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  1. Who ended up with this? Thank you for being just far enough away for me to not end up with another project haha.
  2. I've dealt with a handful of e46s with blower motors inop, every time it was the resistor.
  3. I'll make a better post later, but mark your calenders....e30 picnic is June 7th this year.
  4. ///Merry Christmas everyone! An old photo from a freak snowstorm in years past.
  5. IMO, it'd be worth spending a couple more grand on a much less rough example.
  6. wasnt m3

    E46 Things

    Earl would do it better.
  7. Had to open it just to see which engine it had...euro s50 FTW!
  8. Just got mine from Joe. Pretty cool. I had actually considered purchasing one of these a few times.
  9. They mounted the front lip about an inch too high on the passenger side too
  10. It's almost a shame that they didn't have to pull the pan. Could have had that done as "preventative maintenance" lol. You know it'll eventually leak.
  11. Fyi, the best rust penetrant that I have found is called mouse milk. It's used in the aviation industry. Amazing stuff.
  12. Big thanks to everyone that made it out. The turnout was great! I really can't say anything negative whatsoever. Thanks again to Jordan for mapping out the route. Can't wait to do it again!
  13. 36 hours and counting. This is going to be good. Anyone who needs the address, please PM me.
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