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1995 Dakar e36 M3 coupe 5spd

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A family friend is selling his 95 Dakar e36 M3 coupe and asked me to help out.  His total years of ownership is over 10 years but during that span it did a stint with a tech from Patrick BMW at which point he purchased it back about 10 years ago.  I had a chance to drive the car this morning and it is absolutely sublime!  The exhaust is intoxicating and asks you to wring it out, the handling is SOLID, the clutch is just heavy enough, the UUC shifter is like loading a gun.  It does not drive like a 25 year old car.  This car is 85% of the way to a full on track build but in it's current state maintains a very nice balance between track ready and road cruiser.

He brought me on board to go through the car for a pre-sale inspection.  We will be replacing the guibo preventatively.  The headliner is on our to-do list as well in the next two weeks.


Vin# wbsbf93245EH02333

Miles: 149k

The Good:

  • Xenon Euro Elipsoid Headlights with Angel Eyes
  • Brembo GT BBK front
  • TMS power slotted rear rotors
  • Rear muffler delete with remus tips
  • chipped
  • Sunroof
  • Front Strut Brace
  • Conforti CAI
  • Bilstein Coilovers
  • Corner Balanced
  • LTW Rep rear spoiler
  • AC Schnitzer aluminum e brake handle
  • Alpine head unit
  • Chassis X brace
  • Euro MAF
  • full tool kit
  • Leather is NEAR perfect condition
  • Always garaged
  • No faded plastic
  • No dead pixels
  • Front seats from 96-99 (thanks rekpoint)
  • Did I say NO RUST already?

The Bad:

  • weak A/C
  • headliner sagging
  • guibo is starting to show wear
  • 3-4 small spider cracks in front and rear bumper
  • VERY VERY slight fading of paint BUT clear coat is perfect
  • CEL on due to euro maf and chip
  • check brakes on due to BBK
  • slight glovebox sag
  • Steering wheel is crooked but it tracks straight
  • Will need new front rotors if it is tracked



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57 minutes ago, SteelBlue said:


Listen. I dont want to stand out. Yellow screams look at me. Sorry if I offend people by saying that. But its the truth. 

Also Dakar on Modena dont go together.

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10 hours ago, wasnt m3 said:

I just wanted to add that 95 dakar cars didn't have clear coat as an fyi. Considering that, this car is in much better than average condition. Also, did you scan for codes? Shouldn't have a check engine light with the proper tune. SOLID deal for someone, regardless. 

Thanks for that TJ!  I haven't scanned yet but will be doing that while i'm over there tonight getting video and more pictures.  The car drove absolutely flawless with no hiccups at all so i'm not sure why the light would be on but it doesn't appear to be anything major if it's not tune/maf related.

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9 minutes ago, patsbimmer1 said:

If I were a gambling man i'd say it'll be gone this weekend.  If I were a lucky man it'd end up in my garage.

If it goes to who I think itll go to Ill have to check it out THIS WEEKEND. @KaiserRolls Can I come over fam? 

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