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  1. https://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/cto/5711100882.html Not a bad price considering the wheels.
  2. CMart

    e30 LS

    Mine came with an aftermarket wiring harness so its all really easy. Couldn't be harder than the M62 swap, that was a wiring nightmare because of the lack of info.
  3. CMart

    e30 LS

    Time is my bottleneck right now. My car is plumbing and wiring away from running. It would be fun to get some people together - grill out drink beers and get it running though.
  4. CMart

    e30 LS

    I should really pay someone to get mine running. This is badass.
  5. Yep https://www.facebook.com/groups/R3VLimited/permalink/10155157381837627/?sale_post_id=10155157381837627
  6. They came with the car. I like the way they looked on non-Ms more than the way they look on Ms.
  7. Cool - Mine are 17X9 ET42s with a square 235 setup. I have them listed a few places and received a lot less interest than I thought they would get. And about the BBK, yeah I know the ARC-8s will fit my wilwoods, but until they are on the car I don't know what else will so I am hesitant to pick up another set of wheels.
  8. Where did you get the wheel tire setup? I have the same on one my E30M3 - considered selling it, but I'm fuzzy on what fits a BBK and what doesn't and I know these do.
  9. If I find one local I will. The car needs work on the fenders, good, valance, and front bumper. Hoping to find a buyer that is ok waiting to find a good Brilliantrot car being parted out if I don't first. The selling point of this car is an already completed M62. It is a no accident car but definitely needs some elbow grease on the body work.
  10. Any tips for a first timer? Do people generally get there right when it opens?
  11. I'll ask 12k and take 10k. Less if I can keep the good condition interior, coilovers/bbk, Mtech steering wheel, etc. I have spares for almost everything aftermarket. Any input on asking price?
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