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  1. snap

    WTB: E46 M3

    Yes. My preferences have changed. White is one of the few colors I like tan interior with but after owning a white car and constantly having to clay bar the “rail dust” off it, I have decided against that (didnt help that I had to park near an industrial dust collector).
  2. snap

    WTB: E46 M3

    After looking through the ad a few times, just cant fall in love with that dark blue/black. I do like the interior. The wheels are not ideal. But its a great find nonetheless as its a car I havent found yet in my past few months of searching.Keep them coming when you find them!
  3. snap

    WTB: E46 M3

    @Rekpoint that one on CL is about the best thing ive found locally but you can tell its pretty crusty underneath. Its not a bad option but I know there is somethinf better out there. NICE find on the one from MSI in Madison. I will see if I can check that one out soon! @P_Roloff 👍🏼we will see how things go, I know id sure like to see it happen. Some days my other half says “go get it” and others she says “ehhhhh”.
  4. snap

    WTB: E46 M3

    Looking an E46 M3 Requirements: -Blue or Gray exterior (black white or silver acceptable if they are exceptional candidates) -Black, or Gray interior (anything but Tan really) -6spd (no SMG) -Clean title -<140k miles $16,000 or less If subframe and rod bearings have not been addressed then price = <$13,000. Cars within 500 miles are preferable but if further, it should be from a southern state, not New England or PNW Finders fee applies. Looking to purchase in/around March but could be sooner if the right car comes along.
  5. 1) I Dont have much data, but E60 N52 doesnt seems too frightening which would also include the 2007 E90 330i 2) @i_love_cars incredibly good point about the internet making things easier for car enthusiasts today. Did not even think about that. I remember back in 1997 going to the city library to see if they had a Chilton manual for a Mazda 626 because my dad was attempting to tackle a broken timing belt repair (non interference) .... to be continued
  6. I graduated from that university thank you very much. its Newtons 1st Law of Motion though. An E30 on the road stays on the road unless taken apart for some winter project
  7. This is a thread that is going to get long, its going to get heated at times , opinions will differ, im going to be wrong, you're going to be wrong, and there is also a slim chance that it could generate some great conversation and that people will start to learn things about themselves (I can't guarantee this). Topics" 1) "New BMWs suck. My old M10/M20/M30/M42/M50/M52 etc. powerd BMW ran for 400k miles with only 3 oil changes, a spark plug, and 1 alternator belt replacement, now you can't even drive a new one 100k without some big issue....." What, in your opinion, is the last BMW chassis or engine that you personally wouldn't hesitate owning to 200k or more. 2.) Is it harder to be a car enthusiast today than it was 10 or 20 years ago and why/why not? 3.) VW/Audi claims their next generation of IC engines will be their last. These will be rolled out in 2026. Are your jimmies rustled, or are you anxiously awaiting the electrification of vehicles. 4) Autonomous cars are scary because they will be hacked/what happens when a computer has to choose between a pedestrian vs its own occupants etc. vs. Human-driven cars are scary because humans are idiots. vs. I will NEVER stop driving my own car ("from my cold dead hands!!") 5) Cars, in general, are way too expensive ready set and go!
  8. @Jdesign your zombE36’s stablemate has arrived https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/1993-bmw-325i-ls-swap-race/6766572318.html
  9. He said his other car is a 2014 Impala, Not many people besides rental car companies like Impalas. This is where I stop talking
  10. Called on car. Seller claims to have owned it for a year and got the car from texas therefore there is no rust. Suspension would need a refresh, tires are newer, has a borla muffler, canned tune, intake, no leaks, and nothing on the short list that he would recommend doing mechanically to the car. Seller is not a “BMW guy” though and kept re-iterating that THIS IS AN M3. I started making the spreadsheet for an S54 swap and ended once I reached the dollar amount where a decent E46 M3 could be acquired. Seems worth checking out though. I have the VIN If anyone is interested
  11. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/2017-bmw-m2-6-mtmiles/6762419867.html im guessing he also owns an e46 otherwise the plate makes no sense
  12. snap

    Secret Santa 2018!

    Chris, nice gift! I cant imagine where to even find those kinds of things
  13. snap

    Joined the Club Today

    Bleed brakes first, then clutch. The clutch line is so high up on the brake fluid reservoir that the fluid level can drop during bleeding and introduce air into your clutch line. Service manuals would have you remove the clutch slave and pump the piston by hand to get the bleeding process started. That isn't fun because access to the slave cylinder isnt fun (at least on a G260 tilted 10 degrees for a swap) . The way clutch bleeding works in my house is to pump the clutch pedal by hand (there is no return when there is no pressure) with the bleeder screw closed, crack the bleeder with the pedal down as you would expect to do. Continue this process for about a half hour then start to worry that your clutch slave or clutch master are bad. You will eventually start to have some semblance of a clutch pedal but it will remain pathetic until you second guess the integrity of your cylinders a second time. A vacuum bleeder or pressure bleeder will speed things up. If after 45 minutes you hate your car and you have a second person helping, you can volunteer them to form their lips around the brake fluid reservoir and pressurize it with their damn lungs. im only half kidding, desperate times lead to desperate measures. Bleeding the clutch can really suck. Expect to bleed it yearly for best clutch performance since it definitely accumulates some moisture and you will feel a nice difference. Someone on here will probably say "if your car isnt a POS and you bleed it right, you shouldnt have to bleed it every year" well im here to tell you that I no longer have an E30 and I drive an automatic, so there. you've won.
  14. snap

    F30 328i N20 4cyl Turbo

    Agreed. The future is electric/hybrid and the technology cost will necessitate the end of car "ownership". They will eventually become lease-only if for no other reason than potential battery replacement costs