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Back from the dead or something.


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I did a do. 



So I'm back, but this time with a running car that I plan on sticking with.  So far:

-AC delete

-ASC delete

-Racing Dynamics Strut Bar

-"Fogged" intake mod

-Z3 short shifter Garagistic shift carrier bushings

-Secondary Air Pump Delete


Slowly getting rid of stuff before I start adding stuff.  Working on a custom collector back 2.25" exhaust with a resonator and maybe a muffler depend on how I feel about the noise.  Plan is koni yellows with H&R race springs.  Lots more I'm thinking about, but the future isn't set in stone.  I like this one though, so we'll see where I decide to go.

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1 hour ago, SteelBlue said:

I've definitely come around to these the more I have seen them. They seem like they would be fun with the M42.

The 96+ have the M44. The ideal setup is with the DASC (Downing Atlanta Supercharger). With some tuning you can see 240 whp. That's kinda the plan if I can pick up a used M44 to rebuild over the winter while the car is parked.

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2 hours ago, YoungCR said:

Is this the one that was on CL for quite a while? @Earl has a doppelgänger now

Yeah, out near Madison. Had some issues that I had to square away but I got it for a song and it is remarkably clean. 

It's super fun to beat on, m44 feels healthy, just needs a 373 LSD and a light flywheel to really wake up the drivetrain. I'm sure going full poly is going to help quite a bit as well.

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Also, beat on the M3 on some snowy roads. Was very fun. Getting super itchy to tear into the compact and start gutting the interior.


Ordered some side mounts today, going to test fit it up in the M3. Also got a hub adapter for a wheel I'm trading for. Doing some powder coat for another wibimmer, @gilber33

If it warms up I'll be throwing some powder on my DS2s and attempting to send them down the road to buy Kosei K1s for the compact.  Working on a guy to buy a rear subframe assembly out of a compact so I can build it outside of the car. That's all I know. 

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Test fitting everything in the M3 prior to the compact install. 


Traded some powder coating for a steering wheel. Nice fit with the NRG shorty hub. I believe it's a 100mm offset. 350mm wheel. Pretty comfy and no t rex arms. 

Next will be installing my Sparco seat. I have my side mounts and my harness now, just need the floor mounts. If I can't find some I'll have to sway @wasnt m3 to long term lend me his in exchange for money. 

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Feeling super hard right now about these 2nd Air Pump delete things. Also in the mail is my ASC delete hoses from FCP Euro. Gonna tinker with the S52 a bit while it's in the M3. Removing stuff that won't be transferred to the compact is the name of the game. If I had a warm place to tear apart the compact, I'd be pulling the front end, motor/trans, and complete interior. Here's hoping weather gets a bit better so I can get out and get wrenching. 

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Weather was okay so I decided to do my ASC throttle body delete. Ordered the hoses from FCP Euro, and got myself a shirt as well. Super nice shirt, highly recommended. 



Cleaned up the area nicely. While I was poking around I noticed that I had some neato pulley on the front of the engine that I hadn't seen before. 


Appears to be an ECS unit. Super interesting. Just need to delete my secondary air pump next. I know it's not a performance mod per se, but it is a dont have to worry about it mod when swap time comes. Hoping to pull the front end off the compact soon if the weather cooperates. Come on spring!

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