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  1. Having records of glow plug issues but no records of replacement I figured might as well get her done while the intake is off. I'm more or less just going with what you've done given how much you've enjoyed it without issues. I contemplated other down pipe and exhausts but seems like the consensus on the Facebook group its the Buzzken fits the best as well. I'll be doing the install myself so just want things to be straight forward given all these parts going on. Trans tune is on the future list, suspension refresh comes first. I ordered new struts as well as they've failed and will tackle the rest of the suspension next fall after the tires are shot and ready for replacement.
  2. Crawled under the X5 for the first time to get the the main parts list off the transmission. Also installed the K&N VF3019 cabin air filters. Below is a cross reference for the Tune My Euro E70 100k restoration/maintenance list to FCP OE or OEM parts for better prices/warranty. Certainly needed at 150k now and many are while you're in there with the intake manifold off and added power from the tune. FCP EURO M57 Sleeve kit for 6HP transmission 31.4mm Automatic Transmission Valve Body Sealing Sleeve ZFS-0734317371 40.7mm Automatic Transmission Valve Body Sealing Sleeve - ZF 24107520715 25.9mm Mechatronic Sealing Sleeve ZFS-0734317370 x2 Mechatronics Sealing Sleeve ZFS-0501216272 Automatic Transmission Adapter Plug ZFS-0501215718 GA6HP26Z Automatic Transmission Service Kit - 24117571227KT3 Mechatronic Solenoid Kit (6HP21 6HP28) - ZF 1068298047 My parts list 1068-050-045 is not listed on FCP's product page but these pages have more complete references. https://www.thectsc.com/products/solenoid-kit-6hp21/28-e-shift-39-130.html https://www.automaticchoice.com/en/6hp19-sol05 Valve Cover Gasket - Elring 11127796378 Water Pump - Graf 1151780106 Blue Silicone Vacuum Hose (5 Meters) - CRP 11731259996 Thermostat Assembly - Mahle 11517805811 Comprehensive Glow Plug Service Kit - 12237807277KT1 Turbocharger Oil Line - Genuine BMW 11427795971 Turbocharger Oil Line Gasket - Genuine BMW 07119905041 x4 Pipe Exhaust-Gas Pressure - Genuine BMW 13627812806 Gasket Ring (A12X15,5) - Elring 13627811934 x2 Mass Air Flow Sensor - Bosch 0281006147 Throttle Body Gasket - Genuine BMW 13547792098 Preformed Seal - Genuine BMW 13718596850 Intake Pipe Pipe Seal - Genuine BMW 11617790547 Turbocharger Gasket - Genuine BMW 11617796622 Preformed Seal - Genuine BMW 11617796621 Serpentine Belt Kit - Continental 6PK1893 A/C Accessory Drive Belt - Continental 64557809801 Harmonic Balancer - Corteco 11238511371 Engine Coolant Pipe O-Ring - Genuine BMW 11517788984 Engine Coolant Outlet Flange - Genuine BMW 11127806196 Gasket - Genuine BMW 13717799839 Additional Purchases Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler Thermostat (E70 E71 E72) MAH-TO693 DOT 4 LV Brake Fluid (1 Liter) PEN-1224116 x2 Tune My Euro CCV Hose and O-Ring for BMW Diesel 3.0L Engine - M57 - X5 35D, 535D and 335D (AAR2238) Vacuum Hose Splice (10 pack) (AAR2486) Swirl Flap Delete Kit - BMW 335D and X5 35D (AAR2136) Buzzken - BMW E70 (2009-2013) X5D DPF and SCR cat delete - 3" (AAR1627) Sonnax ZF6 GEN2 Zip Kit TuneZilla FlashZilla v3 Malone 2.5 Tune
  3. Yay!! Been waiting to hear this good news. So glad the car is mostly how you left it.
  4. Looks fantastic, nice work!
  5. Howdy stranger! No room in my stable but good to hear from you. What areas do you service?
  6. Well that’s pretty wild and unfortunate 🙄
  7. I lol’d that the price went from $500 for anyone to $2500 for the person who actually holds the title 😂 I would hope between the info of these two they’d have figured out the whereabouts of the car.
  8. Yeah we’ve talked at the e30 picnic a few times over the years. That would be awesome! Does the AEC still do a yearly car show as well? I used to put that one the calendar here. My in-laws live in mineral point, I get down there a few times a year.
  9. Hadn’t checked in on “the euro” in a while, first videos I’ve seen of it running and driving but it’s been back together for a few years now with the M30B35 swap I sold with it. Car sounds great, I’d love to see it in person.
  10. Great interview, neat info on Alpina's history. Also eloquently shit on the new beaver teeth kidneys haha
  11. Bought a Otofix BT1-Lite, same as a Autel MaxiBAS BT506 for 1/2 the price, to help with some charging system issues on other vehicles but I tested everything in the driveway for fun. Failed the first test but I didn't know the rating on the battery and the terminals in the engine bay could use a cleaning. Pulled the trunk cover to find a OEM battery and tested again from there directly. I don't have any records of it being replaced. Its state of charge is still 100% if it is a 570 cca like I think it should be so thats cool but certainly will keep a close eye on its heath. Starter & Alternator passed 20230210X5BatteryTest.pdf
  12. I think you get to keep you car-guy status since you got a manual! My father in law had one, I never drove it but I liked it for what it is.
  13. "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"
  14. I’ve driven a few. The first gen R53 is the only generation you should buy from what I’ve heard and they aren’t perfect either but others are plagued with more problems than they are worth.
  15. 1 Owner 335d https://madison.craigslist.org/cto/d/madison-one-owner-2011-bmw-335d/7585885280.html
  16. Trim and mirrors looks amazing!
  17. I think the partnership broke for a few years but looks like they are the current OEM supplier again per Castrol's website. https://www.castrol.com/en_us/united-states/home/castrol-story/newsroom/announcements/recommended-bmw-oil-supplier.html Man those pics make me wish I was romping around in my 530i.
  18. It's probably mentioned in the owners manual but "BMW recommends Castrol" was a thing forever! If I remember right E39/E46 oil caps even have the Castrol logo on them.
  19. well its been a few days, sitting at $10.5k now. Really curious where this ends up price wise now that the market has softened. Also lol at the professional dye job comment from the seller. Wonder what happened to the fender as well?
  20. Congrats on the purchase! and on avoiding the knife fight of potential buyers for this car 🤣 this really is a perfect daily and looking forward to following it more.
  21. Congrats on the purchase, love the color! I got the 4x4 itch too, it opens up a whole new door for driving adventures. This wagon is still one of my favorite modern cars on here though. I'm sure the new owner will enjoy it just as much.
  22. I did drive a customer's manual F10 550i at the dealer once, Concours ordered 1 or 2 M sport F10 535i's as well. That E30 in scranton looks worth the trip to me. Too bad that Dinan Z4 is so beat, seems like a break even venture at that price maybe? E24 M6 is a fair price as well!
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