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  1. Daggerty

    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    I have probably 5-10 feet of line laying around so you can get this done for the picnic
  2. Daggerty

    chit chat thread

    They have some advantages over helicopters, one being flight time and a slightly higher speed but in the end it doesn't have the ability to get right in the meat of her. Are there really that many accidents on the interstate?
  3. Daggerty

    chit chat thread

    That's what happened because they moved tools and stuff out of the storage unit but just took rims. The set with the drags was the only thing worth much. I went to the junkyards but I think they would rather turn a blind eye then loose out on money and deal with the police. thanks everyone for your condolences
  4. Daggerty

    chit chat thread

    Someone broke into my storage unit and made off with some wheels. 3 of these that are black 2 of these 4 of these that are 17s 5 of these 2 of these with Hoosier slicks on them 4 of these just throwing this out there in case someone sees something
  5. Daggerty

    Range Rover....

    This guy delivers 4 videos in one post shiiiittt
  6. Daggerty

    Phishing Attempt?

  7. Daggerty

    '88 E30

    I am happy I choose meth 😈 it is one of the path less traveled things that is good. E85 is similar to it by adding octane and cooling abilities, with kind of plug and play once you have the system. Instead of worrying about an extra tank to fill.
  8. Daggerty

    '88 E30

    There is no reason to run a whole bunch of intercooler piping when the intake is right there. You would just be robbing power. In turbo cars it makes sense because the exhaust is on the opposite side of the intake so you have to run the piping anyways so fmic air to air, yeah. Manufactures like to use air to water coolers because they take up less space in a way. You don't have a giant fmic to fit under a bumper cover. And they have more parts so more money for the dealer when they fail. These system also can only do so good if you are doing pull after pull unless you have it plumbed to your ac system or 10 gallon ice tank. Both of these also make more restrictions for the intake because you have a core for them to go through, turbulent air ,restriction, blah blah blah. No I am not drunk. The 1 stage kit you can only have come on at one boost setting but you can tee off the line to put 2 nozzles in. A nozzle before the blower is ideal because it creates a seal around the fins rotors whatever you got. Creating that extra .0002 psi, something to do with it being compressed, moving it fast to evaporate, and its cooling the unit creating the boost down also. Some say this damages the turbine, there is no evidence supporting this. There is evidence however that the meth will eat away at the coating on certain rotors/screws. When you tune it make sure you have a failsafe for the meth if it stops, weather it be a spark cut or you do your tuning without it then turn it on. Because running a tune created with meth can be as aggressive as race gas but if it stops then you're just on pump gas with a crap load of timing. everything on the internet about meth can be found above by this guy who wasted his life typing it. Sorry if you read all that
  9. Daggerty

    '88 E30

    Get @patsbimmer1 to get you a price on this. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-snowperformance-parts/stage-1-water-meth-injection-kit/20001~sno/ I put together my own following this http://www.turbomirage.com/water there is different shuflo pumps you can use then what he has that are cheaper they just take up more space. I can get you the hook up on the lines for it and push in style fittings. The hobbs switch from Napa you can get else where for way cheaper than $30. Depending on what kind of oil pressure switch you can use them. Don't buy the wash rack nozzles he suggests just get some name brand ones that have R&D. Is it worth doing it yourself? If you are like me and have all the stuff readily accessible at low cost and are the biggest Jew around, offense, then yes. If you can get one under $300, then do it if you just want an easy install that's done in a couple of hours.
  10. If this angle kit doesn't work I'm suing you for the 45 dollars. I remember reading a post awhile back on bimmerfest about a guy trying too do it. He had both full doors, @Early and late, and swapped harness, spliced wiring and in the end he bought the early model door that was right. Saw a video of a guy who had the motor spliced into a 2 prong extension cord male end and the female end spliced to power and ground so when you flip it over and plug it in you reverse the polarity so too speak. Not sure if that's the way you want to go but thought it was pretty clever.
  11. Daggerty

    E30 Picnic 2018

    Kid's birthday party that day, I think the old lady wont mind if I skip that.
  12. Daggerty

    E30 M52

    Guarantee it's the maf, all obd1 m5x cars I've owned the mafs went bad then the second hand ones didn't last long. I have one from Napa that runs the car alright but will randomly die at idle. Have an o2 sensor if swapping it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling.
  13. Daggerty

    chit chat thread

    Never heard of them I'll give them a ring tomorrow. Thanks
  14. Daggerty

    Rusted body pos e36

    Most definitely
  15. Agree too big and then they look like a late 80s foxbody