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  1. dreamore04

    Engine Tuners

    Do engine tuners like Superchips really work? Do they really improve a vehicle's horsepower and fuel efficiency?
  2. dreamore04

    FS: Milwaukee 46" Tool Chest combo $550

    I'd love to have that toolbox in my garage.
  3. dreamore04

    Running from the Cops

    Based on your choices, I would probably pick an E39.
  4. dreamore04

    BMW’s can be your best friend at times ..

    Is your garage already done?
  5. dreamore04

    New non BMW ride '05 V70R

    Wow. that's a good price!
  6. dreamore04

    So, what are you listening to?

    The Scientist by Coldplay.
  7. dreamore04


    It's a V8. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Will ask my dad to send me a latest picture.
  8. dreamore04


    Howdy! My name's Leon. I am currently in Asia for work. Left in our folk's garage back in Milwaukee is my 2016 BMW X5.