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  1. 2006 Volvo s60 R automatic 174,785mi It was my mom's car for 10 years she bought and kept it in South Carolina. There is no rust on this car, but the interior is pretty cooked. Cosmetic condition is 10 out of 30. The car pulls really strong for what it is and makes cool noises. I drive it maybe once a month. It's very low on my priorities and don't need it, otherwise I would fix it up. The car has it where it counts. You could drive her past 200,000 with nothing but oil changes. The good New brakes and rotors all around New tires all around New struts/shocks all around, replaced with genuine Volvo electronic suspension Newer ignition cylinder Water pump and timing belt done 10,000 miles ago Newer spark plugs, 500 miles on oil Newer AGM battery The bad Check engine light on for evap, definitely not gas cap because that was replaced Traction abs lights on and awd does not work Needs some control arm bushings Was side swiped on the passenger side could buff most of it out but It did go through the paint and has a dent in the quarter. Will sell parts if anyone is interested
  2. I have the right version downloaded but with the very little information out there it seems I need an Ethernet cable to connect. With shipping times in the US changed to China sea speed won’t see it for another week but should get her all squared away
  3. I tried BMWing again and asked for help a week ago with zero response...
  4. I replaced an engine on a 2012 528i, didn’t realize the injectors were coded. After some searching you can do it with either inpa or ISTA. If anyone has those in the Milwaukee area and is willing to help me out, don’t have a problem paying either.
  5. https://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/online-srvcs/other-servs/vki.aspx if you need to change your county of operation, you can now do it yourself for free.
  6. You can by rubber washers for sink screens and drill them out.
  7. No this is on the rusty e420. I bought it for the s55 but that's for next year.
  8. Well this has been going good for awhile now 150 shot and e85
  9. I would sell it and just get a stock one it looks a lot cleaner
  10. Engine bay looks nice, don't touch your washer reservoir with dirty hands mine is permanently ruined. Well that 3.5 inch maf works wonders when you have a 3 inch pipe feeding it and then it going into a 2.5 inch throttle body.
  11. Hopefully everyone doesn't die
  12. On e36 I just hook the chain on the front lifting point and you get the perfect angle, and you can pull the engine with trans on no problem from the front hook. I have a load leveler you can borrow. you could push the car outside and put the engine in.
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