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Vintage Tuning and Nostalgia

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This is where we post things about automotive styling/fads of the past. Post up pics of your car, car shows, parts, and other random stuff that makes you feel nostalgic or is just interesting to reflect on from the archives of automotive enthusiasm.

Just yesterday I saw a white Civic that appeared to be originally modded during the late 90's which was a survivor! It just made me remember that I havent seen a set of "Altezza" tails on a car in a long time

Similar to below:


I used to love these catalogs 

VWVortex.com - Tuning Zubehor Catalog 2001.




Check out the steering wheel spray paint

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Back when I bought my set of Weds Bavaria wheels I got a whole bunch of catalogs and such that the owner had gathered when he bought them new back in 1985. At one point I scanned the 1985 "Weds Turbo Wheels" application guide, here is the cover and first page:



There is also a Weds promotional catalog, BBS catalog, and a Tire Rack catalog from the same time period. Was an awesome surprise when I showed up to buy the wheels. I'll have to post some pics of those. 


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"DTM" exhaust tips thoroughly remind me of the bad euro tuning things from yesteryear


Bavarian Autosport mags filled with ACS wheels, Hartge parts, and the features on reader's cars remind me of the good stuff. i remember making lists of e30 tuning parts and adding up the HP gains from each and lusting over the possibilities.



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