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Fender flares for an e30?

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I'm considering going for a wider tire on the race car and may need fender flares. Anyone have experience with these for an e30 or other models? Sources from a quick search: ECS sells Clinched brand flares ($380 set of four, 4cm), and other vendors with their own include KA Motors ($265 set of four) and DTM ($395 set of four).  Pricey little things. 

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Just 15x7 et25 with 225/45/15 Hoosier R7s. Class limited on the 15x7s. I would have no fitment issues with a clean car but broadsiding/bouncing off a concrete wall at Road America in 2014 was not kind to the passenger side of the car. I had to raise the ride height with the SpecE30 GC suspension kit (525/700 springs) last season to keep from rubbing the outside passenger rear sidewall with 205/50/15s Hoosier SM7s. Moving up to a GC race suspension with 900lb rear spring this season will help a bit but with the wider tire I'm pretty sure I'll have to do some cutting. The ECS and KA motors flares both look good and the latter would be my choice for a street car. But I'm probably going to go with cheaper Ebay flares because racecar.

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the internet suggests the 225 hoosiers are 9.3" wide and the 205 hoosiers were 8.5". So, on each side of the tire you only need 7/16" more space for the same clearance. i'd bet that any style fender flare will give you plenty of space.

I am wondering about an aggressive fender pull/roll. You're adding spring rate and you are so close already, it might be worth thinking about. the e30 rears are tough, though, and probably will require you cutting out the inner layer of sheet metal.

some borrowed 20mm spacers could be used for simulating the new width for testing purposes.


DTM also has the 2002 style for $295 that I think would look great on a track car:


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I'm storing the car up with Dan up at Traq Car Rental's shop and Merl's e30 is there as well with the 225s he ran last year, so we'll be able to do some test fitting. The passenger rear is aggressively rolled already but cutting the inner layer will make it easier to pull a bit more. 

Good point on tire limits. Since I'm still running the stock m20 and a max 15x7 wheel, the 225 will do.    

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I am squeezing 225/45/17 and 245/40/17 under stock e21 fenders. Lots of pulling in the back. Fronts are not that bad.

Some inner fender cutting was needed. I might need to pull another 1/4" just to be safe


I always thought that e30s can fit some 245-255s without much problem.



Damn i just realized this was January 2020 not 2021 either way enjoy some e21 content. 

50872985627_62d52c5fcc_h.jpgE21 by w grync,

50872985612_36170ae1a2_h.jpgE21 by w grync

50872882906_b89221c1c8_h.jpgE21 by w grync,

50872179138_e2fa7ffca2_h.jpgE21 by w grync,



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Wow flashback. 😁

Nice e21 pics!

Guess I forgot to update, the 225 Hoosier R7s worked out well. 12mm spacers on the front to clear the strut tubes, 3mm in the rear to avoid rubbing on the inner wells (though still getting some on drivers side but that’s due to a trailing arm adjuster issue), serious fender rolling all the way around, and some pulling on the passenger side. Ended up not needing the flares.

Grip on the R7s is impressive, I was able to carry some more speed through corners last season and still wasn’t near what the tires can handle. Need to relearn where the limits are.   I’ll also be upping the spring rates this year to 650/900. I had stayed with the 525/700 setup and ended up riding the front bumpstops in a few corners.

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