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  2. 1984 318i Build

    Earl showed me that. It looks VURRY NOICE.
  3. Steelblue E36 Build Thread

    IDK if I would classify those as rare... http://www.bmwstylewheels.com/bmw/32
  4. BMW Sienna 2.5i build

    DUDE. You just made my day. I am watching this with anticipation.
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  6. chit chat thread

    I normally say, "can you please make that racket somewhere else"
  7. Parting out 99 M3 e36

  8. chit chat thread

    you can die when you sneeze, so, the fact that you lived I think warrants something. Can we change it to: 'lucky bastard' ?
  9. Parting out 99 M3 e36

    steering wheel and rear bumper diffuser?
  10. chit chat thread

    Public Service Announcement: When somebody sneezes, don't say "Bless you!" It makes absolutely no sense and until the bubonic plague returns, we as a society need to eliminate it.
  11. 2.1 high boost m10

    Well instead of machining the top of the piston and the valve reliefs down I made a custom MLS head gasket to keep valve clearances tolerable. Also made longer dowels for the Cylinder head alignment. I am not ver familiar with the M10 engine. A few things to keep in mind is make sure you have The extra slack in the timing chain or belt. Try to keep enough clearance between the valves and piston for thermal expansion.
  12. Re-engaging in the community!

    Hey for all of those that asked... I’ve got a e36 m3 part out thread going in Parts for Sale section!
  13. Blood...someone made a good ketchup and mustard sandwich out of that thing.
  14. Parting out 99 M3 e36

  15. Yesterday
  16. Yikes, that thing got whacked! Hopefully the occupants were alright, the biohazard sticker isn't promising...
  17. is it just me or does this e36 m3 now look like a 318ti https://www.copart.com/lot/51811977
  18. Parting out 99 M3 e36

    Nice chatting with you. Ill get back to you here in a minute.
  19. Parting out 99 M3 e36

    PM Sent
  20. Parting out 99 M3 e36

    Damn. Kinda sad that the PO didn't take very good care of this car. Price on the strut-bar in the back seat? And the rear tail lights?
  21. Parting out 99 M3 e36

    Sending you a PM, where are you located?
  22. Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    I'm not super familiar with the M52tu, but as far as I know there is minimal part compatibility between the two even though they are very similar in overall design. The M54 has a lot of small changes that add up to better performance like an improved intake/DISA design, pistons with shorter skirts and low tension rings for less friction (and higher oil consumption lol), slightly bigger cams, and a forged crank in the B30 (same part as S52).
  23. Fancy Stancy 325is

    Well I checked the resistance of the coolant temp sensor for the ECu and it seems fine, 330ish ohms when warmed up. It appears to have gone back to normal now that the frigid temps have let up. Also for the second round of cold weather I put a quart of 2 stroke oil in the gas and then filled up and it started just fine when previously it would not have. So that's a plus. I need to replace the o-rings for the plugs on the back of the oil filter housing. They are not available from BMW separately from the entire housing but someone on the internet says they are a 118 o-ring so i will order a pack of them in Viton material. We got a bunch of snow here today, super excited to drive home!
  24. Parting out 99 M3 e36

    Bought this thing to keep most of the drivetrain for my S52 e30 swap... I have some doubles of things and I wont need repeats so inquire regardless. Keeping most of the drivetrain including engine, trans, driveshaft, rear diff, brakes and suspension and exhaust. I'd like to keep the DS2's unless someone is super stoked about them... Theyre rashed a bit but workable. Im m50 manifold swapping it so the throttle body is available as well as a hydro dipped s52 intake manifold. also have another black s52 intake manifold. (I have 3 sets of front calipers, and a spare set of rotors so let me know if your looking for brake stuff) Other than that everything is up for grabs... you can assume that every body panel is dented but most of the are workable... trunk looks good but has a kink in it might be able to see in pics... Minimal rust.. only one front fender on it. Headliner is really nice black. Door panels are okay but not perfect.. Glass is all good. Seats are rough but no blown stitches... theyre just dry cracked a bit. Steering wheel isnt pretty but itd be worth sending out to have re-done if you've been looking for an M wheel. Has a brand new H&R sway bar on it... Has DEPO "style" headlights I think they're ebay ... Id prefer not to sit here and list out all the parts and put prices unless the admin makes me. I just want to accept reasonable offers and not go back and forth for days.. Im willing to make deals to move alot of this stuff fast but if you low ball me don't expect me to be fair in my response if I do even respond. I typically just look at ebay for comparable parts and take an average favoring the mid-lower price range for local pick up. As far as those that have already inquired regarding the shell its likely going to be a salvage title, and I have to sort that out yet before I can promise yall anything... Located in Oshkosh, however willing to meet.
  25. Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    This car is very clean underneath! let me know if you need help at any point Do you know what the main differences between the aluminum M52TU and M54 are besides displacement? From the little info I have they seem to be pretty much the same thing except for the fact that the M52TU appears to be limited in terms of power adders
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