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  1. @YoungCR @patsbimmer1 Installation: Super easy. Took 10 min. Pros: Planted in the seat - I didnt realize how much of a difference this makes on backroads. Normally you are constantly compensating for lean with your body and arms, freeing yourself up from that lets you focus on car control and other inputs Easy for daily use - Takes 30 seconds to go from 3 point seat belt --> 4 point harness Airbag remains intact - not all harness setups allow for this Bolt-in Install - This was really important to me since E39 M5s are appreciating and I didnt want to dril
  2. A little something something to hold me in the seat better on backroads.
  3. PM me if you have access to a discount. Looking to order parts for the E39 M5. Thanks.
  4. After all the work last summer the car needed an alignment and KMR did a great job. Looking forward to getting out and testing it on the backroads soon.
  5. First time at the picnic and it was great! Soo much diversity within the e30s and lots of personal touches.
  6. Holy shit dude. might finally meet you in person.
  7. Looking forward to it. Bringing my 88 vert.
  8. Finally got a hold of some OEM wheels. Still cant believe I ran through the rear tires in 6k miles. 😂
  9. Dude I'm sorry to hear that. I had a good experience w/them but thats just a N of 1.
  10. @P_Roloff Did mine last year and used the Garagistic ones too. Super easy to do.
  11. Bummed I couldn't make it this year. Love the pictures and heres to hoping I can make it next year!
  12. Since we have the exhaust apart it seems like a good opportunity to hear it w/open headers. IMG_9242.mov
  13. Work in progress by @jcw0101 but its coming together!
  14. Totally COVID dependent, I was 100% in for the picnic prior to COVID.
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