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  1. I have seen a few e30s with Hella light covers but I cannot seem to find any to buy that would fit an e30. Does anyone know of where I could purchase them? Thanks!
  2. So I have e30 325is and recently when I start her up on a half tank or less the revs drop to under 1 and the car sputters and dies, but when I have a full tank she starts right up, the revs are normal and does not die and acts totally normal. I was thinking it could be a possible fuel pump issue but Im not too sure. Anyone have any idea of whats the issue? Thanks!
  3. I have not had much time to go through my E30 but when I checked the air filter I noticed on almost half of it that it had a dark residue on it, front and back. I am almost sure it is oil but I was also wondering how this would have gotten here and possible solution. Thanks!
  4. Okay thanks a lot! I guess we'll have to see
  5. I was given a performance chip when I bought my E30 but the owner didn't know what it was. I've called turner and pelican parts and they haven't been a help. I think it might be a conforti but would like to know for sure. The top of the chip says 1 267 356 232, that's all Any help would be great. Thanks!
  6. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the 3.1 L stroker kit from Ireland Racing? I wanna know how good it is, the pros and cons of installing it. I dont wanna go the forced induction path, so i figured the stroker kit would be the best idea besides and engine swap. Any help on it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. I was wondering all your thoughts on exhaust systems or what aftermarket mufflers sounds good for a 325is? Ive heard that Magnaflows mufflers arent bad or a cheap muffler from Summit Racing
  8. I successfully installed the sunroof panel, but it was pain. It still needs to be painted the correct color but I figured I would get it in since my old one was dumping rust in the car. The hardest part was getting everything to line up and make it flush. The Bentley book is a great help for it. I will post some pics soon. Thanks for the help!
  9. Thanks man. Its a coupe. I was thinking that it could just be a simple plug and play but that is not looking to be the case.
  10. I actually just picked up a Bentley manual today. It suggests that I get new screws that are rubberized to reduce noise and vibration. Did you get new screws or did you just use the old ones?
  11. I could not find a thread about this, but I was wondering if anyone had experience removing and replacing the sunroof panel on an e30? I was also wondering what sort of electrical work would need to be done since it is a power roof. I have read other instructions but almost all are on crank sunroofs. I bought the car with the old panel still partly in as well. Thanks!
  12. Would dropping M50 injectors into a N/A engine be a bad idea?
  13. Removing the sunroof panel that has almost completely rusted out and figuring out how to install the new one.
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