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  1. thanks bud. I'm part of a private group that had been looking for a world-class photographer to fly in to Wisconsin to shoot our cars, and with the COVID restrictions Pepper has been grounded internationally since March when he had to ditch a shoot he was doing for Lexus in Siberia. So we were able to book him and just split cost up between 12 cars. He was here for 3 days and it was probably the most fascinating time I've had talking with a car person. That guy's life has been so interesting, and he was really down to earth and humble. We had all kinds of cars being shot - a couple of Mustangs, a 370z, a Subaru, a huracan performante, mclaren 720, AMG E63S wagon, R8, GTR, and a couple others. All of the cars received a lovely treatment as far as photos were concerned. I downloaded the entire set and will be rotating some of my favorites as wallpapers. My friend's orange Huracan came out amazing since it was shot at sunset.
  2. Once in a lifetime photoshoot complete. Best money I ever spent on this car: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmRWk4i1
  3. The prices were too good to pass up! Imola would have been the preferred color though, by far.
  4. As noted, I don't have any crazy plans for the car so this thread will be mostly dead but I did just get the car back today from my detailer. 4 days of paint correction, headlight restoration, ceramic coating the car and wheels with Kenzo IGL, and proper interior treatments. Photos don't do it justice - Imola is truly gorgeous when it is this cleaned up. He wet sanded the entire car. Just above and beyond service. It pretty much looks like a new car now. If you look extremely close you can find a couple blemishes still but the paint is 98% new car quality again. No more fog in the headlights either. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmRDYwyh
  5. Proper fix! Definitely have been roaming around today with the top down and heater blasting while it's in the 40s 😅 Stopped by LMT to say hi to TJ but he unfortunately did not have his roadster there
  6. I was laughing because I totally envision myself looking like the weirdo with the top down in November haha. It's absolutely how I would roll.
  7. i_love_cars

    E46 Things

    I may just be looking for an excuse to bring the Z4 over
  8. i_love_cars

    E46 Things

    I'm going to come over this weekend and inspect this fuckery for myself. I don't buy the story
  9. I have been ghosting the forums for quite a while as I've been busy with building a garage and a small attached house to sleep in, so nothing BMW-related to discuss. I hope everyone has been well in this crazy ass year we are in. 10/9/2020 finally acquired a 2007 Imola Z4MR that I have been seeking for many months now. It has been a rough search since the spec I want is not the most common - Imola over black, titanium or carbon trim, heated seats, no nav. Most of these cars are black, or have nav, and many Imola examples have woodgrain trim or a tan interior. I had a WTB post on zpost forums that got buried in the classifieds 5 months ago, but a kind soul tagged me a couple days ago on an example that had just gone up for sale on 10/7 and it was local in Waukesha. I pretty much assumed it was going to be a shitbox because how could I be so lucky to find an example that's decent for sale this locally to me? Turns out it is a really nice example very mechanically sound, interior is very good in all the places that matter - cupholders are fucked but who cares they were clearly an afterthought by BMW in the first place. None of the usual Z4 roadster issues are present like cracking center console or busted seat belt holsters. It desperately needs to be cleaned, and my detailer will have his hands on it soon for paint correction and coating since there are quite a few scuffs and expected chips from an 07 with 80k on the odo. The car came modded with aFe intake, Stromung mufflers, BBS CI-R wheels in 19" configuration, and ZHP shift knob. It's interesting to drive after having owned the E46 M3 because while this car is decidedly an S54 power plant, it is still somewhat removed because the Z4M has the same manual trans as the standard Z4 3.0, it does not have the same trans from an E46 M3. It doesn't feel the same. It's extremely fun to drive, just different. I don't have any big plans for this car so this thread will likely die but I wanted to have it here just in case.
  10. i_love_cars

    E46 Things

    The radiator in that car is literally brand new. I had it put in when I had Eric re-wire the car to get rid of the mechanical fan. Don't waste your money.
  11. I remember when I did a manual conversion on my E46 325xi touring. It will definitely be worth it when you're done. It's ridiculous how much more eager the car is to rev with the manual.
  12. If you are planning to join the cruise, this year I am doing something a little different by using the Octane app. I've been playing around with this app a bit and it basically lets you set up car events like cruises, and then people can "join" in order to see where other cars are on the cruise, so we can keep track of each other. Last year it wasn't too bad to lead since I only had to keep track of 7 cars or so behind me, but the turnout is looking even stronger this year and while we have some designated "wait for stragglers" spots on the cruise, the Octane app definitely makes it easier in case people get separated.
  13. i_love_cars

    E46 Things

    The standing water was a real thing that day. Those were good times lol
  14. Yeah those seats are proper. I bet this thing will hoon pretty well. The welds on the half cage look decent too, hopefully it won't kill you in the event of a crash. 😂
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