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  1. snap

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    Those are the 42# design III volvo “green giants” I believe you are referring to. Its near impossible to buy a legit set of those new off of ebay. So many fakes
  2. snap

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    I most commonly see them in the lighter green, but the darker green are also M50 injectors. Be advised that Volvo 32# also come in that dark green
  3. snap

    chit chat thread

    Plot twist: you rent the garage and live in the pop-up trailer.
  4. Glad I was able to go for a ride in it. You’ve done well! Its so great how hard that car pulls at only 6psi. It really makes me wish I could build another one!
  5. snap

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    They are a light blue/green color. Similar color to the M20 injectors but not identical
  6. We’ve been sixty-nine’d
  7. snap

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    Yep, the M50 injectors are 17.5# @ 3.5 bar and close to the stock M20 14.5# at the M20 fuel pressure (3.0 bar)
  8. snap

    E21 Project Thread - Part 2

    Let me know if you need your hammers and dollies soon and I can give you my garage code. Otherwise I may be able to drop them by Friday evening when I get home
  9. snap

    New build! E90 M3

    What traction control setting it that? It sounds way louder than imagined and jaw-dropping as expected
  10. snap

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    I put rtv on the head gasket portion of the timing cover since its not under the same clamp pressure that the head gasket is between the head and block. The head gaskets sometimes have a silicone bead in them which does a good job of sealing but the stamped steel profile gasket, not so much
  11. snap

    Joined the Club Today

    Im not sure about the shifter bushing on a ZF, but the WIBIMMERS cardinal rule is no Uro brand parts. Uro parts are usually installed with a ban hammer. Chris will let you use his after he is done with it The clutch kit looks good to me (SteveBuscemi.png) the RMS assembly is a convenience. I have always pressed the old seal out, reused the housing, and re-installed the new seal at a slightly different location as there is usually a groove worn into the crank hub. The one on my M52 was the most severe groove I had seen, but offsetting the new seal and using a genuine BMW seal with the seal driver made for a successful install. While we are on the topic I will mention that there are also Speedi-sleeves that SKF makes in case you find a groove on yours and want to feel better about restoring that smooth sealing surface.
  12. snap

    Joined the Club Today

    Do it all now. At bare minimum do the rear main seal, replace the flywheel and pressure plate bolts, clutch pivot pin, clutch slave, trans input seal, trans output seal, selector and shaft seals, I did all these things and now my cars nee owner gets to enjoy them Pretty much any clutch disk with a sprung hub will have very good drivability. I had a South Bend stage 3 street clutch for my turbo M20 and 24V swap. Its no stock honda civic clutch, but its very good on the street for daily driving. Avoid 6-puck or unsprung hubs unless you like skid racing and dragon races.
  13. snap

    Plate Blockers

    Selling used license plates in a gift shop seems illegal but ive seen more than one place selling them
  14. snap

    chit chat thread

    Oh man am I feeling some BMW withdrawls today. Time to start stashing dollars under the mattress and daydreaming about the future
  15. snap

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    Did you have the deck machined? If so, the timing cover needs to be machined the same amount. What sort of rtv did you use on the gasket? Black RTV all the things!!!!