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  1. You'll need some different lug nuts too, I'd imagine. If I remember correctly, most LR products use those giant shank lug nuts.
  2. The post office finally decided to deliver mine today. I've got a couple vanity plates for other cars confirmed as well. We can assume that there'll be snow on the ground before those arrive.
  3. That'd be Dave aka @Bassboy3313
  4. Congratulations on the sale. I hope this car found a really good home. Must've been a hard one to see go.
  5. Given the current market, I wouldn't take anything less than the low $20k range for your car. If it were me, I would have a really hard time justifying selling an appreciating asset for one that will depreciate. Good luck with your future endeavors!
  6. That was a great value, hope it found a good home.
  7. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that.
  8. Thanks guys! Found a set of headlights today, can't wait to make the front end suck way less.
  9. Just picked up a very nice 1999 Z3M Coupe this past weekend. Only 56k on the clock. Originally cosmos over black, repainted very well back in 2005 in Laguna Seca Blue. Can't wait to start modifying it! Stock currently, other than H&R springs. First order of business is finding some oem headlights.
  10. Big thanks to everyone who made it out today. Fantastic turnout as usual, probably 100 cars throughout the day. Also, thanks Glen for helping out with directing traffic! Cool to see Chris Young win the main raffle prize.
  11. Anyone on here have a set of early/vert e30 tail lights in any condition for sale. Recently picked up an e30 for yard art, needs some tail lights.
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