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Hello my name is Wojtek ( voytec do not mistake with vtec)

I registered a while ago but never introduced myself.

I live in NW burbs of Chicago.

I cought bmw bug when i got my e36m four years ago.


It was an awesome car. But i found it too new. I wanted something simpler and e21 fit that perfectly.

So i found rust free 1983 in detroit with all records all the way back to 1983 including receipt for 600 mile inspection.


In the meantime i aquired 2 other e21s and started swapping m5x to one of em.


Sometime at the beginning of the year it figured that it is going to take me 3 years to get the blue e21 the way i want so i put that project on hold and decided to turbo the safari beige.



Last weekend i resprayed the engine bay and i can start assembling it back.


Safari will be sporting stock m10 with arp head studs, BW s252sxe, ms2x, tilton twin disk clutch and small case lsd for now. Planning for 10-12 psi for now until something explodes. The plan is to have it running by the end of the month.

Long term goal is to build the bottom end and beef up the valvetrain and shoot for 400 on e85.

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Thank you all.

Here are couple more.

5lug swap

E28 rear subframe and e12 front hubs.


Once i got the safari running i will finish front e28 suspension swap with some spherical bearing goodies


Ford edis trigger wheel and sensor for the safari.



Ls coil brackets


Actually i am thinking about swapping 2.3 8v volvo red block into the blue one.

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1 hour ago, YoungCR said:

What mods are needed for the e28 rear subframe?

" Place the e21 and e28 subframe next to each other side by side, front - rear, whatever. You need to find the midpoint of both subframes and scribe a line there. Once you have found the distance of the e21 subframe from midpoint to the mounting bracket for the subframe bushing you transfer this measurement to the e28 subframe and cut the subframe here. Remove the subframe bushing mounting "ears" from the e21 subframe and weld them on to your new shorter e28 subframe and be sure you remember which flange goes to which side. Mount the e21 shock/springs and the e21 subframe bushings to the e28 subframe and test fit the subframe on the e21. If everything fits you then need to bolt the diff into the carrier and locate where the diff mount will be placed. "

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E21 vs. e28


Jig the e21 subframe locking the centers of the mounts and centers of the output and input flanges. Alternatively measure the crap out of it.






Tack weld. Test fit. Make corrections and weld.



Also, you will. Need to relocate the diff mount bracket and center bearing and shorten the driveshaft.

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