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Running from the Cops

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Suppose you are driving along the freeway and suddenly an unmarked police car engages cherries and berries knowing you are a wanted man for a heinous crime of stealing a bag of crisps from a vending machine. You are obviously not a law abiding citizen and you chose to evade police. Which BMW are you in and why? 

Do you pick a new M5 for high speed pursuit ease?

Do you pick a silver E39 528i knowing that radios and helicopters are faster than all and try to hide in plain sight?

Do you pick an X5 for some light duty off road capability?

Do you pick a 2002 to fit into tight spaces?



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14 minutes ago, P_Roloff said:

e46 or e39 security. Blends in, but armored. 

Didnt realize there was an armored e46

I would probably pick a new, quiet, 760Li in black so long as I could attempt the evasion at night. Somehow kill all the exterior and interior lights (that would probably be impossible) then fly through the night incognito using only the nightvision system



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would have to be something with ground clearance. criminals who evade cops in car chases always seem to hop a median or cut through a yard, etc. 

boring color/shape to blend in as much as possible with other cars. 

enough guts to not get outpaced by a cruiser. 

not too huge to be cumbersome. basically every video i can remember where the criminal evades the cops/news helicopter they get away by going in a parking structure, going under trees, in between tall buildings, etc. 

also, i have to not give 2 shits about the car, because, despite being a criminal, i do have standards. i will not wreck a perfectly good e30 to avoid jail time. 

that lands me at: bronze m40i x3

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If it has to be bone stock, I'm gonna go with an E53 X5 4.8is. They aren't slow, they handle nicely for an SUV, nice stereo for blasting fuck the police by NWA. Plus some ground clearance. Inconspicuous enough in silver. Drop it in a bad neighborhood after you lose the coppers and it will be stripped and on blocks within the hour. 

Also I have a thing for the 4.8is. 



If a modified Bimmer, this:


The old fluid motor union x5 build. Why? It looks neato.

I guess what I'm saying is an E53.

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