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  1. I'm a maybe, plan is to install my downpipes that weekend. If those plans fall through I might go
  2. Thanks! I was going for something different so it would stick out a little. I definitely need some coilovers, trying to work on something to make that happen sooner than I initially thought. I think the stance will look better once its lowered some, the rears should tuck a little and the fronts are pretty spot on. Of course we have snow on the ground now so I don't want to drive it on these tires, I ended up going with the Pilot Sport 4S, they don't like the cold.
  3. I've only done intake, charge pipe and bov so far, and I have downpipes in the trunk just not installed yet. Basically prepping the car for the big tune and then going to leave it there for a while to take care of adult things.
  4. Welcome! I have a 335 too, not as modded as yours yet.
  5. They told me I should get some but I thought I knew better. Lets call it youthful ignorance and that I learned from it, now I know. I used spacers with the other set of wheels I had on the last car and those came with extended lugs that fit just fine, I just didn't know any better and assumed I wouldn't need them. Our site recommends you buy them and so do our staff, I just threw that in there to laugh at myself :/ Also we don't keep them at the warehouse here, they ship from our distributor and nobody in town had any available in the correct size.
  6. So my new wheels got here on Friday, which is also my first new set. Rohana RC10s wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. As soon as they arrived at the shop I threw the car on a lift to get them on, and was instantly heartbroken to find that the OEM lug bolts wouldn't work on the car because I couldn't get a socket around them in the holes. Unfortunately I won't be back in Appleton until April, so I'll just order some splined bolts and they will have to sit at the shop until then Downpipes are going in soon but I won't be tuning the car for a while until this move is over, I'd hate to start having random stuff break while I'm traveling between Appleton and LaX so much. I'm stoked for car season.
  7. Not yet, I'm bringing that up soon. I know a lot of us run them.
  8. Not to plug my work, but I'm sure you can find a set of beater wheels for winter brand new from fitment industries for way less than $1500.
  9. Welcome, and nice car! I want to try sliding into an M2 in a few years if they drop in value enough, definitely a goal car for me
  10. That would be a fun experiment, I bet its real gooey. Hopefully by next winter I'll have talked my wife into moving here permanently and I'll have the ol' CR-Z back to beat on. Also its Day 3 of having a BOV and I still love it, pulls through gear 2-3 are so much more satisfying
  11. So I got the car to Appleton but haven't had to drive it much, just carpooling with my friend I'm staying with. Since I have access to the new shop to work on my car I figured I might as well start installing stuff so the first round of parts are finally in and working. Having a BOV on a turbo car is one of my childhood car fantasies, so that's really exciting to me. It definitely sucks in the snow but I shouldn't have to drive it much until I move, and by then it should hopefully be warm enough so I don't have to worry about it.
  12. Time for my monthly update I guess lol Full time in Appleton now for FI at the new shop, any local guys should definitely come visit and I'll give you a tour! This gives me access to our brand new shop of course, so parts are going to start getting installed in the car starting tomorrow (thanks @suspenceful!). Unfortunately that also means I have to drive the car in the cold and snow, but a sacrifice had to be made somewhere. I might buy a beater E46 for a couple of months but realistically that's a waste of money unless I actually keep it. Also finally got the cable to tune the car and read some codes after getting random limp mode again, but after clearing the initial set of codes nothing has come back yet, not sure what to make of that.
  13. Watching the vlog later, just chiming in to let you know the other N54 owners are watching closely lol I'll be in Appleton starting Feb 5th, if you ever need an extra hand just message me, I'd be excited to help out and learn the ins and outs of this stuff, I still won't have a place to do work on my own car for a while.
  14. Really excited for you! My current end goal is still around mid 500s, would you recommend sticking with twins for that level? I didn't realize the aftermarket stuff was fragile as well, I guess I haven't done that much research yet.
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