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  1. Love it! What locality was it? We are actually in the Chicago area and don’t mind a bit of a trip for the right expert. I’ll check out SAAB central too, thanks for the tip!
  2. SteelBlue I periodically will get this in my e30 too, but not all the time and still haven’t identified any pattern. I’m glad someone else is getting this, I also am useless with car audio. Maybe we can pool our resources and figure it out!
  3. Congrats @thefullbanana just saw this! Enjoy the vert
  4. Question, this may be a silly question to ask in a BMW forum, but y’all are smart and know people. I’m looking for a SAAB fanatic for a friend who has an 87 900 turbo (awesome) in need of some TLC. Anyone out there know of someone who is a SAAB expert? It’s a little niche, I know.
  5. I was hoping I'd make it but this weekend is starting to get complicated. Hope to still make it. Sorry to hijack the thread but I did just buy tickets / camping for Road America Vintage weekend. @wasnt m3 i reserved site 104, are you in the carousel this year?
  6. visian

    Secret Santa 2016

    What about that satisfying feeling of pushing the cartridge in the console and hearing it snap in? And having all of those cartridges laid out in front of you and picking your favorite to plop in there. There's so much nostalgia! Very true, no substitute for the real thing. The nostalgia is definitely missing a bit, trust me you're talking to the guy who just pulled all his 90's lego sets out of the basement to rebuild over the holidays haha
  7. visian

    Secret Santa 2016

    I do but it's in permanent residence at my parents house, joint sibling custody is hard. Plus with emulators you can save at any point and do other things not available on the console. No cartridges, and games from n64 are about 10-20MB so you could DL the entire Nintendo 64 library of games if you wanted! Still looking for a good version of Ken Griffey Jr Baseball though.
  8. visian

    Secret Santa 2016

    Step 1 - the m/f USB extension is in case you have a computer attached to your tv and you want to play from the couch. The cord on the mars controller is 6ft.
  9. visian

    Secret Santa 2016

    That's awesome! I would kill to play 1080 Snowboarding again... Perhaps instructions will show up on an off topic thread soon.
  10. visian

    Secret Santa 2016

    Here's my bounty from jdesign! Pantyless Bra kit is for an 05 corolla hubba hubba. My e30 doesn't have enough skulls on it yet so this is perfect. Do you think if I install these womp pedals, some tasty guitar licks will flow from my exhaust? Muscle thunder is going up in the office and flag in the garage! Thanks so much!!
  11. 2003 e39 m sport black. Autotragic and rebuilt title but looks nice. http:/chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/cto/5929321797.html Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Might I suggest footwear of choice for this vehicle? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. visian

    Secret Santa 2016

    Amazing!!!! Here's a text I got from my sister regarding my secret santa delivery:: Can't wait til Christmas Day! I'm in Kansas City until then.
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