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  1. Definitely brings back memories of my safari beige e21 seeing these pics.
  2. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing this one in person sometime!
  3. In the process of finishing out an area of my basement as well.
  4. Welcome! Looks like saab wheels on the touring, no?
  5. Mine is 200mm cube build surface. I use mostly PLA and PETG. In process of building an enclosure to experiment with ABS and ASA. Single head extruder with breakaway supports.
  6. You're welcome Rich! It was a fun one to make for sure!
  7. I guess I will start it off! Thank you to my secret santa for the awesome authentic German Z3 Coupe brochure and the classic bass guitar tuner keychain. Glad to see someone interpreting my username correctly! 😂
  8. Received a package yesterday as well. My gift will be at my recipients house today at some point.
  9. Although I am not a fan of the Road Glide fairing (I prefer the batwing, just personal preference), that's a damn nice looking bike! I have debated selling my Sportster 1200 Forty-Eight and getting a new Fat Bob with the 114 engine. I test rode one and it fucking moves.
  10. Been working on the color change for rear interior pieces. So far not too bad.
  11. Awesome! And thanks. I was on my way to LKQ for some parts. Ride height and dampening feel great in this thing! That was probably its last hoorah for the year tho, lol.
  12. Well, plans have changed and the swap is being pushed off till spring/summer 2021. A lot going on with work and life in general, that adding the stress of finishing a swap in a single week on my winter daily driver would suck. And thats if everything goes extremely smooth, which we all know never happens. Ha! To be continued....
  13. Haha yes it is. Didnt get around to installing a central heater with thermostat yet, so the ole propane tank mounted heater will do for now. works relatively nice if close by.
  14. I ended up ordering (renting?) the kit off amazon last night due to 2 day shipping. Should have it tomorrow.
  15. Or does it have something to do with jurisdiction reasons? Idk. Thats crazy tho
  16. Anyone local to Milwaukee have the timing special tool kit for the M52, M52TU, M54 with dual vanos I could rent or borrow? Needed ASAP if possible. Thanks
  17. I second this ^^^^^ And don't forget the most crucial part of storing your bmw over winter ...... fold in the mirrors.
  18. Correct. I just want to knock down any high spots that may have happened. Otherwise the new bushing can get deformed and the detent can stick again. Better safe than sorry, you know?
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