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  1. Duplicolor cheapo laquer from Oraily it comes in quart size cans. I sprayed that with smaller touchup gun 1.0 tip. Just stirred it and shot it. i was too cheap to buy a clear to go with it so i followed with rattlecan clear. I dont expect it to last. I will run em just for one season to see if i havent screwd something up with suspension. If the car survives first season i will get some 16s with some beefier tires. I would love to have em in 16x7 and 16x8 or even 8/9”.
  2. I’ve seen it before. Their universal dash that talks to maxx ecu does not have bmw graphics but i am sure they could load it. I am not sure about the support tho. I like aim’s flexibiity with CAN. You can define your own can protocols. Also aim has multiple pages that can be swapped. What i dont like about most dashes is that you cant use your own graphics . Most of em have predefined graphics and will allow only changes to some parts of the graphic and maybe a font size and color. Maxx Ecu has built in bluetooth and they have app for apple and android. I dont know how responsi
  3. I figured out my swaybar situation. I got a set of e30 ST bars 22/19mm front fits pretty good. I will link the front to the strut housings just like e36m3. I started chopping the oil pan and should weld something up this or next week. I got a new torch: ck tl26 I might need the whole 200 amps to do 1/4” aluminum for the oil pan. The torch that came with my thermal arc is ok but the cables are way to heavy and stiff. New ck feels much better. Its still air cooled. I might get the water cooler at some point. I also
  4. Did something happened to the bbcode support? For some reason fickr does not work here for the new pictures anymore. Previous pictures show up no problem its just the new ones that do not work. [url=https://flic.kr/p/2kWyf5c][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51156852843_4d906279cf_h.jpg[/img][/url][url=https://flic.kr/p/2kWyf5c]Helmut[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/186931632@N07/]w grync[/url], on Flickr I checked here and it works https://www.bbcode.org/playground.php
  5. Another month and another update. I refinished style 7s and wrapped em with some cheapo toyos 195/45/15s. This thing sits low Good thing is I plan to run some 16s which will be 1-1.5" taller. Either way there are no chances to run the 3" exhaust under the subframe. There is not much space for the 3" over he subframe either. I suspect some side exits in the future. I had to redo the whole rear subframe because I messed up the angles of the diff.
  6. Hello, I am trying to figure out sway bar setup for my e21. I have e36 front suspension sway and e28 rear but stock e28 rear bar is not ideal because the bump in the middle to clear e28 diff mount and e36 front has too much hanging below the frame rails. Looking at the pictures it seems that e30 might be a good match. Could someone please measure their front and rear sway bars for me? I am looking for the arm lenght and width between the arms. Also if there is a part of the bar that hangs lower than the arms it would be nice to know how much lower it is.
  7. Damn its been almost two months since the last update. i got distracted building my welding/shop table. 1/4" top 2x3x1/8" tube. Nice and solid. Good enough for some light duty welding Helmut and welding table by w grync, on Flickr Helmut and welding table by w grync, on Flickr I pulled the second fender, finished front coilovers and welded the lolipop mounts. i put some contours in and my car looks like crap. Waaaaaay too big Untitled by w grync, on Flickr I am changing plans and will roll on 15x7s with some skinny 205s this se
  8. I pulled one side rear fender and will start working on the other side.Helmut by w grync,I cut the inner fender and pulled until it started to dent the outer then i backed up a bit. I welded piece of sheet metal to the inner to fill the gap. I will prime with epoxy and seam sea the shit out of it. I got my new Mig setup its the everlast i-mig200e. I have only experience with some crappy 60 amp mig and inverter tig machine. So far i am impressed with that new mig.Helmut by w grync,I migged the front lollipop mounts together. And will weld them to the frame rails later this week.Helmut by w gryn
  9. I did. I just dont like 12” overhang on the swap flywheels. I would have to sleeve the block to be reliable at the power levels that i want to run. Aftermarket is much better tho and there will be a good reliable suply of engines for the next 20 years. I’ll run m42 for now and when i pop it i might switch to k24 or something else.
  10. A while back Helmut was sporting a stock m10 with the turbo big enough to disintegrate that poor motor. After two years of trashing this setup my turbo manifold decided to crack every weld and reject the turbo flange. Helmut by w grync, Helmut by w grync, on Flickr Helmut by w grync, I decided to get rid of the m10 and switch to more modern unit. I acquired the early m42 with the plan to boost it. Stock 1.8 is nice if you like it to spool at 5k rpm. Since I got family in Poland, and Poland is Europe's junkyard, there are plenty of e36,e34 and e39 m47 diesels
  11. Shit and I worried that 245s wont be enough for my m42t e21 Will 16s clear stock e36m3 or e46 330i brakes?
  12. I am squeezing 225/45/17 and 245/40/17 under stock e21 fenders. Lots of pulling in the back. Fronts are not that bad. Some inner fender cutting was needed. I might need to pull another 1/4" just to be safe I always thought that e30s can fit some 245-255s without much problem. Edit: Damn i just realized this was January 2020 not 2021 either way enjoy some e21 content. E21 by w grync, E21 by w grync, E21 by w grync, E21 by w grync,
  13. Hello, I am looking for the engine block either m20,m42,m5x. Can be chopped in half ( need transmission side), ventilated or whatever as long as i would be able to bolt zf320 to it. The cheaper the better. Also closer to chicago the better. Thanks
  14. I have a late M42 upper intake manifold With TB and air flow meter. Come pick it up. Located in the Chicago area.
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