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  1. wasnt m3

    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    I had the opportunity to see this thing in person today. Quite impressive. The exhaust note sounds spot on, especially at WOT! Thanks for swinging by, John!
  2. wasnt m3

    ....and so it begins, project Turtle Farts.

    Your car looked amazing at the picnic. Here's to a speedy recovery!
  3. wasnt m3

    E46 Things

    Cough, amber tails, cough.
  4. wasnt m3

    Badger Bimmers Annual E30 Picnic -June 8, 2019

    I have to say, turnout was even greater than expected! Great to see familiar and new faces alike. Perfect weather and an amazing variety of cars. Big thanks to everyone that attended and so nice to see such great enthusiasm for not only e30s but BMW's in general. Here's to next year!
  5. wasnt m3


  6. wasnt m3

    Badger Bimmers Annual E30 Picnic -June 8, 2019

    All the good spots got taken super early this year. Got 3 sites in the low 200's this year, right before you go over the bridge.
  7. wasnt m3

    E46 Things

    I am very happy to see you taking good care of this car. It's come quite a long way since it was a cheap fb marketplace find last year.
  8. wasnt m3

    chit chat thread

    After years of looking for a pair of these handles(without spending a fortune), I finally found some. I've never seen rears, just fronts.
  9. wasnt m3

    chit chat thread

    Congrats! Now you get to learn how to really spend money.
  10. wasnt m3

    Fancy Stancy 325is

    Yep. Aluminum straps and seam sealed from the inside to prevent leaks. Did this 2 years ago and all is good, however, car rarely even sees the daylight haha.
  11. wasnt m3

    Fancy Stancy 325is

    I've done the sunroof delete using the original skin, super easy. Finished it up with 3m seam sealer and leak free.
  12. wasnt m3

    VF Engineering Supercharger kit e30(24v)/e36

    I can't believe that you haven't sold this yet. Sorry on behalf of the of the e36/m/s5x people that are poor or just need to wait til the 3rd paycheck from next Wednesday lol
  13. I'll be helping setup before the picnic, so count me out. Looking forward to seeing you guys there!
  14. List it on an e83 x3 facebook page. That thing should go fast. M sports are pretty hard to find.
  15. Not to mention it's a really shitty repaint over a previously red car.