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  1. Suspenceful's 2008 BSM 135i build thread!

    In case anyone wants to know how much money I've wasted on this turd... “How much did it cost to go single turbo?” I get asked this question all the time, so I made a video that answers it. Every penny I spent and a parts list of EVERYTHING you need! Yes, it's kinda long. But you can watch at 2x speed if you click the video settings gear icon.
  2. Minus Two Cylinders, Plus One Turbo. New Daily.

    The subtle mods are coming along nicely. Looks good. Sorry to hear about the scratch, lol.
  3. Diaries of a Daily Driver

    Tiago offered a 10% refund on the 7.5" race intercooler once I posted a review of it. I'm sure the exhaust would be in the same ballpark.
  4. Diaries of a Daily Driver

    While I understand the concept, I don't think it's going to help. The factory exhaust (even with PE mod), is pretty efficient. For example, my free-flowing aftermarket 3" exhaust with a blown-out muffler was still going thru gaskets. However, I am not against you getting the VRSF exhaust! They sound great and I could even do a vlog about it.
  5. Diaries of a Daily Driver

    I don't see how putting a VRSF exhaust on it would lessen your chances of blowing out gaskets, lol.
  6. ILC's E92 M3

    *Insert comment about how you must miss the power of a modded N54* I'm excited for you to get the new setup installed!
  7. chit chat thread

    Lol, that'd be a treat to replicate. You're better off spending the cash on the genuine one!
  8. Suspenceful's 2008 BSM 135i build thread!

    While I waited on my custom exhaust to be finished on the 135i, I modded my daily 335i!
  9. M3 owner/broken BMW fixer

    Joining the forum with some burns
  10. Transport Services - Gigi Line Inc

    Thank you for posting this! As someone who is always browsing nationwide, this will come in handy when I finally take the plunge.
  11. M3 owner/broken BMW fixer

    Ben is messing with you. His diesel swap has been a can of worms to say the least. Either way, glad to see you on here! Don't flake away like 90% of the newcomers. There are a variety of builds going on here, at completely different ends of the spectrum.
  12. Official Sighting Thread

    He's a friend of mine who works at BMW as a tech. I'll have to ask if he's a forum kind of guy and tell him to join.
  13. Official Sighting Thread

    Yup. He was even nice enough to loan it to me for a day while he did the clutch on my 135i. Was interesting to get a feel for both cars in the same day.
  14. Official Sighting Thread

    Lolololol. That's the guy that installed your coils. We were in Oshkosh looking at a 335i together. Lee's M3 is a blast to drive, and it sounds godly.
  15. Garage Life Motoring

    +1 for Pat saving me lots of $$$ on parts. My go-to for ECS orders.