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  1. Yup just ordered it from amazon it is a TGR brand but otherwise looks the same. What is the preferred way of doing fuel lines? I got enough -6AN PTFE hose to run both supply and return but I thought that maybe going with stainless hardline would be a better option.
  2. Pedals are done. Dual master ready to be plumbed. I am using stok e36 325i front brakes and stock 528i e28 rears. Front master is tilton 0.7" and rear is .75". Clutch is wilwood .75" I must say that Tiltons look much beefier and beter quality than wilwoods. I bolted front and rear suspension and set the car on jenga blocks. I need to order new brake line flaring tool since cheapo amazon one crapped out on the second try.
  3. I were going to build one then i figured that I can set up the canopy thing outside but I got some stupid neighbors who would certainly call code enforcement cops so decided to move it inside. Paint came out great. Engine bays are not my favorite thig to spray. There are bunch of angles, crevices and spots that are hard to get. I got couple of spots with that dry spray texture. I did not bother using a tack cloth after I preped the bare metal so there is bunch dust spots. Its good enough tho for the engine bay. The floor around the drivers side torque box rusted out so this will get fixed next. I need to paint the driveshaft center bearing supports and diff mounts. Also will get the rear fender lips touched up since they cracked pretty badly when I pulled the fenders.
  4. After couple of weeks of engine bay paint prep. I am ready to paint it. I build a beautiful spray booth in my garage with two box fans and shoot some epoxy primer followed by some seam sealer and more epoxy. Today i will finish it with single stage urethane in original safari beige. I got the intercooler figured out. Wiring is next on the list.
  5. I got a monstercooler today. I think it is a bit too much @ 24x12x4" core. It fits though but I think I will swap it for something a bit smaller. It will take an hour for the turbo to fill this thing with air. I think transient response may suffer a bit. It might require some pie cutting to connect to throttle body.
  6. I got my fleabay Intercooler it supposed to e 3" core. Well it is not. Its a 2.5" and has some shitty spoolgun welds.. I am not even mad I will just return it and get another cheapo intercooler hoping it will be a bit better. Anyone know ebay sellers/brands that might have decent 3" intercoolers? My 12x12 ebay intercooler that i got couple years back look much better with decent welds and nice looking 3" core. I made upper radiator mount/ shroud/ intercooler mount. Front frame rail brace might come handy. The e21 chassis flexes a lot. I will most likely use this brace as a mounting point for the skid plate Strut tower brace will be next. I also got my e90 gas pedal. It should work really well. I started designing chassis electrical harness with my new fusebox. I got the inventory of all circuits including wire lenghts, colors, gauge and approximate splice locations.I will be ordering some tefzel wiring sometime next week. I had a bit of an issue with clutch master fitting in the bay, So I had to expand the bay a little bit. Half a pound of seam sealer and some epoxy primer and it will look beautiful
  7. Pedal box is done. I got my throttle body flange. I use 68mm Bosch motorsports TB. Its funny that you cant get that flange in the states. I had to order one from Sweden. I ordered my eBay intercooler. 12x18x3" core. Should be plenty to support my power goals. Next week will be finishing some bracketry and I should be ready to prep it for paint.
  8. I welded up the manifold. It was a pain. My 200amp tig had some trouble welding 1/4" plenum with the trumpets. Trumpets were quite thick with some sections close to 1/2" or more. I could use 50amps more. I added fuel rail brackets and end cap. I also ordered bosch motorsports 68mm DBW throttle. I still need to get the weld-on flange for this throttle. I ditched floor mounted pedals and get hanging pedal setup. I whipped new firewall plate and added the e36 column mount
  9. Throttle will be in front of the manifold.
  10. And intake is almost done. All tack welded and ready to be finished. I got some 1/4" plate to do the end cap and to add some reinforcemnt for vacuum fittings. I will use bosh motorsports dbw throttle body. I am shooting for anything between 350-500whp. I think that 68mm throttle should do. The next size up is 82mm but I worry it will be too twitchy and drivability will suck. Holesaw setup to cut 3" holes for trumpets A little mockup with two runners to check the position of the plenum All 4 runners in. Fuel Rail
  11. First part of the manifold is tacked up. injector angle could have been a bit shallower but I don't think it will have significant negative effects on performance.
  12. I started putting together manifold. Just some mockups for now to figure out injector positions and angles. I also got a set of wilwood floormounts that i am trying to fit. Looks like pedal position will be close to stock
  13. I finished transmission mount. Stock fuel tank wouldn't fit with e28 rear subframe so I had to trim it a little bit. I started mocking up intake plenum to see if it will fit with a stock booster. The verdict is: I need boosterless brakes. I will try to fit floor mount Wilwood pedals and if it wont work I might go with firewall mounted ones. There is just not enough room for a booster even e90 one with vert mounted motor.
  14. I tried honda B series manifold and it sat too low. Then I tried volvo whiteblock without one cylinder and it was a bit off spacingwise and also sat too close to the firewall. I figured its time for some custom manifold. I got some trumpets, plenum and a bit of a runner pipe. Flange is also on its way. In the meantime I started wrapping up some other bits. I welded shock mounts for the trailing arms. I started working on oil pickup and also threaded some holes for the windage tray. That cheapo oil pan came with windage tray mounts without any threads. Also internal oil pickup passage has a burr that obstructed 40-50% of the opening.
  15. Since the engine sits upright the stock m42 manifold (e30) or ugly e36 one won't work anymore. Miata folks are adapting honda intakes with pretty good results. After some research I decided to get a Honda b series manifold and try to fuse it with m42 intake flange. Spacing is the same +/- 2-3 mm so it should line up fairly well. It will get bosh DBW throttle body either in 68mm or ill go size up to 82mm if it fits. Its a pro series so I expect some pro results . Sadly It will sit upside down so that beautiful logo wont be visible.
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