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  1. I would like to do this, I would have to get my AC working if I take my M3 too
  2. The easiest way for anybody to keep body fat down is strength training, you burn 6 extra calories a day for every pound of muscle you have. You don’t necessarily have to be a gym rat, I don’t lift much right now, but I’m able to maintain by training in Kickboxing and BJJ.
  3. Look for AthleanX on YouTube, I’m still trying to recover from tendon damage on my shoulders from two years ago because I was too relaxed whenever I went all the way down on each rep. I was a pull-up machine, 18-24 rep sets (185lbs).
  4. That’s a lot of fuel money
  5. Too difficult for me, I’ve been to Ki once and learned how to jump, but I would need more practice.
  6. Yes, the numbers are good, but I won’t get a very good measure until I take it to Union Grove
  7. I just got back from King, not sure if they did any pulls with TC off and wouldn’t know if it makes a difference, I want to set up a day with you guys over at LMT to compare.
  8. I hate to get all political, but you can thank Susan Collins and what congress did in 2003 for the USPS mess.
  9. Nice, the e90 and 92s are like the e36s, can’t go wrong with 2 or 4 doors. The current M4 looks better than the M3 and the new M3 looks better than the M4 (with the exception of the grill).
  10. I missed this, sucks for me, but there is always next year.
  11. I wish my e46 was a zhp with a third pedal. I have to restore mine quite a bit to make it look respectable, my right rear blew out because of a torn off spring piece, now I have bumper damage. My M3 is clean, but it’s missing a few details like a proper front lip/under tray, front and rear moldings are a little faded.
  12. Do you work there? I don’t mind using another one to compare. I heard great things about LMT
  13. I already made an appointment at King Motorsports for next week. I plan on getting an intake and exhaust around the summertime (hopefully), I send you a message when I’m ready to dyno the minimal gains from that.
  14. I would have said yes before I got Andy to flash (Dinan) my car at Kummrow, quite a difference 30rwhp can make. I may add the intake and exhaust later next year before upgrading the turbo and intercooler.
  15. Didn’t think my 1st set of BBSs would be for the snow, but here I am ready for winter. Looking forward to snow storms (nothing over 4”)
  16. I have a 2.93 LSD in my garage if you are interested in that.
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