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  1. andrews013

    335i exhaust PE mod

    Oof, I would just buy a vrsf exhaust and spend a few hundred dollars more than doing the PE mod for $400. Let me know how the DIY goes!
  2. andrews013

    335i exhaust PE mod

    Bringing this thread back from the dead... Has anyone gotten this done in Milwaukee? I asked John the muffler man and they weren't interested.
  3. andrews013

    Where to get DME unlocked - MEVD1726 Late E Series MHD

    Ideally I could get it done at a shop in a few hours, but I suppose I could have a shop remove the DME and send to someone else. I don't have a good place to work on my car, as I live downtown Milwaukee. It is also my only car, so it's not ideal to have it out of commission for multiple days.
  4. I have a 2013 e92 335i with the locked MEVD1726 DME. I am looking to get the DME unlocked via bench flash so I can do a back end flash for my JB4. I asked Kummrow, and they are not interested. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!