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  1. chit chat thread

    Yeah it's really not that hard, biggest thing is the 1.5 miles. My Sgt usually runs like 1.5 laps, walks/jogs a little bit, then runs again. He usually has 40-50 seconds left to spare at the end. Yep, that's the same physical test we take during the application process, along with the written tests. The PD can't require we take it every year, so they have to offer a bonus incentive for doing it 2x a year. I was nearly able to do it last year with torn shoulder but I couldn't do the bench
  2. chit chat thread

    I have my work physical fitness test today, if I pass it today and again this fall I get $500 from the City's "Wellness" fund. 1.5 miles in under 15 minutes 300 meter sprint in under some amount of time 30 sit ups in a minute 1 bench press of 2/3rd my weight Vertical jump of at least 10" Not too bad for about 1.5 hrs worth of work.. Sad thing is, that fund has XXX amount of money in it, so the more officers that do it, the less money we each get. We probably have 5 Patrol Officers that couldn't pass the tests if their lives depended on it.
  3. Black hawk farms track day

    There's a 0% chance the e30 is ready by then, so I'll be looking to go later in the season!
  4. Plate Blockers

    Because they're idiots lol Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  5. chit chat thread

    If anyone does decide to make those shirts I'd be in as well....
  6. Range Rover....

    That's a damn good point. Going forward I'll be getting that as well, because I spent the vast majority of my day in IL, and now I'm heading into work with 3.25hrs of crappy sleep...
  7. Range Rover....

    I ended up not buying the silver 07 linked above. I drove 2 hours to go look at it, they decided not to honor the price they said they would pay me for my trade in (over $2k less), then I found that the steering rack was leaking fluid at an alarming rate. Other than the fluid leak, it felt phenomenal. If they were to fix that issue and come back with a more appropriate trade in price or adjust the asking price of the Range Rover I wouldn't hesitate to buy it tomorrow. Oh well.
  8. Range Rover....

    ^^That's the Mercedes I mentioned above. If it didn't look so much like a minivan hybrid I'd be all about it Eventually I'll find my way back into a clean Jeep Cherokee XJ, small lift, some nice 33's, etc... Now's the time for mistakes that'll make memories that haunt for a lifetime!
  9. Range Rover....

    I appreciate the time you're taking to respond and, the honesty! I think I've read enough about them at this point that if I'm not sufficiently scared away, I'm going to quite literally say "Fuck It" to pull the trigger. It bit me in the ass with the 996, and this probably will too I put a $500 refundable deposit down on the one linked above. I'm going to go drive it tomorrow morning after work, inspect it, and make my decision then. A lot of it will come down to how they want to play with the numbers. They know what I want for the truck, so if they try any funny business I'm walking.
  10. Range Rover....

    I'm trying to be reasonable lol It doesn't help that my girlfriend is whispering into my ear that she thinks I should drive down to IL to get one RIGHT NOW I'm still looking, but I did talk to the dealer with this guy: https://www.saintcharlesmotorcars.com/2007_Land Rover_Range Rover_Saint Charles_IL_17749004.veh# and they're putting together some numbers for me right now. I do intend to go drive a bunch of 4x4 vehicles when I'm down there. I did see an Audi Q7 that looked OK, but it kind of falls into the "meh" category when stacked up against the Rover. Plus, it's an Audi, so I can't do that..
  11. Range Rover....

    I saw a Mercedes GL4*** AMG something in the same price range, looks more like a minivan/SUV hybrid but had 500+ horsepower... that may be fun. Otherwise I keep going back and thinking an X5 with the V8 would potentially be an option.
  12. Range Rover....

    Thing is, I'm sure they're great vehicles and significantly more reliable than the Rover, but for the same price as the rover they all have 20-50k more miles lol Plus, aesthetically speaking, they do nothing for me. *except the old Land Cruisers, those are sweet. Yeah I definitely want something newer with creature comforts as I drive 20-25k a year, most of it at 60-70mph. Yeah the suspension has been about 95% of the most problematic areas. It's nice know there are cheap-ish coilover kits to completely eliminate the issue if it comes to that I did look at a 2012 XC90, same price as the Range Rover, but had 44k more miles on it *here it is: https://rockford.craigslist.org/ctd/d/2012-volvo-xc90-32-premier/6545282185.html Kind of the same boat as the GX470, the exterior/interior really doesn't do anything for me. It's not bad looking, but I don't see anything exciting about it that would make it easier to part with my F150 :/
  13. Range Rover....

    I should have axed, are there any other 4x4 vehicles in the $8-15k price point that you recommend? I do want something nice, 4 doors, cargo space is nice, not necessarily looking for another truck. I've looked a little bit at the X5 (I even glanced in the direction of an X6), old 4Runners, Wranglers (dislike just about every other modern Jeep), Porsche Cayenne, etc...
  14. Range Rover....

    I have seen that lol The dealer I'm looking at doesn't offer a warranty other than their 30 day warranty. Dealer has great reviews, so at least on that end I feel pretty good. I also like the old Discovery, but for some reason I keep being drawn to that 06-09 Range Rover and can't stop.. It's not so much about saving money on a daily basis, rather clearing a large chunk of debt off the books immediately. I'm digging around on the Rover forums (have I mentioned how terrible they are?) and I'm seeing a lot of the things I expected: cluster pixel issues, air suspension faults, random lights for seemingly no reason, etc.. There's a big Rover guy on BFC that swears by them, does a lot of his own work, and has been messaging me about his experiences (good and bad). At $13k I think, if cared for, the value will hold relatively steady for at least a little bit. I'll be rolling over about $3-4k towards it from my trade in, so I need to decide if my "dream" of owning a RR is worth the $10k gamble lol Is it typically the parts that are adding up to that, or is labor just that much of a bitch on them? I've looked up the cost of suspension bits and other misc stuff, and it does seem pricey but not far off from what I was expecting it to be. That is good to know, a bargaining chip if I make it that far lol