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  1. Lol, I think I priced everything to move pretty quick. I did offer free install for you
  2. They're M3 offsets, maybe that's why? 18x8" ET20 all around, they definitely rub in front with me being lowered so much.
  3. Believe it or not, I took these with my iPhone lol. This was in Escanaba, Michigan over the weekend. Appleton got a light dusting so far.
  4. Three Index 7 injectors (used, AS-IS) - $60 Matte Black Kidney Grilles (LCI E90) - $40 New OEM Front License Plate Bracket w/ Hardware (Pre-LCI E92) - $25 OEM E82 Black Sapphire Metallic Trunk Spoiler - $40 Motiv Power Bleeder w/ Euro Cap (new, never used) - $40 Black E92 Sport Seats (electric, memory, heated, lumbar) - $350 local only - They're dirty. Passenger seat in good condition. Driver's seat has blown airbag and some dents on the bottom cushion PENDING: REV9 6" Intercooler w/ Hardware - $210 - deposit received Stock turbos (335i with 80k miles) - $150 - deposit received SOLD: VRSF catless downpipes - SOLD! VRSF 7" Intercooler w/ Hardpipe & Hardware - SOLD! BMS Charge Pipe w/ 2 Meth Bungs - SOLD! TurboSmart Kompact Diverter Valve Kit - SOLD! Str8shot Bluetooth Ethanol Content Analyzer Kit w/ Fuel Sensor - SOLD! Six Bosch ZGR6STE2 Spark Plugs (new) - SOLD! BMS Dual Cone Intake Kit - SOLD! Six Bosch Ignition Coils (used, low mileage) - SOLD! New OEM Euro Front License Plate Bracket (LCI E90 M-Sport) - SOLD! Combine certain items and I'll discount prices. PM me with any questions. For immediate shipment or "first dibs" send PayPal payment to
  5. Just like that, the car saw tons of snow. Good thing I swapped my winter wheels and Blizzaks on.
  6. Is the car maintaining proper temperature yet?
  7. Beginning of January. I'm getting to the point where I'm on the fence about paying someone to remove the rest of the current motor. That way I can take care of everything while both engines are on stands.
  8. The used one that I bought? It's still sitting on the stand. I'm going to compression test it before installing it.
  9. Started on this the other day. Took the whole front clip off. Drained oil and coolant. Removed intake, intercooler, intake manifold, injector and coil harness, disconnected coolant lines, vacuum lines, electrical clips, etc. Forgot the car has A/C stuff in it still so I quit and pushed it back in the corner. I honestly haven't had much motivation to work on this car, I don't know why.
  10. My poor 135i just stays neglected in the corner (comfortably fits 3 cars). When I first bought the house (could only fit 2 cars).
  11. Weird, I had my buddy at BMW do mine in a few hours after asking.
  12. They're not what you have pictured, but I have a set of four 17x8" 335i wheels if you'd be interested. Cheap, with tires.
  13. Thanks! DJI Mavic Pro.
  14. Haha, I didn't say the chassis code in person... thank goodness. I don't know pre-2000 BMWs very well.
  15. A guy in his mid-30s pulled up next to my 335i at the grocery store in this M5 with his wife and toddler. I told him it was a beautiful example of an E34. He said "thanks" and that he had owned it for 12 years now. Stunning in person.