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Official-look-what-i-found-thread (craigslist, other-forums, etc)


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4 hours ago, m42b32 said:

NP/CP on Jalopnik today:


I love that they left the exterior pretty much stock looking, awesome sleeper

I know the guy that put that car together. He used to be active on the RWD Volvo forum and I met him when I went out to Portland a couple years back. Super down to earth, really talented and has built a number of very nice trucks and RWD volvos in his garage.

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probably bad. blown head gasket from being boosted = motor could be wrecked

How do you know it was boosted?

He has wept with a number of us who have wrecked our boosted engines.

There is also a stage 3 clutch listed in the ad too which is possible evidence. But mostly its just his spidey-sense tingling.

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Though about those myself until I rembered how much it sucked to refinish a set of style 5's...good score either way!

Considering what they are selling for in good condition (check out ebay)... I couldnt pass it up.

I work in the swimming pool industry. I've got nothing but time in the winter to work on this type of stuff...it helps me keep my sanity

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