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  1. Daggerty

    chit chat thread

    No this is on the rusty e420. I bought it for the s55 but that's for next year.
  2. Daggerty

    chit chat thread

    Well this has been going good for awhile now 150 shot and e85
  3. I would sell it and just get a stock one it looks a lot cleaner
  4. Engine bay looks nice, don't touch your washer reservoir with dirty hands mine is permanently ruined. Well that 3.5 inch maf works wonders when you have a 3 inch pipe feeding it and then it going into a 2.5 inch throttle body.
  5. Daggerty

    1988 735i $1300

    This looks more like a progress thread then a for sale add
  6. Daggerty

    The Saga Continues...

    Hopefully everyone doesn't die
  7. Not to mention it's in the middle of the jungle
  8. Daggerty

    Suspenceful's 2008 BSM 135i build thread!

    I've never n54'd before but I can see it in my future
  9. Daggerty

    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    On e36 I just hook the chain on the front lifting point and you get the perfect angle, and you can pull the engine with trans on no problem from the front hook. I have a load leveler you can borrow. you could push the car outside and put the engine in.
  10. Daggerty

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    I had the tube ones also and the sides shattered in a few days. Purple man
  11. Daggerty

    Suspenceful's 2008 BSM 135i build thread!

    When does it start pulling timing? Is it in stages?
  12. Daggerty

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    Interesting, never done it before.
  13. Daggerty

    Suspenceful's 2008 BSM 135i build thread!

    Nice time considering the temps. Did you log the iats? I'd be interested to see that.