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  1. This is still happening, timetable has been pushed back due to weather and contractor being busy. Patio starts this week in a few days which means driveway should get poured in the next 2-3 weeks. Most likely will try to set something up for July or August.
  2. That would imply everyone's E30s are actually running and not in pieces
  3. So concrete will be getting poured at my new house in the next 2-3 weeks-ish. The driveway is 100' long and 35x50 off the garage. Lots of room for cars to park. I have been kicking around the idea of hosting a 1 or 1.5 hour C&C for people in our smaller circle (local BMW friends (WIBimmers), and some of my other car friends, this is not a public event), followed by a cruise. Some of you know that I built my house intentionally about 1 minute away from the start of my Holy Hill cruise route area. We are very close to Hwy Q/Platt. I have room for people to park and congregate outside,
  4. Yup, definitely should be able to make this one
  5. So after 2.5 years with an S4 pissing me off constantly due to half-baked features, I am back in a BMW. Picked up a 2021 X5 40i fully loaded with the exception of no traffic jam assist package because we have no real daily rush hour commute to deal with. The car had to be ordered to spec because people usually make poor decisions when they order these things, so nationwide dealer search showed literally nothing that matched exactly what I wanted. Crazy fast turnaround time since X5s are being built in North Carolina now and not shipping over on a boat, so it took about 3 weeks from the time of
  6. Just popping in to say how sweet this thing is. Those dyno numbers are also absolutely nuts, really goes to show how much a proper tune makes a difference.
  7. As any true car enthusiast knows, the answer to that is always "not enough" 😆
  8. thanks bud. I'm part of a private group that had been looking for a world-class photographer to fly in to Wisconsin to shoot our cars, and with the COVID restrictions Pepper has been grounded internationally since March when he had to ditch a shoot he was doing for Lexus in Siberia. So we were able to book him and just split cost up between 12 cars. He was here for 3 days and it was probably the most fascinating time I've had talking with a car person. That guy's life has been so interesting, and he was really down to earth and humble. We had all kinds of cars being shot - a couple of Mustangs
  9. Once in a lifetime photoshoot complete. Best money I ever spent on this car: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmRWk4i1
  10. The prices were too good to pass up! Imola would have been the preferred color though, by far.
  11. As noted, I don't have any crazy plans for the car so this thread will be mostly dead but I did just get the car back today from my detailer. 4 days of paint correction, headlight restoration, ceramic coating the car and wheels with Kenzo IGL, and proper interior treatments. Photos don't do it justice - Imola is truly gorgeous when it is this cleaned up. He wet sanded the entire car. Just above and beyond service. It pretty much looks like a new car now. If you look extremely close you can find a couple blemishes still but the paint is 98% new car quality again. No more fog in the headlights e
  12. Proper fix! Definitely have been roaming around today with the top down and heater blasting while it's in the 40s 😅 Stopped by LMT to say hi to TJ but he unfortunately did not have his roadster there
  13. I was laughing because I totally envision myself looking like the weirdo with the top down in November haha. It's absolutely how I would roll.
  14. I may just be looking for an excuse to bring the Z4 over
  15. I'm going to come over this weekend and inspect this fuckery for myself. I don't buy the story
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