i_love_cars

    ILC's E92 M3

    Started on the install process on Saturday and by Sunday I was ready to mount the supercharger, then I noticed that I had received the wrong belt from ESS. They shipped me a belt for a 650 kit with 7 ribs instead of 6. I sourced a comparable belt from Napa on Sunday at 2120mm which is just 5mm shorter than what the normal 625 kit includes. They are overnighting me the correct belt so whatever I'll swap it tomorrow. What's more troubling is that ESS also gave me the wrong tune file. It is fortunate that I am DIYing this install because I don't think even a reputable BMW shop would have recognized that the tune file name ended in "124" which is what ESS uses to identify tunes intended for their black fuel injectors, as 124 is the last 3 of the part number. They shipped my kit with white injectors which have different flow rates and has a different tune. DOn't ask me why ESS has changed injectors over the years - the power is the same regardless, the tune just needs to be calibrated for the right flow rate. I'm sure if I had a shop install this, I'd be driving around wondering why the fuck my car is running like dog shit and potentially leaning out. Turnaround was quick and I got my updated tune file from them today for the white injectors that I have in my kit. So now I think all is well. I'm 98% done. Should be driving the car tomorrow - the only things left to do is hook up the air filter, put the radiator fan shroud back in, top the coolant off, and start the car.
  7. i_love_cars

    E30 M52

    I'm sure it will all be fine. You know you're driving a car for the induction noises and it's NA power so you'll never get that sensation. My S50 rocked steady all the way to redline but it never had any of that oomph that I had come to expect from the 135. You know this of course but I'm sure it feels weird still after a turbo setup before.
  8. i_love_cars

    E30 Picnic 2018

    Sell me your M2. Cash buyer. Thx bud
  9. i_love_cars

    M2 Competition

    https://f87.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1487328 Discuss. I'll get things started with the fact that the wheels objectively look like dogshit ebay knockoffs of real style 359s, and everyone who has an M2 prior to this should hold onto it because their N55 actually sounds good, and throwing a detuned S55 into this new M2 is probably the worst thing that could have happened to the car.
  10. i_love_cars

    ILC's E92 M3

    See ?! This is nothing more than pure validation of my prior statements that the longer you wait, the worse it is because no matter what, it's gonna happen and yer gonna get a supercharger hahaha. I bought the warranty as a way to try and keep myself from modding the shit out of the car. That lasted for a bit and then I was like "Fuck it I can get 3k prorated refund on and use the money for performance parts!" And here we are EDIT: my friends clearly know me, otherwise Hallway never would have saved that photo from so long ago lolol. Everybody knows I have complete ADHD and cannot leave shit alone.
  11. i_love_cars

    ILC's E92 M3

    I honestly wish I could say that because it would actually make me feel better about my purchase LOL - as it turns out, it's moreso that I am just completely incapable of leaving well enough alone. Yeah I have digital torque wrenches so doing this with proper accuracy shouldn't be hard, but at $700 it was a no-brainer. I figured I can justify the cost after all the thousands upon thousands I saved by DIYing my E46 manual swap My stance on the supercharger is that if you want the car to be a drag car, then just buy an N54 instead - but if you like everything else you get with an S65, then a supercharger makes the car "competitive and relevant" in the modern age to essentially give it a new lease on life. FIrst you say "someday" which is exactly what I did....then before you know it barely a year later you're installing a 625 kit LOL. To quote Family Guy - "it's like sex with Kobe - you can fight it all you want but, it's gonna happen"
  12. i_love_cars

    ILC's E92 M3

    There are but they all involve more NVH and I'm trying to preserve the street manners of the car since I don't intend to track it ;(
  13. i_love_cars

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    absolutely, almost nobody does it all alone but still good skills to have and a very impressive amount of work going into this
  14. i_love_cars

    What is your ideal build?

    I'll have to use my touring for this because my M3 is already sorted the way I want. Ideal build for the touring would be - respray in Imola with shadowline window trim - S54 swap / RWD conversion with a nice set of apex wheels - all the E46 aesthetic bits that I haven't done and probably never will - headlight conversion, black kidneys, mtech II bumper shroud, etc. I'd still use it as my daily at that point.
  15. i_love_cars

    ILC's E92 M3

    Ok so everyone else is doing cool builds and as usual I don't have anything unique to add to the conversation - just basic beta bitch mods like bolt-on superchargers. I walked away from the deal for the used 625 kit that had the red painted manifold. It looked good in photos but I know it was also a $15 rattle can job. Not a professional paint job like you'd get from iND or something. The guy wanted $6250 for his kit and on top of that you need to drop $1000 to get a new tune from ESS because they are locked to a VIN. I just couldn't fully bring myself to spend that kind of money for a used supercharger kit compared to the price of a brand new one that comes with a 2 year warranty. So I called up EAS and they quoted me $7720 shipped for a brand new kit (which includes a tune). It's a no-brainer at that point to just buy it new. The extra $500 guarantees no missing parts and everything works. I also ordered a set of BE rod bearings and ARP bolts. They were back-ordered until March 31 (i placed my order on March 22nd or so) and I'm glad I did because as of now they are already backordered again until July 1. Lots of S65 owners are buying up these bearings because they have increased clearance, but not so much that there is any real impact to oil pressure at high rpms. The supercharger showed up earlier this week and I'm still waiting on the bearings. Install plans have been delayed because ....well I mean just look outside. It's cold in my garage too. I will be outsourcing the rod bearing install to Efab Motorsports in Lake Zurich. They are doing a labor special on rod bearing service for $700 during the month of April. I'll have them throw in new motor mounts while they are at it because for whatever reason the mounts on this car are a 50k mile maintenance item and the subframe will be down already. The shop owner has a VO 1M that I am excited to look at when I go down there. I am scheduled to drop the car off for RB service on May 1 and pick it up May 3.