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  1. Time to get summers on this pig. Anybody have suggestions or a hook up for the fox valley area? I have some used 16" tires I'll need mounted, think I'm gonna put them on 16" E38 style 5's.
  2. I look it as separate intersections when you have turn lanes setup like this. The blue car yielding to the orange wouldn't make sense because it would stop the flow of traffic. The orange car is out of the lane of opposing traffic that the blue car would need to yeild to in the case of a green light through the intersection. The orange car would then yeild to any on coming traffic.
  3. Very cool, excited to hear the review.
  4. I don’t see why it wouldn’t fetch 18-20k, all you have to do is bring a low mile example to BaT for people to throw their wallets at instead of hunting down the cars themselves. Real silly to pay a $8500 service bill for $2k in parts to try and flip a car as well 🙄
  5. Wheels turned out great, what paint did you use? I wish the style 7’s came in 16” as well.
  6. No need for BB code, it will auto embed with just the short url itself. Just paste the url, then hit return/enter and the editor will embed the photo. Most forum software including IP.Board are moving away from BBcode in favor of formatting in html instead. Not sure if this was removed in the recent 4.5 software update I did last month but I can look into more details.
  7. Congrats! How many miles on the chassis?
  8. Bummed I haven’t gotten the chance to see this car, followed some of the progress over on my E28. Good price for the car. IMO it’s worth fixing the minor cosmetic flaws, that money wouldn’t be lost. This is a great way to jump into a fun car though as is. GLWS, hopefully it stays local!
  9. Bottom left corner and right corner are meh but the others too me have similar elements to some on the originals. The one on the mid right reminds me of the Matazo Kayama E34. Top left relates to the Robert Rauschenberg E24 too. All of them are better than the Baldasseri car.
  10. 2007 328xi 6spd https://madison.craigslist.org/cto/d/cottage-grove-2007-bmw-328xi-sport-wagon/7316027424.html 2001 Z3 2.5i manual https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/cto/d/glen-ellyn-2001-bmw-3-convertible/7316064005.html 1983 320i E21 https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/mequon-1983-bmw-e21-320i/7316055431.html
  11. Badge size is different?
  12. By copart I most definitely ment LKQ 🙄 there was a $3ish yard entry fee for the ones I went to in LA. https://www.lkqpickyourpart.com/locations/LKQ_Self_Service_-_Milwaukee-256/part-interchange-search/
  13. If you don't have luck finding one, CoPart's nationwide pick and pull listings are pretty good. If milwaukee doesn't have one I'm sure you could find one to pull down in Chicagoland.
  14. Welcome! Don't be shy, there's plenty of current/previous e90 owners on here.
  15. Really like the theme you got going on, makes for a really neat space. From the pictures you wouldn't expect a project car to be in the middle of a pool lounge
  16. Some day EVO 10's will be old too
  17. I'm down. Later timing works for those of us that will commute 1.5hrs as well.
  18. I'd slap that up right next to your garage or behind it so it's out of sight. This is why I'm gonna buy land out in the country, where rules don't exist (mostly).
  19. ^^yup, that's a great sounding goal
  20. Exciting updates! Taillights look great, can't wait to hear those headers.
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