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  1. wasnt m3

    Motorcycle thread?

    Gear driven cams are rad. Here's a pic of an RC51 that I had. The induction sound plus the sound of the timing gears was intoxicating.
  2. wasnt m3

    ‘91 E30

    How hard do you suppose those shorties would be to install in a car. Do the primaries block studs?
  3. Good old gm trans broke the reverse drum.
  4. wasnt m3

    DSMDane's DINAN e39 540i M-Sport

    Snap and I have both had bad experiences with previous owners using royal purple. Redline solved problems for both of us.
  5. wasnt m3

    The One That Didn't Get Away [100K Mile E30 325is]

    Coming along nicely! You can always use some 1/4" tape to protect the stripe. If you want the stripe gone, oven cleaner works well without damaging the original paint of the car.
  6. wasnt m3

    For Sale 2005 E46 Touring

    Nice car. GLWS!
  7. wasnt m3

    ISO e36 M3 BBK

    For looks or performance? A lot of the pieced together kits using random brembo calipers actually perform worse than stock brakes fyi.
  8. wasnt m3

    chit chat thread

    Yes. I'll host it.
  9. wasnt m3

    E34 540i V 2.0, The Clean Edition

    Glad to see you doing some sort of car things, stranger.
  10. wasnt m3

    ISO other e36 Parts

    I have a cd43 that would need to be sent out for repair, if that is of any interest.
  11. Depends on how hard you're looking. 😉
  12. wasnt m3

    ‘91 E30

    They sent you one header?!?
  13. wasnt m3

    Non BMW Lotus

    Saw this at Lake Mills over the weekend, looks awesome.
  14. wasnt m3

    Tossed a different set of wheels on the 240 today...

    Wow. That looks fantastic.
  15. wasnt m3

    WTB* : 2003 e46 wagon Hitch

    Never had a hitch on mine. Robin's has one but we've never used it. They are definitely only for very light duty. It's just 2 plates sandwiching the spare tire well. It would definitely suite a bike rack. I preferred the roof rack option. OEM cross bars are around $200 then add for bike mounts. I found some used for real cheap. The OEM rack accessories are really nice.