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  1. HOLY SHIT DAVE! You've been busy in the time that I've been pretending that I don't own a project car. I think you and I need to have a sit down talk about parts and what not. Looks awesome man I cant wait to see videos
  2. Motor mount arms are here. I need to decide on a powder coat color for these, my valve cover, and intake manifold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks John! Kind of dropped off the planet there, have barely been in the shop this winter. How did your trip to the club shop go? I hear the motor is almost stripped? I should have the new head on wednesday or thursday If I get enough free time at work today I'll order a clutch this afternoon!
  4. Oh things are happening again ! Ordered custom motor mount arms for the e21, a clutch will be in short order ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Mine was always party in the front business in the rear....
  6. Video evidence is always good, Thank you! Former camaro owner as well
  7. So I've got the e28 up at the club shop and all tucked away. We've been going through the parts and the paper work and finding all kinds of nifty tidbits. Chris do you have any idea on the condition of the clutch in the parts bin? There was a spare timing cover to replace the broken piece. I'm thinking that if we switch to coil on plug I don't have to worry about the distributor though? *Update from the meeting last night: the majority of the club is excited about the car and we should be moving forward with inventorying parts and selling off what we don't need and creating a budget and timeline for what we do need. Keep an eye out for a build thread and a for sale thread from the Automotive Enthusiasts Club of Platteville. Anyways I'm trying to compile a list of resources for parts and info. So far this is what I've got can anyone help fill in more resources? Thank you http://www.wibimmers.com/ www.bimmerforums.com http://www.catuned.com/ www.stanceworks.com http://www.wallothnesch.com/?___store=eng https://www.bavauto.com/ http://www.vacmotorsports.com/
  8. Welcome! Glad to have another e21 around! I resent this John! Mine will see the road again... Someday ...
  9. Glad to hear it! I originally wanted to keep it for myself but very quickly realized that I have no room or time for another project right and the current club leadership wants to branch out from drag racing to get even more hands on building and seat time. My job now is to keep them from doing what they know and stuffing a 350 Chevy under the hood.
  10. It was a busy weekend in lake woebegone , my home town. Bought a chain saw, threw a birthday party, killed a keg of spotted cow, got a chord of firewood delivered, picked up my new 885 head from Andy, got a set of wheels for a friends vw and tomorrow I'll be picking up an e28 shell for my students car club track project. No rest for the wicked
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