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  1. Updated with more pics on the tires. I ordered these mid September of 2018.
  2. Sold! For sale is a brand new set of 4 tires. The tires are new, unused, never mounted. I intended on using these for autocross or for track days. These are summer steet-able track and competition tires. 60 treadwear. Stored in my basement since purchased. More info here. https://www.bigbrandtire.com/tires/yokohama/advana048/225-50-16/04841
  3. @HipMF You're right, those are too restrictive. It would essentially make my engine run like it has a choke on all the time. I removed the info/pics on the post.
  4. It's an e30 cluster and tach. The mismatch makes that rev range pop lol.
  5. I installed the velocity stacks from the s54 manifold. I need to build a catch can next. The oil pan on these engines offers a drain for the oil, allowing a maintenance free setup. With the possibility of snow tonight, the roads may get salted. Needless to say, I wont have the e30 back out until spring.
  6. I successfully seated the piston rings last weekend. The engine sounds amazing. I installed my s54 swap cluster from "e30 clusters" on Facebook. They did an awesome job. I installed a check engine light and hooked up the oil temp sensors.
  7. E28 m5 motor mounts, I spaced up the drivers side. Underdrive pulleys. I need to hook up the power steering lines and a handful of other things.
  8. I've made a lot of progress since my last post. I ended up replacing the oil pump with a new unit. I got my oil pan and subframe back from Bayside Fabrication(Ben Sipson). I wired in the CAN module from gpetersen(r3v). I built a steering shaft using 2 e46 knuckles. I found a 3turn 712 zhp rack at a junkyard, e36 outer and e46 inner tie rods. I had to extend a few harness to fit into the glovebox, lots of soldering. I'll need to tuck the wiring. My DME came back from Kassell. I ended up having an H bridge installed in an mss54hp, MAP sensor, and csl tune. I used ecuworx for the swap coding. I w
  9. I sent my DME to Kassel Performance for a full CSL hardware/firmware conversion. They have awesome products and customer service. The cat cams have the same duration as CSL, but more lift. I'll also be running a CSL MAP sensor from them. https://www.kasselperformance.com/product/mss54-mss54hp-full-csl-hardwarefirmware-conversion/ I built a flash harness and can do some adjustments as needed, as well. https://github.com/saildot4k/MSS54-XDFs
  10. The steel breaded AN hose is a challenge to work with, very tight. The setup fits on the original condenser mounting points, no modification to the radiator support or valance.
  11. Alright I made some progress on the engine! Rings, rod bearings, and bottom end. Head gasket with ARP. I installed the 288/280 cams and vanos. New oil pump is on. I also ceramic coated and wrapped the headers. I found a spot on the block the e30 cluster temp sensor screws right into, I'll see how it goes(may read too hot?). I have the adapter harness ready to install, as well, with a CAN module. I'm setting up my oil coolers in front of the condenser fan with some brackets. 2x 10 row coolers linked together. I'll also be running a puller on the radiator.
  12. Here's a link to their site. https://www.born2drift.co.uk/shop/bmw/bmw-e30/rear-axle-shaft-adapters-bmw-e30/ I do not recall if I had to use e36 output flanges or not. Regardless, they held up very well. The inner cv is much larger.
  13. Im currently in the process of getting all the parts together. Decided to paint the block white. I'll be going NA, power goal of 350whp with cams/intake/pulleys/exhaust/tune. I went with megan racing headers and a vac single collector. I'll be running AC through a CAN module. Pusher and puller fan setup. Dual sump pan. ZHP rack, born2drift axle adapters, garagistic secondary diff mount. I'll post more as I go.
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