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  1. It's official, the E30 Picnic this year will be held on Saturday, June 5th 10-3 at Village Park in Pewaukee. Excited to be taking this over this year and even more excited to see an actual event take place! Thanks Glen for the flier!
  2. Same here. Gotta wait for all this snow to melt and for the yard to dry up before pulling the fleet out from my barn. I will say, working at a performance shop now, people are definitely getting anxious.
  3. You're a big boy. Go get one.
  4. That's enough dad jokes for one day 😄
  5. Primo meat tenderizer pedals! Haven't seen those in ages!
  6. Nice work Dan! I'm actually in the middle of finishing up my basement and bar as well.
  7. ?? I don't have a steel gray anything.
  8. I'm waiting on 2 items that the Oak Creek facility seems to be holding hostage...
  9. It'd be best to use the same dyno before and after for most accurate results. That said, no hard feelings if you stick with King. We just happen to have a couple of BMW guys over at LMT that would love to see your car!
  10. Let me know if you want to get that thing dyno'd at some point.
  11. Phenomenal! Those shots turned out amazing.
  12. 3.38 LSD work for you? I have a friend looking to get rid of one.
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