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  1. M12 3/8 stubby impact is a beast, ratchet is still on my list. Nice work! People always dismiss the factory tools as silly or expensive but you end up saving so much time because that’s what they were designed for lol.
  2. Get some black sport seats and you’ll basically have a 335is interior, that was they trim they came with. Looks great.
  3. Great buy! That wheel cleaned up nicely.
  4. If you could find an early model F25 with the N52 that would be my choice. N52 would be the simplest and most reliable motor, the last NA 6cyl. I've never really been a fan of E83's, the build quality wasn't great imo and like Glen said they tend to have mechanical issues. The F25 is still gonna feel like a modern car vs the E83 will show its age.
  5. Didn't get a chance to meet you but your girls were very well behaved! They enjoyed seeing our puppy haha. Paint job looks great man, overall the car has come a long way since I last saw it 4+ years ago.
  6. Thanks @wasnt m3 and @Rekpoint for organizing this! I think I actually looked at maybe 6 cars as usual spending more time catching up with you guys. That euro bumper 635csi was the coolest imo.
  7. What did you get for fuel mileage? This is crazy awesome.
  8. Looks like plenty of room for a lift on the future, congrats!
  9. That was a professional mess 🙄
  10. It’s worth it imo, it ends up being a better value based on condition for an equivalent age/mileage. Besides the road trip the process is the same. The X5 was the first vehicle I bought through a dealership but the only difference there is just waiting on the title to get processed and sent out. The dmv counter doesn’t change regardless.
  11. Personally I've always used Power Service in the burb and semi's because they have winter and summer versions. Additives work though, I've seen .5-1mpg decreases when I don't add it in, which is huge something that gets 7.5mpg on average lol. Anytime you're doing fuel filters too just use diesel additive instead of straight fuel, it'll prime the system much quicker. I don't plan on regularly towing with this so gonna stick to the 50k fluid changes. Did you do the Solenoids? Guessing I should order those too given the higher miles and assuming original lifetime fluid. I have the full service kit already from FCP and was gonna buy this aluminum bridge seal somebody on the FB group recommended. https://www.ebay.com/itm/273799403855 Yeah it is annoying but I've spilt enough oil in the driveways and shop floors that this is still preferred. Don't you have an air compressor at the shop? Upgrading to a full pneumatic when I have shop air again is my plan.
  12. Exhaust sounds excellent, mellows out the rasp to a nice tone!
  13. https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/6-cylinder-diesel-additive-kit-step-1-liqui-moly-lmk0009 So I used the Pro-Line Engine Flush and CERA TEC oil additive in conjunction with the liquid moly oil change kit and added the diesel additive in this tank. We got 27mpg roundtrip to the twin cities this past weekend with the wind so I was pretty happy. Im curious on BMW's official stance against diesel additives, the fuel door has a sticker stating not to use them. Given North American diesel quality can vary wildly, I've always ran additives. I don't know any of the production numbers but I would love to find out. The CompNine vin decoder will tell you production numbers for GM vehicles, would be cool if there was an equivalent for BMW or maybe the BMWCCA Foundation archives might know. I don't remember if it was a 2013 but this same color combo diesel came up for sale on a CoPart auction a few days after we bought this.
  14. Changed the oil over the weekend. It’s been 6k since i picked this up already. I haven’t done a deep dive into recommended oil change intervals yet but I got liquid moly service package from FCP on top of the oil change kit as I wanted to do a engine flush sooner rather than later. The fuel system cleaner supposedly does a pretty great job with the carbon build up but I forgot to buy fuel filters so that’ll wait till my next order. I wish I would’ve bought an oil extractor sooner, it really takes the mess out of everything. Still had to drain about a quart out because I already had some in the extractor tank and this motor takes right around 8l and the flush thinned it out as well. I also wanted to change the drain plug washer just for piece of mind. FCP was out of magnetic drain plugs so that’ll be added next time. Also only one of these blue diesels was built in America, most people wouldn’t guess correctly 😂
  15. Forgot to reply sooner but @P_Roloff and I decieded a few weeks back we weren’t gonna be able to pull this off. I do need to take this off the bucket list and put it on the to-do list for next year.
  16. Not some thing I’d build but I appreciate the fuck out of that. That’s gotta be crazy fun.
  17. The conti unit is the best choice unless you want to shell out money for the “Blaupunkt” Bremen SQR 46 DAB. The Clarion FZ-102E has been discontinued which sucks because it just needed updates like modern Bluetooth. I was gonna suggest contacting Car-Feteria in milwaukee but looks like they finally closed up shop. Maybe r3v or elsewhere might have suggestions for old school stereo shops that still repair OEM units.
  18. Bumpers look great! Those Avin head units seem like a must buy, they look perfect.
  19. Didn’t realize it had been 3 years already! This will certainly do well, such a great spec.
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