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  1. MPW3RLee

    ILC gets an E46 Mfwee

    Nice find on the M3! I loved the RS4 on my E30 for autoX, but I did notice after about 20 min on track they started to get greasy. Same thing when I had an E46 M3. I imagine the heavier car works it that much harder. What’s next on the list for tires? I remember there was a point in time where bimmerworld sold gently used 18” slicks for a decent price, I’ve been tempted to try those.
  2. MPW3RLee

    My latest project

    The oil pressure was ok minus the supply to the back 2 caps, both the bearing caps had the nuts that hold the caps on loose. I haven’t found any metal shavings anywhere except around the caps, but I haven’t pulled the pan yet either. The filter didn’t have anything weird in it so maybe it didn’t spread too far. Thanks Ben I will definitely let you know if I need any parts! I found a M50 head from a fellow autoXer that looks like it is in pretty good shape so I will see where that gets me...
  3. MPW3RLee

    My latest project

    Well, ran into a bit of a snag. Probably going to start poking around for new head. Need new cam caps/ledges and a few other parts of the head aren’t looking to healthy. At least I’ve got some new cams already 😂 On that note, anyone have any M50 or S50 heads laying around?
  4. MPW3RLee

    My latest project

    With the help of my wife, finally got the engine on the stand and ready for tear down. Any advice on whether or not I should have the head/block machined? Taking the head off to replace head gasket and upgrade valve springs/cams and fix front timing cover. Wasn’t having any sort of head gasket issues so I was debating if I could get by without?
  5. MPW3RLee

    1999 M3 daily driver running log

    I was there, and I did see the E36 out there, looked good! @SteelBlue yes you should make an event, the E30 would do great out there, I used to track/autoX my E30 and it handled like a dream! (Although I did upgraded suspension, Bilstein shocks, Eibach lowering springs, and ST sway bars) My E90 is cool and all but the E30 was so much more predictable and controllable.
  6. MPW3RLee

    My latest project

    Well, finally made some progress! Been a busy summer but we’re moving along.
  7. MPW3RLee

    2018 AutoX Events

    Thanks guys and nice pics! Maybe by next event I’ll be able to figure out who’s who by all your guys cars 🤦‍♂️ I’m planning on going to the next event at RA on Aug 12th, I’ll have to make it a point to actually put some faces to the names. I will say though the e21 was definitely one of my favorites out there!
  8. MPW3RLee

    2018 AutoX Events

    Awesome see you all there 👍🏻👍🏻
  9. MPW3RLee

    My latest project

    Christmas came early 👌🏻
  10. MPW3RLee

    My latest project

    Unfortunately it’s not mine, I’m just the one putting all the go fast parts on it 👍🏻 I think they’re some knockoff wheel but I honestly haven’t looked close enough at them. Either way I think they look pretty nice on it!
  11. MPW3RLee

    My latest project

    Well it’s about that time for me to start on another time consuming adventure and something to actually post about, so here it is. I will try my best to take pictures of progress in case anyone is interested. Should be a pretty fun car all said and done!
  12. MPW3RLee

    2018 AutoX Events

    I’ll be at the July 8th autoX for FVSCC with the M3.....anyone else going to be there?
  13. MPW3RLee

    Official Sighting Thread

    @suspenceful wins! I’ve driven it a couple times but I never actually got on it enough to compare to a stock e46 M3....I’m always afraid of breaking other people’s cars on a test drive 😫 But I imagine it moves pretty well!
  14. I am more than likely out. Will be working unless by some miracle one of my other 2 co-workers volunteers to work for me. Plus I need to get the car prepped for Sunday AutoX in Shawano.
  15. MPW3RLee

    Official Sighting Thread

    Hey I’ve worked on this one, guy brings it in for service every once and a while....bonus points if you can guess what’s under the hood 😁