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  1. That LS fire-up on the engine stand is priceless. Nicely done!
  2. Is that the EPAuto coolant kit on the reservoir? Always wondered about those.
  3. Does anyone happen to have an old e30 sport/comfort seat with seat rails gathering dust? Does not have to be pretty only heavy. Turns out I need to make up some weight in the race car (at least 40 lbs), due to unintended weight loss consequences of some other car modifications and me not eating enough. Before I start figuring out how to shoe-in ballast plates/lead, I'm thinking this might be the easy button since retaining the stock passenger seat is allowed per class rules. Thanks, Rich
  4. Thanks for all of the detail!! My garage has no room for a 2 or four post so I've been thinking about a QJ off and on. You also anticipated my next question about where to actually lift on the e30 with the QJ given the typical abused pinch welds. Much appreciated!
  5. Nice work! I also noticed the Quickjack (?) in the latest picture. Experience with it so far?
  6. Wow, that’s great they found it!!!!
  7. Wow, what a stupid pair. The full ride at 15 years would be a nice touch.
  8. I really like smaller cars, and was a fan of the original Italian Job, so was looking forward to when these first came out. I had the chance to drive a first gen that was really fun with go cart like handling and the JCW add-ons, and also did some track ride-alongs in a few. But the reported mechanical issues in each of the generations have always kept me from buying. As I understand it, fixing anything in the engine bay often requires a lot of front-end disassembly just to get access.
  9. Sorry to hear this hasn't turned up yet. Hope it does. In my pre-BMW days I had a Honda Civic sedan stolen from my driveway in New Berlin. There was a theft ring working the west side of Milwaukee/suburbs for a couple of years stealing Hondas/Acuras. Not to strip but for weekend transportation / joy riding. Car was locked but they had an inside guy at a Honda dealership that would help with key access. My car turned up a few days later parked on the street a mile from my house when someone called it in, and police caught the guys a few weeks later as they were scoping out other rides. Head guy of the ring happened to out on parole for car theft. Go figure. I went to the trial at the Waukesha courthouse in case they needed me to testify but he pleaded out, did some time, and I received notice later that he was out on supervised release/parole again after a few years. I wouldn't be surprised if he returned to what he knew and is back in jail.
  10. That must have been one fat squirrel!!!
  11. Congratulations on the new "pit crew" addition!
  12. I picked up some boxes of used e30 parts from Merl earlier this week, and this non-e30 bit turned up in one of the boxes. I'm guessing an m50 throttle body?? It has a BMW logo stamp and part number 1730363 on it. I checked back with Merl and he doesn't want it. Seems to be in good shape but not something I would have a use for. Any interest here?
  13. Anyone have an e30 front brake caliper bracket they no longer need? I had a caliper guide bolt seize and break off in the bracket on my 318is on an attempted removal. Yeah, I was stupid. I can order one from RockAuto but figured I'd do a quick ask here first. Thanks, Rich
  14. Lucked out and found one at Autozone 102nd and Silver Spring in MKE.
  15. By any chance does anyone have a crank position sensor for a late model e30 325i? If so call 262-389-0080. Thanks, Rich
  16. Anyone signed up for the Monday school at Blackhawk? If so stop by and say hello.
  17. I've got this up on Craigslist but just in case anyone might be interested, or knows someone who might be, I'm listing here. Description: OMP 6-point harness with camlock, used for only one race season (2021), FIA tag valid through December 2025. Harness consists of: 3" clip-in pull-up lap belts, 2" clip-in sub belts with attached camlock, 2" shoulder belts (KEY these are for use with HANS only) can be set up for clip-in or wrap around mounting. Shoulder belts expand from 2" to 3" at the camlock attaching point. All mounting bolts and clips that came with are included. Asking $175 obo on CL. Reason for selling is that the pull-up lap belt adjusters didn't work well with my seat in the e30 cockpit. Replaced them with a new pull-down RaceQuip set.
  18. Saw this, pricey but maybe room to negotiate with the seller? https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/pts/d/oconomowoc-bmw-e30-seats-door-cards/7486733891.html
  19. I'm looking for a used Pit Pal cabinet to reduce to reduce tote clutter in the enclosed race trailer. New can get pricey and used are hard to find. Figures I'd just toss a WTB here just in case someone has ideas. https://pitpal.com/cabinets/?msclkid=f10f8762c7d311ecbd7737a242d096a0 maybe something like a model #323 or?
  20. 2022 Schedule: Blackhawk Farms (June 6), Blackhawk Farms (August 12); Road America (September 30 - October 2) Event #1: Blackhawk Farms Raceway Driver's School! Monday, June 6 All students and instructors get four 25 minute on-track sessions. If you have questions about the event email David Burman (DEC@BadgerBimmers.org). Please read the requirements for the event before registering. All participants at our DE events must be members of BMW CCA. Registration and event details: Blackhawk Farms Monday June 6, 2022 (motorsportreg.com) Note: entry fee for Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced is $260 through May 1; $275 starting May 2; and bumps up to $310 on May 23. Registration closes May 31.
  21. Racing my e30 down at Blackhawk that weekend (un)fortunately. 😁 Will miss seeing folks at the picnic. TJ has been doing a great job and the new location has plenty of room. More BMWs that turn out the better!
  22. Agreed, great idea and would be useful for accessing the Koni's in my e46. Looking forward to see how this develops.
  23. If you can't find one let me know. I may have a horn ring one from a Momo hub in a parts bin somewhere.
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