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  1. I've been holding this one from you guys for a while now! Kidding... I would've been 12 years old, lol. I bought it from a coworker, cleaned it up a bit and am now selling it. It was originally gonna be my girlfriend's but she's doesn't like the manual trans.
  2. It's time to sell my very clean 2004 BMW 325ci. I guarantee this is one of the nicest, well-kept BMWs you will find of this era. It has been babied and meticulously maintained. I have all of the maintenance records since purchased brand new from Bergstrom in 2004. - Steel Blue Metallic with tan interior - Rare 5-speed manual transmission - Xenon headlights and fog lights - Sport steering wheel with controls - Premium Package - Cold Weather Package - Heated leather seats - HiFi BMW sound system - Bluetooth phone connectivity - Sunroof/moonroof - Power everything (seats, windows, mirrors, sunroof, etc.) - Auto sensing wipers and climate control - Auto dimming rear view mirror and side mirrors - Michelin tires with plenty of tread The car is equipped with Cold Weather Package which includes heated seats, heated exterior mirrors and locks, headlight washers, and fold-down rear seats. Perfect for Wisconsin! It has been driven through a few winters but has been very frequently washed so you will not find any rust on the exterior of the vehicle. No dents, dings, or scratches. It is also very clean underneath. 152,000 miles on the car and it's ready to be taken across the country! It drives straight, rides smooth and is very quiet. Everything works as it should. No weird check engine lights or warning lights. It doesn't leak a drop of any fluids. This is a great car and you will not be disappointed. Come take a look! WIBIMMERS PRICE: $4700 OBO I have another set of wheels for the car with like-new winter tires that I can include for an additional $300.
  3. Lol! I got everything from eBay, total cost was about $85 and half of that was for the angel eyes. The heat sink LEDs in the box are the angel eyes, fogs are on the left. I didn't even install the resistor boxes because they get really hot. They're supposed to eliminate the LED bulb error, but I just coded it out myself.
  4. First round of mods! LED angel eyes, fog lights, interior lights, and license plate lights. OEM on the left, new LED on the right. All LEDs installed.
  5. Good to know, I'll post a thread on those forums and reach out to Bob. I've also read that it's an amazing difference.
  6. I don't understand people that put an asking price, followed by a lower price they will take.
  7. Is this something you can help me with? The auto life is new to me, and I'm only familiar with tuning via JB4/MHD or coding via Carly app. Exactly! This was part of the reason I didn't mind purchasing another N54 car. The 135i is holed up in the garage for a while, I could definitely steal some parts from it right now... Thanks! I also love comfort access. During my search I found that not many E9X cars have this option. After getting used to it on my 135i, I really wanted my daily to have it as well.
  8. Well, I finally struck gold. After driving a combined 15 hours looking at 4 different cars, I found one right across town. I knew I was being picky with my budget and required options, but I'm glad I held out. As funny as it is, this might be the nicest car I've ever owned. Meet my new 2007 335i. I bought it from the original owner. No accidents, came with both keys and all maintenance records since new. It's never seen winter, so it's 100% rust free. Only has 83k miles and has just about every option you could get for the year. Not only that, but I think I got an absolute steal on it! Sport Package Bolstered sport seats 18" sport wheels Higher speed limiter Cold Weather Package Heated seats Heated mirrors and keylocks Headlight washers Folding rear seats Premium Package Universal garage-door opener Auto-dimming exterior mirrors Auto-dimming rearview mirror Lumbar seat support Digital compass on rearviewmirror BMW Assist voice command Bluetooth Lighting Package Comfort Access keyless entry and start iDrive with Navigation Satellite radio Logic7 sound system Sunroof It's also the first automatic BMW I've had out of the 8 I've owned. Feels good to be back behind the wheel of something boosted again. I'm so at home with these N54s, it's gonna be hard not to tune it. I'll probably do the typical tint, drop, wheels... but we'll see. I couldn't help but share, stay tuned!
  9. Those were three of the differentiators I pointed out As you can tell, Pat seems to be an MHD guy and I'm a JB4 guy. I run both and the car always ran PERFECT on stock turbos. I don't think you can go wrong with either, but JB4 has more benefits in my mind. If you want meth at some point, get JB4. It even integrates with port injection so you don't have to run a secondary controller. PS: Your injectors won't max out. It's the HPFP and LPFP that can't keep up. These direct injectors can supply fuel for days. I agree with Pat that meth wouldn't be my first mod, but it definitely benefits to cool things down. I'm thinking about adding it now with my current build, but need a new motor first. It never hurts to keep things cooler, but I'd get bolt ons and a tune first. If you have E85 in your area, it's worth mixing. JB4 even has an auto-tuning map that will give you the best performance for your current fuel and temperature conditions
  10. To my knowledge, JB4 is the only one that can trigger water/meth. I love my JB4 and would highly recommend it to anyone, even if you don't want more power. It allows you to monitor tons of variables, scan for codes, delete codes, and comes with some cool features (gauge hijacking, sweeping, wastegate control, 2-step, etc.)
  11. Wastegate rattle won't have anything to do with you not letting things cool off. However, wastegate rattle is most prominent on cold starts. Get JB4 or MHD, you'll thank me later.
  12. I guess I should've mentioned, I'd prefer to stick to a 3 series. I'm so up and down familiar with them. I drove 2 hours to Madison this weekend to check out a loaded 328xi E92, turned out to be a piece of crap. Had to trek back home for the second time now. I'm ready to buy something!
  13. Lol - I'll take it for the right price
  14. Funny, I just created this thread 20 minutes ago. Should answer all of your questions. Don't care if it's an N54 or not. Exterior color doesn't matter to me that much, but would like to stay away from red. Sedan or coupe is fine.
  15. First off, I'll start this by saying I'm picky. With that said, I need a new daily driver and this is what I'm looking for. Must haves: Xenon headlights Heated seats Sport package Less than $8,000 I'd like: 2005 or newer Manual, but will settle for an auto RWD, but will settle for AWD Within 3 hours of Appleton, WI Can't have: Gray or white interior (black preferred, okay with brown, red, etc.) Over 165k miles Major mechanical or cosmetic problems I've already scavenged Appleton, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Chicago Craigslist's. Nothing struck me, but feel free to share links.