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  1. On 6/15/2024 at 2:43 PM, HipMF said:

    Overexposed dumpster pic from my ride to the farmer's market this morning. Picked up some excellent strawberries and sugar snaps. I'm moving again and I'm considering unburdening myself of the e21 in the off-chance that someone's been waiting for an opportunity to buy it.



  2. Dells autox went well, 2 day event. Gf and I codrove the car both days. I took 1st/4 in XSB (7/84 raw) and she took 2nd/4 (14/84 raw) in XSB on day 1. Day 2 I took 1st/5 in XSB (5/92 raw) and she took 2nd/5 in XSB (15/92 raw). The 3 year old RT was in the rear and held its own too ha. 

    the lot was extremely bumpy so it was 2 days worth of lockups with no abs, adjusted the bias as much as I felt comfortable with, but just took it as an opportunity to get better at not blowing the fronts off over the large cracks/bumps37C8FD43-753A-453D-ACF4-7A17CBBDD27E.jpeg

    ^the finish on day 1s course was sketchy, in 3rd gear across the line and trying to stop after basically a straight, before the parking lot ended494E65F5-199B-4ED1-B3CD-26F16AA6E244.jpeg20D4E408-7CE4-4B66-957C-A8259448C1C4.jpeg7BDC7E51-51B9-4DE9-BB36-E5CEFFA3C68B.jpeg4CA71BB2-BD96-420F-BBF2-A27F4A4D210C.jpeg

    here are the layouts

    And an outside shot because Intake noise is great 

    Pretty much 1 event left before Halloween, night time autox at golden sands. Usually end up taking the beater Miata to that one 

  3. 10 hours ago, Jdesign said:

    I love that you are putting this thing through the ringer. So awesome to see! I did a USAIR Autox event long ago in a supercharged civic and had an absolute blast. 

    I feel like I’ve missed a lot of events over the past few years (at least in an e30) so I’m trying to make it count ha

  4. GoPro crashed and decided to turn hypersmooth crap back on, but here’s a lap at USAIR HPDE 


    car did great, weather was a little cooler this time around. Only did the morning run group (4, 20 min sessions for $100). 

    New expansion tank seemed to do better, so that’s neat. New tires are now oldish tires 


    next event is in wi dells/baraboo 

  5. Changed out the expansion tank/paired with the new cap - unfortunately I think I’ll need to wait until an HPDE to see if the issue is 100% resolved. 

    Autox at Golden Sands last weekend. Fun site being a banked oval, even with limited course layout options 

    took 1st in XSB (small class) and 4/34 total drivers 

    Next weekend is the second local event, the site (fairgrounds) was repaved/made larger so will be interesting to see the layout 

  6. Had another autox event as USAIR this last weekend. New layout this time around which was interesting. 

    i coned my fastest run, but still had a time on the books good enough for 1st in XSB and 3rd/132 total drivers 


    I’ll have to change the expansion tank out to my spare new one. Same-ish issue from the lapping day persisted even with a new cap. I think the neck/threaded portion of the tank is screwed 


  7. 6 hours ago, jc43089 said:

    Yes. The glass is in poor condition. Some chips in the paint. Pictures of the worst damage. IMG_1391.thumb.jpeg.074ff0418ab483576e2045c5c445d481.jpegIMG_1390.thumb.jpeg.c5bf2aaa0ac3b3788de6328e20d24aad.jpeg

    @jc43089 Even so, might be worth pulling before you scrap the car - few examples in pretty rough condition: 






  8. 1 hour ago, jc43089 said:

    It’s stripped of good stuff and loaded up for scrap. If anyone wants any wire connectors or other bits let me know asap. Probably hauling it away mid morning tomorrow. I did pull the head just to see and yea it was a mess of bent valvesIMG_1389.thumb.jpeg.710c05e6e7d58934318205e1b5a0ba04.jpegIMG_1374.thumb.jpeg.51092eca44acc6fa72e69d93bbabbf78.jpeg


    Are those m3 mirrors??

  9. Car has been pretty solid since the last update, I did end up making a (crude) mount for the  MS3 to get it out of the way in the glovebox 7EA705C7-0969-433D-A237-154339EDA257.jpeg

    Finally got the car out to an HPDE at USAIR.  So glad the new management is cool with these events. There was a morning and afternoon session, we only signed up for the morning. It was a total of 4, 15 minute sessions for $125 (afternoon would’ve been an additional $125) - autox out there is usually $55 for 8 runs-  Ended up being about 36 miles of laps.

    Car exceeded expectations as it didn’t break lol. Temps stayed in check the entire day. Coolant temps maybe peaked around 210/215 and came down very quickly on a cool down lap. Oil temps were maybe around 230 or so at their peak

    The chase bays power steering reservoir with their “spill proof baffled design” did just the opposite, had to wipe that up between sessions.

    Had one weird issue with the expansion tank cap, seemed like the orings/gasket had the worlds smallest leak and it would mist the intake pipe during the session. New cap will be here soon & expansion tank just in case. This was the quick fix trackside


    car used maybe 1/4 tank of fuel, GFs evo x went through like 15 gallons of e85 lol

    Nankang CR-1 were also a casualty, this event finished them off after 2 years of service, no complaints there—might try their updated 200tw compound “CR-S”

    i only ran the racebox gps on 2/4 sessions, borrowed it out to a few cars on the other sessions-still need to get those laps overlayed but here’s some footage from the day

    this was one of the last sessions so tires were pretty smoked 

    Next lapping day is in September. This one actually still had open spots, definitely recommend.  

    next on the list is to order up some tires and change all the fluids

  10. 6 minutes ago, m42b32 said:

    I didn't see if you posted it, where did you get the solid lifter conversion from? Alien engineering? 

    Yes sir alien engineering. 
    Not totally sure if he keeps his eBay store up anymore, but he is super active on the boostede36world Facebook page.

    mid post edit - looks like he has his own site now 


  11. 6 minutes ago, SteelBlue said:

    Looks like this thing shreds. 

    Car gets light in the front coming over that bend into the hairpin? (@ 0:21)

    Yea the track kind of dips down away & to the left, I just screwed the entry 


  12. 5 hours ago, Boris3 said:

    Is that the EPAuto coolant kit on the reservoir? Always wondered about those. 

    Yes sir 

    EPAuto Spill Proof Radiator Coolant Filling Funnel Kit https://a.co/d/cM6Vx8S

    I use a combo of the red neck, yellow cap & I steal the stock gasket from the stock expansion tank cap

    it looks like they may have updated it since 2020, so YMMV on the colors. 

    it works great, makes bleeding super easy

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