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I can't believe I haven't found this site sooner!!!  A good friend who's a member ( i_love_cars  ) recommended your forum site to me....

Joining up from the Fox Cities...  North Appleton area.

I am lucky enough to own copies of both the first naturally aspirated M3 BMW ever made, as well as the last naturally aspirated M3 BMW will likely ever make.  The old one is Ruby, who is a Brilliant Red 1990, and the young buck is Johann, a LeMans Blue 2012 competition package.

I have been a BMW fan since my first one many years back. It was a 1999 540i 6-speed, and it's been all down hill from there.  After spending a small fortune on modding that car and getting my first taste of track driving, I eventually graduated to a 2004 M3.  The track-bug has been devouring my wallet ever since....  Doesn't hurt that we have Road America, one of the most enjoyable and historic tracks in North America, in our back yard!

Always down for hitting a car show or a cruise.

Thanks for having me!

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Ruby's engine and drive train were completely rebuilt a few years ago.  No expense was spared and no short-cut's taken.  I could have probably bought a really fun beat-around track car for what that silly little 4 banger cost to rebuild...  Really glad I stayed with the original motor though...  It is a riot to drive sounds great with the DTM airbox on it!!



Engine 3.jpg

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