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  1. snap

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    People that post on www.bobistheoilguy.com are insane and will fight to the death about how Castrol doesnt have enough ZDDP for their 1998 Duratec V6, meanwhile an Amsoil dealer lies in wait to go in for a sale. Stick to the owners manual unless extreme circumstances dictate otherwise (racing/heavy modifications). This was the only photo I could find from the E30 owners manual and its hard to read, but 20w-50 is good for all but our coldest months and 15w-40 is good for all but maybe an extremely hot summer day sitting in stop and go traffic. Pick a good 40/50 weight oil. Just dont get down into the 30 weight oils
  2. Thanks for coming guys! Small showing (me, family member+kids, zach, peter, joe) Sorry I wasn’t very social, I was trying to make sure my guests were entertained. Beautiful day though, so glad to be at the track and be part of that atmosphere. Watched some kart races too
  3. Weather looks good for Saturday, sunny and cool. Time to bust out the light jacket I suppose. Less chance of overheating anyhow. Hope to see a decent turnout
  4. That means I will have an E30 there. since, you know, the title is still in my name 😀
  5. snap

    M2 Balloon Stunt

    The ego of the driver is what pops the balloons. or the heat of the laser. pick one.
  6. If I am allowed, you are allowed
  7. snap

    M2 Balloon Stunt

    https://youtu.be/U_tN-CH2QV4 ridiculous
  8. My eyeballs lit up when I read that. I will be bringing my son so there will be plenty of graham cracker action on the upholstery. Thanks for looking out for me though
  9. 😁 Yeah, i've been meaning to update this. Now it is updated.
  10. Saturday September 22nd Meet in West Bend at the car wash next to Pizza Ranch https://goo.gl/maps/Yy4tuLTkVRo Arrive at the car wash around 10:15a. We will be leaving at 10:30a We will take the same drive route as before, no guarantees that I will make all the correct turns so if someone else knows the route better, feel free to lead.
  11. Ad is definitely bogus, there are no hashtag or shocker stickers on the car
  12. snap

    Suspenceful's 2008 BSM 135i build thread!

    Thats a lot of maxed out credit cards on the road at the same time!
  13. snap

    I cant BMW, or can I?

    I test drove a 2012 535i M-sport today. Performance was as expected. Its not a rocketship but it feels good. The car as a whole completely exeeced my expectations though. The style and design cues are something you can only fully appreciate in person. The heads up display was far more amazing than I ever expected and the fat Napa leather steering wheel felt so good. I was happy that the paddle shifters are large left=- right=+ instead of the stupid ones in the E9X An F10 535i M-sport is definitely my next car. The only question now is when