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  1. vbhargava

    E30 A/C help needed - Madison

    The patient:
  2. vbhargava

    E30 A/C help needed - Madison

    Happy to pay in $ and beer
  3. vbhargava

    E30 A/C help needed - Madison

    I have an 88 325i convertible and its AC isnt working. I believe the condenser is leaking but wanted to see if there were any E30 experts in the Madison area that might be able to help take a look and develop a plan to get some cold air before the summer hits. Thanks.
  4. vbhargava

    E30 - Upgrading injectors / tune

    Thanks @snap . Agreed on the power problem, at some point I switch to the E39 M5 when speed, handling, and power are craved. That being said the E30 is still my most entertaining car.
  5. I am looking to upgrade my E30 from a performance prospect w/o getting too crazy. Based on previous thread conversations its sounds like a Mark D chip w/19lb injectors is the way to go. Late last year I swapped out the ECU for a 173 so should be all set to get started. This is where I need a little help. I cant seem to find the injectors I need. What else do I need to purchase for the injector swap? Planned Tune: http://www3.sympatico.ca/mdsylva/products.htm (91 octane, 6900 RPM, 19lb injector) Car: 1988 325i convertible Car thread:
  6. vbhargava

    Madison - 1988 E30 325i Convertible - Thread

    My bad I missed this. Still interested in the boots?
  7. vbhargava

    CL - E30 tan sport seats

    Found on CL. They look like they are in great condition. If my car had a tan interior I'd be all over them. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/pts/d/milwaukee-bmw-e30-leather-seats-325is/6789345940.html
  8. vbhargava

    M20 Engine Oil (summer only)

    I have an M20 with ~150,000 miles on it. Wondering what viscosity you guys use and why. In researching this online it seems everyone uses something different and ECS sells a bunch of options even when narrowing the search down to this car. Thanks in advance for the assistance.
  9. vbhargava

    Madison - 1988 E30 325i Convertible - Thread

    @straight6pwr Is there a ZHP shift knob w/o the silver ring at the bottom?
  10. vbhargava

    Madison - 1988 E30 325i Convertible - Thread

    Finally got rid of the white w/M stitching shifter and parking brake boots. Picked up a CATuned set and it fit great. If anyone wants the old set I'm happy to give them away. Now its time to upgrade the shifter knob. What's your favorite for the E30?
  11. vbhargava

    Madison - 1988 E30 325i Convertible - Thread

    Minor update: Replaced the ECU with a 173 unit so that I can chip/tune and upgrade the injectors. Odometer stopped working so replaced the OEM gears w/Garagistic gears. Pretty easy fix that doesnt require removing the steering wheel but blew out a bulb in the process.
  12. vbhargava

    Madison - E39 M5 - Thread

    Headed over to Accumoto for a suspension consultation. Ended up raising the car 1 inch all around for a more comfortable daily ride and less twitchy backroads experience. Car is feeling much better and just needs to go back for an alignment next week.
  13. vbhargava

    Madison - E39 M5 - Thread

    Finally got both Bimmers out at the same time
  14. vbhargava

    Madison - E39 M5 - Thread

    Minor update: Went to install a shark injector tune to find out that it already has a tune on it. Not sure what it is but certainly explains the excessively sensitive throttle response