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  1. Update: I have recently had a hard time dealing w/Gigi just getting shipping setup so wont be using them again. I contacted Alex via instagram after this post and found out he left and started his own transportation business. His details can be found below: Global Cargo Logistics 916-917-6609 instagram: alxwolf_m5 Good luck!
  2. Turner Motorsports but bought through ECS. Contact @patsbimmer1 to order ECS parts at a good price. My only piece of advice for the install is to make sure you have good sharp drill bits. I went and bought new ones near the end and it would have saved me at least 1 hour. #facepalm
  3. ProjectCoCo got some serious love this weekend. New passenger fuel sender unit New drivers fuel sensor o-ring Garagistic rear shock mount reinforcement M-tech 1 steering wheel with new M color band New headlight knob New glovebox lever/handle New windshield washer reservoir and pump New cowl grates
  4. New pedals and windshield washer pump! Pretty simple but taking off the wheel well liner can be a pain.
  5. Decided to add a Red 46 skid plate to make sure I dont kill the oil pan on back roads. Pros: works w/the gargastic x brace. Cons: not bolt on
  6. Thoughts on this procedure? https://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=246743
  7. I have an 88 325i convertible and its AC isnt working. I believe the condenser is leaking but wanted to see if there were any E30 experts in the Madison area that might be able to help take a look and develop a plan to get some cold air before the summer hits. Thanks.
  8. Thanks @snap . Agreed on the power problem, at some point I switch to the E39 M5 when speed, handling, and power are craved. That being said the E30 is still my most entertaining car.
  9. I am looking to upgrade my E30 from a performance prospect w/o getting too crazy. Based on previous thread conversations its sounds like a Mark D chip w/19lb injectors is the way to go. Late last year I swapped out the ECU for a 173 so should be all set to get started. This is where I need a little help. I cant seem to find the injectors I need. What else do I need to purchase for the injector swap? Planned Tune: http://www3.sympatico.ca/mdsylva/products.htm (91 octane, 6900 RPM, 19lb injector) Car: 1988 325i convertible Car thread:
  10. My bad I missed this. Still interested in the boots?
  11. Found on CL. They look like they are in great condition. If my car had a tan interior I'd be all over them. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/pts/d/milwaukee-bmw-e30-leather-seats-325is/6789345940.html
  12. I have an M20 with ~150,000 miles on it. Wondering what viscosity you guys use and why. In researching this online it seems everyone uses something different and ECS sells a bunch of options even when narrowing the search down to this car. Thanks in advance for the assistance.
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