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  2. Cleared codes and reset DME this AM. Took to work today. Start up was rough again, smoothed out after normal driving. Although I feel even after warm up the sound of the exhaust is a little sputtery. Pulled the same misfire codes on 2 and 6 and cat efficiency codes. No mixture deviation yet, but that might come on with more driving I suspect.
  3. Car looked good out there Joe
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  5. Time for a new gf I kid I kid GLWS jake
  6. I was hoping I'd have time to pull them, but unfortunately they're getting junked with the car because I ran out of time. Car has to be gone by tomorrow, so I'm have it picked up and removed this afternoon.
  7. I installed a downpipe on an f32 N55 which I think already had the PE exhaust the sound was awesome.
  8. Yes the interior and exterior are in good condition. Not a 10 but between 8 and 9 for sure, no rust, very clean interior, the seats are in great condition. Yes the prices are crazy, they only imported about 3500 wagons for the whole 04-07 production so they are pretty rare, and a lot of the ones left have been modified/ruined. The only thing I see is the Volvo community seems more concerned about higher miles than the BMW crowd. I think that is due to the arm + left nut cost of fixing anything even at an indy (if you can find one that will touch it) Brake caliper: 400$ ea, Struts: 400$ ea... Etc My take after owning it for 2 years and putting 35k miles on it. It's a great car but the driving experience doesn't come close to something like an e39, it's good after putting in solid front subframe mounts and some poly bushings certain spots in the rear but it is still a FWD based car. The engine is great, very durable. almost 200k on this one and it only was losing a half quart every 5k and some of that was leaks which will now be fixed. Averaged around 25 mpg which for a 4000 pound wagon I thought was pretty good. It was mostly my wife's car but I had ideas of finding the optional 3rd row seat to install and keeping it longer but that doesn't really help because then there is nowhere to put the stuff that goes along with 3 kids. TLDR: It's a fantastic car but the high purchase price and crazy parts price both OEM and performance just aren't worth for me personally. The seats are the best I have ever sat in though.
  9. Keep the subframes as cores if you have time, they are worth more that way than as scrap.
  10. Your price doesn't sound crazy considering the items you mentioned, assuming the interior and exterior are in good shape. V70R prices are pretty ridiculous, especially in comparison to S60Rs which are now dirt cheap. I'd love to buy one, but I just can't get past the heavy tax you pay for the wagon.
  11. I've been holding this one from you guys for a while now! Kidding... I would've been 12 years old, lol. I bought it from a coworker, cleaned it up a bit and am now selling it. It was originally gonna be my girlfriend's but she's doesn't like the manual trans.
  12. Didn't know you bought a brand-new bimmer when you were like 14. Damn, that's baller, son.
  13. what? Who's using Jake's computer? Totally confused here... Also, I need to know what floor mats those are.
  14. It's time to sell my very clean 2004 BMW 325ci. I guarantee this is one of the nicest, well-kept BMWs you will find of this era. It has been babied and meticulously maintained. I have all of the maintenance records since purchased brand new from Bergstrom in 2004. - Steel Blue Metallic with tan interior - Rare 5-speed manual transmission - Xenon headlights and fog lights - Sport steering wheel with controls - Premium Package - Cold Weather Package - Heated leather seats - HiFi BMW sound system - Bluetooth phone connectivity - Sunroof/moonroof - Power everything (seats, windows, mirrors, sunroof, etc.) - Auto sensing wipers and climate control - Auto dimming rear view mirror and side mirrors - Michelin tires with plenty of tread The car is equipped with Cold Weather Package which includes heated seats, heated exterior mirrors and locks, headlight washers, and fold-down rear seats. Perfect for Wisconsin! It has been driven through a few winters but has been very frequently washed so you will not find any rust on the exterior of the vehicle. No dents, dings, or scratches. It is also very clean underneath. 152,000 miles on the car and it's ready to be taken across the country! It drives straight, rides smooth and is very quiet. Everything works as it should. No weird check engine lights or warning lights. It doesn't leak a drop of any fluids. This is a great car and you will not be disappointed. Come take a look! WIBIMMERS PRICE: $4700 OBO I have another set of wheels for the car with like-new winter tires that I can include for an additional $300.
  15. "No." sounds like the correct answer. However, I have been diagnosed as a man of few words, and an asshole, so...
  16. Sounds like shit. Golf tee mod is a good start and a PE mod muffler with dp's is better.
  17. Hahaha! I'm fucking dying over here! That's wonderful.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Golf tee mod first
  20. Opinions on muffler delete? I want to do exhaust work eventually but just want more volume for now, everything online is mixed between sounds great and drone.
  21. BOLT*
  22. They don't look that bold to me. I was expecting day-glow orange or something.
  23. Hey All, I am selling my E30 wheels after picking up a different set. I have 5 with tires and one without. I can supply pictures of each rim individually if needed. Bolt pattern is of course 4X100. I am looking for $80 each OBO. Let me know if you're interested!
  24. Not sure what style injectors you have, but you can always check them quickly yourself with a battery and some carb/injector cleaner.
  25. Imagine if you had a convertible. I had a lady insult me twice in one "compliment" once. "Thats such a cute car, I like the color! Is it a pontiac too?" After my simple NO, she sped away in her Pontiac Sunfire. FML.
  26. My mom calls it cute too, I count it as a compliment haha
  27. A co-worker of mine was up there with her son in his mk6 GTI running in SMF. She was telling me about it this morning and I mentioned you were there and showed her your car and she said "Ohhh I saw that one! It was such a cute car!" So you've got that going for you lol.
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