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  2. Getting there. Waiting in centrifugal clutch and seat to come this week. Then it's just figuring out throttle and brake. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  3. I saw this, since I have kids I know what movie it's from, absolutely hilarious.
  4. My wife sent me this picture when I was on my way to the dmv. Some of you may find this funny
  5. Last week
  6. All that money and they don't include plugs? Bimmerworld elbows come with plugs, that's where I have gotten mine from.
  7. The two ports are for ICV and PCV system
  8. That is a great ad, and that interior is in great shape as well!
  9. posting because I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and am getting excited A Mishimoto silicone intake boot arrived last night. I dont like all these logos so I have removed most of them with some brake cleaner and a rag. The funny thing about this intake boot. it comes in the most over the top and expensive looking full-color printed, oversized, and heavy plastic bag. THE BAG IS RESEALABLE, WHY WOULD I NEED TO RESEAL THE BAG The "M" logos on the boot seem to be placed to cover up flaws in the mold they use which is comical but I cant blame them for trying to pull that off. The surface and radii inside are very nice and smooth though. I am happy with it. I have the 1 connector for the ICV but will need to get a plug of some sort for the ASC port. Does anyone know if there is a factory plug or what people use for this? I have shopped around the different reman. and new master cylinders available and compared brands. A new Dorman master cylinder appears to be what I will end up with once I replenish my paypal account. I think I will go with the StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads this time around (good riddance Metalmasters)
  10. Based on the marks it looks like it was either pulled or fell off. E36 life I guess. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  11. they all look same to me. I'll take pictures next time I have it out to show you. I'll be gone this weekend putting the vert into storage so won't have time to mess with it till Sunday.
  12. what does the cylinder 5 spark plug look like compared to the others? I would be interested to see if by chance the o2 sensor connectors for bank 1 and 2 could have been mistakenly switched. I am not sure if wiring lengths and locations would allow that to be possible or not.
  13. Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. Not a ton to report on the M3. Got the new trunk on. Looks much better. Not 100% perfect unless you're very close to it and know what to look for. I like it. Small m5 spoiler coming today. Back to the vanos stuff. Did it a 3rd time, confirmed chain movement was correct with compressed air. All seemed fine. Drove it for a couple weeks with no CEL. Had at least 30-40 different start and stops over the time period, so DME had plenty of time to trip early on but didn't. Then it came on again this week. Ugh, same thing, mixture deviation bank 1, misfire cylinder 5. So, I did an experiment. I changed coil pack (CP) to cylinder 2 and spark plug (SP) to cylinder 3. Put known working CP and SP from cylinder 2 onto cylinder 5. Now I get misfire on cylinder 5 and 3 (where the spark plug went) but cylinder 2 is good with the CP off 5. So, I know CP's are fine. (again all CP and SPs are new) Something appears to be happening on cylinder 5 that messes up the spark plugs. I'm going to try to clear codes and reset DME adaptations, but leave everything where it is. I'll see if they come back as 3 and 5 misfires again. If so I'll move 5 spark plug to another location to see if that follows. Maybe something with the wiring harness or could be computer related? Ugh. Would love to get this sorted out. I don't have anyway to live monitor stuff while the engine is running to see if it is truly misfiring or look at other parameters. I think that's the next step.
  14. That sucks the shop fucked it up and isn't taking care of it
  15. Just the trim broke?
  16. Headers on the daily, nice!
  17. It could be but to be honest im not sure how different the properties of each fluid are to say if damage would be done to seals and other components. They're both common hydraulic fluids in othet applications. Its not like the difference between brake fluid and atf for example but I can't say with certainty if they're interchangeable if flushed.
  18. Great ad for a reasonably priced TI in need of some love. Well done, sir.
  19. Pissed.... Anyone have one I can buy for cheap? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  20. Some things are worth waiting for though!
  21. Cooper rtv?
  22. Dumpsters
  23. Welcome back! Whats all that sealant looking stuff on the exhaust manifold. Did you use a manifold gasket with that as well?
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