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  1. Is the part number 3341111431? If so, its a 28x58x16 bearing. Diagram- http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E21/USA/320i-M10/1981/browse/rear_axle/side_shaft_wheel_bearings/ If its a 30x58x16 though I believe the part number is 33411119994.
  2. I need an m54 block timeserted. I dont want to buy the kit for only one block. Pm me. Thanks.
  3. He should paint the tires white.
  4. Your idea is cool, but not everyone wants an m car. Therefore your limited in clients. Its a darn good start and can be expanded upon though. Idk, just my thought.
  5. I once was using a chinese plyers. I squeezed it too hard and it broke. It jabbed a whole in my hand. I contacted China, but their customer service sucks and their jibberish is foolish. Long story short, snap on FTW.
  6. His car collection is more entertaining than his movies.
  7. For maintenance, check the vacuum line that runs from the throttle body to the valve cover. It runs underneath the intake. Make sure you have the correct spark plugs, no double platinums, etc. When you do the timing belt, make sure you get the right tensioner. I use blue loctite and torque to spec to make sure it doesn't go anywhere. When bleeding your brakes, be sure not to mix dot 3 and dot 4. When you do the coolant change, do the coolant temp sensor too for what it costs.
  8. Heck yes +90hp, but for real I actually had an increase in gas mileage with them and a chip.
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