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  1. If anyone is interested, I'm moving out in 2 weeks, everything must go from my apartment. I'm selling the following Real wood Bedroom set including Dresser and Nightstand Includes Memory Foam Mattress and Box Spring Original Price 2 years ago: $3000 set Original Price Memory Foam & Box spring: $1200 Asking price $1200 Including Memory Foam & bonus 26" Flat screen Glass and Metal entertainment center 42" LED TV 1080P Real Wood black stand with storage area and cord pass through Asking for $600 takes it home today! Corner Computer Desk w/ Chair! Asking $120 for both chair and wood desk I have a few offers but feel free to offer on everything. I will do my best to get back to you withing the next week! Buyer must pick up! These prices are CHEAP compared to when I bought them new in Georgia give me a text 404-578-0504 and let me know you saw the ad on WIBimmers
  2. DJKapeesh

    WI BIMMERS Facebook group?

    OK first my diclaimer: I in no way intend to be condescending or an ass hole in this post. Restricting a group means of communication to a forum in an age of social media just feels a little old fart ish. What does that mean? Well there is a whole world out there outside of WI. I understand we are WI Bimmers but no other Bimmer group will ever be aware of our existence unless they search this exact forum and name via Google which probably isn't even the first result. New members? How is that a bad thing? In my experience the more members you have the more possible participants you will have for you meets and events. 100 members total and a forum = 100 forum members. 500 members and 30% forum participation = 150 forum members. It's a numbers game and if the younger members like me 25 and under find it easier to communicate and participate on a daily I don't see the harm. It already feels like your events and meets are to largely spaced out due to the choir of having to come to this forum page and hope that members login to read about the meets. That means you have to place meets to far in the future that people have the time to see it and respond. Meaningful information? I don't know about you but I don't always do things for meaningful and practicality, what ever happened to fun? It kind of feels like you want to push a high society organization by not being open minded to the 16 year old who just traded his honda for his first bimmer. Why yes this members i very annoying, immature and probably going to be for the next 4-6 years of his life but how is he supposed to learn he isn't suppose to use the red or green coolant in his 15 year old BMW unless we ridicule him and give him the good old meme beat down for trashing his cooling system? Sorry if this turned into a rant but here are some pictures of a functioning LARGE bimmer group in Georgia. you may draw your opinions from these and roast my post if you so feel. No feelings will be hurt lol
  3. DJKapeesh

    WI BIMMERS Facebook group?

    I believe I was the one who asked the original question. I asked it for this reason: When I move from place to place, the easiest way for me to meet people and find enthusiast groups and information is a search on facebook. In Georgia we have 3 Bimmer groups who intermingle via facebook. These pages haven't gone to shit due to the group actually having an official committee that decides rules and regulations by votes. When I moved here, it took me well over a month before being told by a friend of a friend that this group existed. Also facebook groups are useful because I can receive notifications for posts and have quick access to questions/ help/ advice/ advertisements ect. I spend most of my day logged into facebook however I don't use it for anything but updates and news such as this. I think it would be an excellent idea for a BMW club to have a social media presence. This way I can get to know people personally before actually meeting them by friending and viewing personal content about them. Buying items off them would also be easier by messenger and other features offered. Personally I come to forums for big information gathering needs that would best be suited here. However I never post on just our small state forum alone, I also keep an active presence on Bimmerforums and 1addics. That being said that doesn't take away from my participation in ATLBimmers/ FloridaBimmers/ Bimmerforums/ 1addicts. It just provides quicker options for information and help to me. I also think it helps the average BMW driver isn't under 18 years of age or something like that.
  4. DJKapeesh

    Need a Trusted Mechanic *New to WI*

    Milwaukee MotorWerks did a great job on my car. Check out this site for anyone else looking http://www.bimmershops.com/search?q=New+Berlin%2C+WI
  5. DJKapeesh

    Greeting from Georgia!

    Say hello to my winter beater lol. It's a 5 speed as well....
  6. Not sure what a park and ride is... will be at that auto zone next to buffalo's at 11:15 tho. I'm from Georgia, can you tell?
  7. I have a 2012 135i that has been experiencing some coolant leaks. Dealer said it was a head gasket, my mechanic in Georgia warned me that the pan gasket may start leaking. I have an aftermarket warranty and need a trusted dealer known to be able to work on BMW. Does anyone have any suggestions? International isn't available until the 24th to work on it, Reina isn't available until the 27th. Coolant leak is severe. Start with filling it up in the morning and by night I have the coolant warning on again. Suggestions please???
  8. DJKapeesh

    Greeting from Georgia!

    about 2 miles from the autozone in West Allis on 108th. Lmk when u want to meet up or cruise.
  9. DJKapeesh

    Greeting from Georgia!

    Once snow and twice Ice (which we mostly get in Georgia) and they don't plow it. How ever I am living in New Berlin and travelling into Milwaukee where I hear they plow. I was debating a beater but my main concerns are: Breaking down in the snow and cold, and heat and comfort of course. I was all for buying the beeter but I am slighty looking forward to the morning self start timer for the heat that comes with my IDrive..... I'm planning on having my coolant, battery done next week and looking at possible winter/ or allseason tires. Any suggestions? This is of course If I don't go the beater option
  10. DJKapeesh

    Greeting from Georgia!

    ATLBimmers on facebook or Real ATLBimmers They are primarily Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina. Not to mention that the biggest BMW meet in the southeast "4ngieFest" is in a couple weeks. Unfortunately I didn't budget for winter beeter unless someone will be willing to take payments of $500 a month for one. Otherwise it looks like I will be using the gallon of waxy stuff suggested about :/ Thanks for the welcome everyone. Please let me know any other meets of gathering you will be having
  11. DJKapeesh

    Final Cars and Coffee 10/5

    Interested, Meetup place and time? Since I have no idea where to event actually is caravan would be preferred.
  12. New to Wisconsin from Georgia. My name is Jordon & I relocated here this past month for a 2 year assignment for work. I was a member of ATLBimmers in Georgia for the past 5 years and have had 3 BMWs. Currently I brought my most recent BMW with me to Milwaukee where I stay by. Vehicle: 135i 2012 BMW, Alpine White w/ red interior (DCT) although I prefer stick personally :/ Looking forward to meeting everyone and would really appreciate advise for the upcoming winter!