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On 10/28/2017 at 8:59 PM, KaiserRolls said:

Swapped connectors. Gauge doesn’t jump full hot when I turn the key on now. Should be good.

FYI, both e36 obd1 harnesses I have indeed are two pin connections for the temp sensors. Only 1 pin sensor I can find that is close (distance wise) would be for the oil pressure switch.

(Manifold temp sensor may also be 1 pin as well - but I ruled this out because the length of the harness is a dead five away to where it connects to)

Awesome that this thing is so close! 

I know that the way I have my car set up is one connection is for the gauge, the other is for the ecu readout, and if you flip them, the guage would pin itself. Same with my E24, but that has one single pin, and a double pin. I have had the luxury of finding this out with both cars. lol

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Bleeding coolant tonight, also will try and get the head “bled” tonight as well at the same time, it was loud on startup

Rumor has it that burnouts (with videos) actually clear this up the quickest. 

Is like to 2nd this

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Never really liked the idea of the chiptune and no datalogging capability

I have spent a few hours already looking at piggybacks, emulators, and logging systems for OBD1. There just isnt a proper tuning solution that doesn’t involve guess and check.

Nothing will run a stock-ish engine better than a stock DME, but a completely different EMS like megasquirt is really the only solution if you want it dialed in 100%

Logs are awesome

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