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  1. They mounted the front lip about an inch too high on the passenger side too
  2. It's almost a shame that they didn't have to pull the pan. Could have had that done as "preventative maintenance" lol. You know it'll eventually leak.
  3. Fyi, the best rust penetrant that I have found is called mouse milk. It's used in the aviation industry. Amazing stuff.
  4. Big thanks to everyone that made it out. The turnout was great! I really can't say anything negative whatsoever. Thanks again to Jordan for mapping out the route. Can't wait to do it again!
  5. 36 hours and counting. This is going to be good. Anyone who needs the address, please PM me.
  6. I94 west this evening, lightly modded e46 touring with zhp front bumper. Good looking car.
  7. Once again, if anyone needs the address, PM me. Looking forward to seeing you all!
  8. *My roommate Jacob and I. Haha, welcome back!
  9. BMW r90 with a vw beetle engine. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1407765379386075/
  10. H&R sports for an e46 ride like stock in my opinion. I had them on 2 of mine. Didn't help much, if at all with body roll. I'd just do the swaybars right away.
  11. Woodman's has them as well.
  12. Rare sighting this morning, an e34 m5 on i94 in Brookfield. Sadly had Chinese tail lights and blown shocks so badly that it was just bobbing along.
  13. With my previous experience swapping the halogens for xenon is it will throw a code until you turn them on, then the headlight out warning will go away. PM'd you regarding a fantastic e46 xi touring I would love to find a nice home for.
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