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  1. I sadly don’t. I had a m3 replica bumper on it but It ended up cracking and then I hit a cone auto crossing. Sorry with the holidays. I haven’t had a chance to respond.
  2. For sale is a 2001 bmw 330xi with a welded center diff. I have all the components other then the front axle to reverse. Including an additional center diff. Used to be my daily. Since then I have been auto-crossing the car. Sitting on offbrand coil overs. And aftermarket wheels. Comes with a set of snow tires mounted on oem wheels nearly brand new. Runs perfect. No check engine lights. If it doesn’t sells I will continue to autocross the car in spring. 196,xxx miles. Asking 1600 obo. IMG_0810.MOV IMG_0810.MOV
  3. I Currently have 2.83 open diff. I am looking to upgrade to anything. It’s kind of a hard gear set to find. PFA
  4. Very tempting. I just need room for it. I have a full shop. Might have to try and sell a car.
  5. If you ever turn this Into a part out. I will buy the diff in a heart beat.
  6. Sunday progress motor mounts done (wil have small pad between mounts. Next up is transmission mounts should be easy lots of room. Then to the rear subframe where heavy modifying will need to happen. IMG_1275.MP4 IMG_1276.MP4 IMG_1277.MP4
  7. Today’s progress flipped the frame back over and set the body back on. Dropped the motor in and line up the drive line components. Up next motor mounts and rear sub frame modification. I have to finish weld the the front subframe. And waiting on rear wheel from bassets racing. So I can start string lining gauging for. Rear sub Frame mounts. IMG_1269.MP4
  8. Pulled the frame out from underneath the car and worked on getting the front end mounted to the frame. Holiday week is letting me get some shop time in. I’m just waiting on the rear wheels From basset racing. and then I will have everything to make it a roller. Glad to see all me card board templates and napkin drawings are working out.
  9. Happy thanksgiving update. This is gonna be a Picture update. Photos might not all be in order. IMG_1238.MOV IMG_1253.MP4 IMG_1259.MOV
  10. I’ve ran a few autocross events with my old daily last year and a couple this year. I need to get some tires for my car. Any one have any experience with any brands. Just got done with a full weekend of racing. Friday night: Jefferson time attack 2nd place in the 6 cylinders class. And 5th overall Saturday: Drag racing at GLD with my buddy’s k swaped mr2 and Sunday Road America. Motoplex Autocross Placed 4th in Stx IMG_1167.MOV IMG_1169.MP4 IMG_1172.MP4
  11. Quick up date. Got some of my hardware to assemble my front end just waiting on ball joints and got a finish up some welding
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