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  1. Thanks again to everyone who made it out. Weather was perfect! As usual, I had no chance to take pics but there was an amazing and very wide assortment of cars that showed up.
  2. Tight fit with the car seats! Was nice re-meeting you, glad you made it!
  3. Having owned an n52 e83 for a decent amount of time, I will say it was a fantastic car. No major issues until 200k, when the transfer case started making funny sounds and I upgraded to an f15 X5 35i with the n55. That said, I can't imagine the e83 having kids...my e46 touring had more space. I'd go for the f25 in 6 cyl version if those were the only 2 options. If open to it, the x5 in either e70 or f15 might be a better fit. FYI, the e70 and f15 are identical, chassis wise.
  4. Where did you find production numbers? One of one in that color combo? If so, that's really cool.
  5. Shoutout to @Rekpointfor providing the flier
  6. Thanks Rich! We'll miss you there. Have fun at Blackhawk! I think we should have no problem having 100 cars or better this year.
  7. Saturday, May 28th, 2022 10am-3pm Kiwanis Village Park Pewaukee, WI 53072
  8. KW coilovers, Ground Control camber/caster plates, lower control arms, TC Kline rear shock mounts, sway bar links and bushings all installed the past week or two. Had some time to do a paint correction yesterday as well as install a paint matched rear wiper delete. Getting closer to being satisfied...for now.
  9. I've since taken the event over last year, after helping with every year after the first. It'd be great to see you back at it!
  10. Setback after setback....this is the final result! 295 rear tires and 245 fronts, fitment is great but I plan to lower it just a bit more.
  11. I've had them on a few cars over the years. Nothing newer than 96, however. There is no emissions testing after the first time, if they even request that first time. The one time registration fee and no subsequent renewals is a huge plus if you plan to keep the car. What is the car in question?
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