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  1. Ty S.

    M50B25 or M52B28

    Found an engine, no longer looking!
  2. Ty S.

    M50B25 or M52B28

  3. Ty S.

    M50B25 or M52B28

  4. Ty S.

    M50B25 or M52B28

    In search of a M50B25 or M52B28 for my 94 E36. With or without trans. Looking for good compression test numbers and lower the miles the better. Thanks
  5. Ty S.

    E36 Sedan Tail lights

    Sweet, thank you!
  6. Ty S.

    E36 Sedan Tail lights

    Sweet! How soon till you're relocated?
  7. Ty S.

    99 M3 Coupe Odds and Ends

    Still have the headlights?
  8. Ty S.

    E36 Sedan Tail lights

    In search of good working sedan e36 tail lights. In need of driver side, but will take both sides if you have them. Thank you!
  9. Looking for a boston green metallic driver side fender for my 94 e36. Nothing to dinged up or rusted.
  10. Ty S.

    2.93 LSD e36 diff

    Rough estimate how many miles on it?
  11. Ty S.

    Random e36 parts, more will be added

    Interested in the air box if you still have it!
  12. Ty S.


    For sure for sure
  13. Ty S.


    Thank you all for the nice warm welcomes. Forgot to also say the car has just over 114k now. Car is now all over in the La Crosse and Eau Claire area
  14. Ty S.


    Ya, I just plan to daily it for a while and go from there.
  15. Ty S.


    Hi, my name is Ty and I joined about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Just got the time to actually make a post, so here I am. I picked up a 94 325i over in West Bend. Cant complain with it. Replaced the valve cover gasket, breather valve, and did an oil change. Lowered on Racelands, but I plan on switching to some BC coils. So far I love the platform!