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  1. retoropak

    CNC Plasma

    Still running that plasma ? How about some 1/4" mild? I will need some plate cut for my control arm project
  2. retoropak

    Shop Life 2.0

    Here is my m10t not much room between the dp and fender either. I think ill have to vert mount the m42.
  3. retoropak

    Shop Life 2.0

    How are the clearneces with the slanted m42? Is there enough room to fit gt30 sized turbski and 3" downpipe? I want to get rid of my m10t and get 8 extra valves.
  4. retoropak

    WTB: M50

    If its m42 in that e36 then ill trade you my m52 for it
  5. retoropak

    M52 swap old f-150?

    That m5x would have to be turbo. The 300 that its in the truck now makes probably 200hp and 230-250lbft at the wheel at probably 1200-1900rpm with a stunning redline of 4500rpm 😜 M5x even with a small turbo would easily exceed 320lb/ft. I am not sure about the trans cooler. Probably some small electric pump similar they use to drain bottom mount turbos. Ive seen some aftermarket manual and sequential transmissions that have build in oil pumps and provisions for the coolers.
  6. retoropak

    M52 swap old f-150?

    I have an 1986 f-150 with 4.9 straight with holley 4 barrel carb and c6 3spd auto. It has bazillion miles and refuses to die. Good compression decent power and awesome 9mpg no matter what. I also have m52 with zf 5 spd lying around I was pondering the idea of swapping my truck with m5x and eventually maybe running small/ mid size (borg s252or some kind of gt30) turbo. Would it be a good towing rig? (5k lbs max)? Do you think the zf320 would entertain extra load?
  7. Hi, I am looking to trade my m52 for the m44 or late m42 (93+). I dont care about the milage as long as it turns. Motor has approximately 135k miles and came out of the 1998 328i. AC, PS and alternator are gone. Intake, coils etc are in. Harness is cut. No exhaust manifolds.
  8. 1. Its all about the packaging. I can swap the m10 in my e21 in couple hours without a lift if needed. Now try to do the same or even fix some smaller stuff on a car with really crowded engine bay. Most people wont even try to touch it. Thats why i got rid of my m62 powered e53. I could not convince myself to do the timing chains. Than all the special tools needed to fix things and there is a coding aspect too. 2. Thre is more aftermarket for the older bmw’s. Small shops with access to cnc means you could get some nice parts at resonable prices. 3. Electric motors are good for the freight trains? See#4 4. If i ever had tesla i would convert it to stationary Whole house UPS. 5. Idk.
  9. Any chance that you have a spare g265 or g260/6 5 spd lying around?
  10. Hi, I have M52B28 motor out of 1997 bmw 328i. I was told that the engine have approximately 135k miles. Car was slightly front ended and the engine was running before it was pulled out. Motor has been sitting in my garage for the past 3 years. i just dont have a time or interest in swapping it in my e21 anymore. Some accessories included. ill have to check what is attached to it. $350 M50NV unknown miles. M50 manifold included but no other accessories. I believe that it has modified oil pan to sit more upright to make room for some turbo goodies. Got it as a package deal with one of my e21s $300 Zf320 came with the m52 listed above $300 E28 subframe modified to fit e21. $200 bare subframe , $300 if you want trailing arms E12 hubs - you need it if you want easy front 5 lug for e21 - $100 or $200 if you want strut housings. E21 shell: 1982 with clean Wisconsin title. Unknown milage, no interior except dash. Rusty sunroof panel, front subframe is modified to accept m5x swap. will come with matching tranny and engine mounts. : $450 E21 early vented rotors: $40 Located in Chicago. eda7755f965092a8b282183976b6c177.webp
  11. Hello, I am looking for the getrag 260/6 with M30 bellhousing. I also might be interested in g265 if the price is right. Thanks
  12. retoropak

    What is going on here?

    First pic looks more like audi 5 cylinder. Volvo 5 cyliders have two cam gears up front. I thought about swapping volvo 4 cylinder red block with 16 valve head into my e21. Its a nice motor. It has timing belt, no leaky timing covers to worry about, 16 valves and 2.3 liter with possibility to stroke it to 2.5 with a crank from the boat( volvo penta) motor. And all this with quarter of the money you would spend on 2.5 liter 16 valve bmw setup (read s14).
  13. retoropak

    Phishing Attempt?

    Same here. My account was locked. Passwords did not work and it would not recognize my email. tapatalk still wont recognize my login info
  14. retoropak

    E21 Project Thread - Part 2

    If thats the guy that i gave you contact info to than there is another e9 under one of these covers in pristine condition. I believe its a 3.0cs with the csi swapped engine. And there is another e30m3 under one of the covers. Also i think he has two e46 m3s. He also had e23 745 turbo for sale and euro e30 325ix fairly recently. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk