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Secret Santa 2023


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Secret Santa Time !!! Assignments will be done on Tues 11/21/2022

PM/text me your address if you are interested in participating and you will be added to the list. 
General guideline for gifts is ~$20 or more if you choose. Gifts can be sent or opened at any time but it's more magical when the presents are opened or revealed on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. Please reply in this thread with what you received! It's all part of the fun to see what others got and to verify gifts made it to their destination. 


  1. YoungCR
  2. JDesign
  3. WasntM3
  4. m42b32
  5. P_Roloff
  6. Patsbimmer1
  7. Rampelsauce
  8. Rekpoint
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Would everyone be ok with using DrawNames.com for secret Santa? It will make the picks for us and that way I get to have an anonymous grifter as well. We use this for our family and it works well. I can set up restrictions on not getting the same recipient as last year.

I could make a group and then when you draw a name you can send an anonymous message to your recipient via draw names to get their address.

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On 11/22/2023 at 10:43 PM, rampelsauce said:

Sorry guys I dropped my balls on this one. If I can jump in this I'd love to be involved.

Sorry I missed this, if we can wrangle together at least one more person along with you, we could make things work. 

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