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  1. I have a late M42 upper intake manifold With TB and air flow meter. Come pick it up. Located in the Chicago area.
  2. Yup he is sporting getrag 265 mated to volvo whiteblock. I guess ill rotate it and if it wont work i will move to Australia. or cut the bellhousing and reweld it at proper angle whichever comes cheaper.
  3. That would be easy but what about pilot bearing? Is the input shaft long enough ? I guess plate would have to be 1/4" steel or 1/2" aluminum .
  4. Tape measure says it will fit. It just a matter of fabricating an oil pan that will have some decent volume and wont hang too low.
  5. Yup i am planning on custom pan and pickup. Vert mounted setup should give me more room for turbo but i need to modify e36 subframe before i test fit the motor and see if its going to fit under the hood in the upright position. I want to give that m42 some Efr treatment.
  6. I am pondering the idea of vert mounting m42 in my e21. Engine wise it should not cause much trouble since the head is symetrical and should drain oil without any issues. I am worried about the zf320 transmission tho. Shifter is very easy to modify however i am afraid that rotating transmission 30 degrees will screw the oiling. What is your opinion?
  7. bumpski. M52 is still for sale. I can also trade for m44, e36 spindles and struts or z3 steering rack
  8. I am mainly after the upper. The m42 will go into e21 most likely vert mounted so i will need to fabricate the lower pan anyway. let me know if you want to sell it.
  9. Looking for the upper and lower oil pan for the m42. It has to be a front sump one from the e30.
  10. Looks like an awesome 2002 setup .
  11. Getrag 240 transmission and tilton race clutch I also have a getrag 240 5 speedworks great fresh AMSoil fluid no grinds, shifts very good.It was converted to internal tilton TO setup.$350 without the throw out.I have a matching tilton twin plate clutch setup for m10 or m30 motors.Stock modified flywheel with ARP hardware.Tilton hydraulic TO and stainless braided clutch lines.Clutch has maybe 7k miles and its in great condition.$650 for the whole clutch setup Edit: Part#s for the clutch Clutch cover/Pressure plate: 66-302UW Discs: 64185-8-VV-10 TO : 60-1280 Clutch is rated for 480 torques but can be easily upgraded with different pressure plate to handle up to 900lb-ft. You can get the flywheel form Rhama RHD for your high power s/m5x or m20 to run this clutch.
  12. Bump. $150 for the m52 or trade for the late e36 M42 I am going to keep the zf
  13. I have M52B28 motor out of 1997 bmw 328i. I was told that the engine have approximately 135k miles. Car was slightly front ended and the engine was running before it was pulled out. Engine comes with intake manifold, injectors, throttle body and some other accessories. It does not come with the alternator or the AC compressor or exhaust manifold I bought this engine to swap into my e21 but i change direction and decided to keep the m10 $150 or trade for late m42, e36 front suspension bits, e36 m42,m44 radiator.
  14. Still running that plasma ? How about some 1/4" mild? I will need some plate cut for my control arm project
  15. Here is my m10t not much room between the dp and fender either. I think ill have to vert mount the m42.
  16. How are the clearneces with the slanted m42? Is there enough room to fit gt30 sized turbski and 3" downpipe? I want to get rid of my m10t and get 8 extra valves.
  17. retoropak

    WTB: M50

    If its m42 in that e36 then ill trade you my m52 for it
  18. That m5x would have to be turbo. The 300 that its in the truck now makes probably 200hp and 230-250lbft at the wheel at probably 1200-1900rpm with a stunning redline of 4500rpm 😜 M5x even with a small turbo would easily exceed 320lb/ft. I am not sure about the trans cooler. Probably some small electric pump similar they use to drain bottom mount turbos. Ive seen some aftermarket manual and sequential transmissions that have build in oil pumps and provisions for the coolers.
  19. I have an 1986 f-150 with 4.9 straight with holley 4 barrel carb and c6 3spd auto. It has bazillion miles and refuses to die. Good compression decent power and awesome 9mpg no matter what. I also have m52 with zf 5 spd lying around I was pondering the idea of swapping my truck with m5x and eventually maybe running small/ mid size (borg s252or some kind of gt30) turbo. Would it be a good towing rig? (5k lbs max)? Do you think the zf320 would entertain extra load?
  20. Hi, I am looking to trade my m52 for the m44 or late m42 (93+). I dont care about the milage as long as it turns. Motor has approximately 135k miles and came out of the 1998 328i. AC, PS and alternator are gone. Intake, coils etc are in. Harness is cut. No exhaust manifolds.
  21. 1. Its all about the packaging. I can swap the m10 in my e21 in couple hours without a lift if needed. Now try to do the same or even fix some smaller stuff on a car with really crowded engine bay. Most people wont even try to touch it. Thats why i got rid of my m62 powered e53. I could not convince myself to do the timing chains. Than all the special tools needed to fix things and there is a coding aspect too. 2. Thre is more aftermarket for the older bmw’s. Small shops with access to cnc means you could get some nice parts at resonable prices. 3. Electric motors are good for the freight trains? See#4 4. If i ever had tesla i would convert it to stationary Whole house UPS. 5. Idk.
  22. Hi, I have M52B28 motor out of 1997 bmw 328i. I was told that the engine have approximately 135k miles. Car was slightly front ended and the engine was running before it was pulled out. Motor has been sitting in my garage for the past 3 years. i just dont have a time or interest in swapping it in my e21 anymore. Some accessories included. ill have to check what is attached to it. $350 M50NV unknown miles. M50 manifold included but no other accessories. I believe that it has modified oil pan to sit more upright to make room for some turbo goodies. Got it as a package deal with one of my e21s $300 Zf320 came with the m52 listed above $300 E28 subframe modified to fit e21. $200 bare subframe , $300 if you want trailing arms E12 hubs - you need it if you want easy front 5 lug for e21 - $100 or $200 if you want strut housings. E21 shell: 1982 with clean Wisconsin title. Unknown milage, no interior except dash. Rusty sunroof panel, front subframe is modified to accept m5x swap. will come with matching tranny and engine mounts. : $450 E21 early vented rotors: $40 Located in Chicago. eda7755f965092a8b282183976b6c177.webp
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