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‘91 E30


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GoPro crashed and decided to turn hypersmooth crap back on, but here’s a lap at USAIR HPDE 


car did great, weather was a little cooler this time around. Only did the morning run group (4, 20 min sessions for $100). 

New expansion tank seemed to do better, so that’s neat. New tires are now oldish tires 


next event is in wi dells/baraboo 

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10 hours ago, Jdesign said:

I love that you are putting this thing through the ringer. So awesome to see! I did a USAIR Autox event long ago in a supercharged civic and had an absolute blast. 

I feel like I’ve missed a lot of events over the past few years (at least in an e30) so I’m trying to make it count ha

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Dells autox went well, 2 day event. Gf and I codrove the car both days. I took 1st/4 in XSB (7/84 raw) and she took 2nd/4 (14/84 raw) in XSB on day 1. Day 2 I took 1st/5 in XSB (5/92 raw) and she took 2nd/5 in XSB (15/92 raw). The 3 year old RT was in the rear and held its own too ha. 

the lot was extremely bumpy so it was 2 days worth of lockups with no abs, adjusted the bias as much as I felt comfortable with, but just took it as an opportunity to get better at not blowing the fronts off over the large cracks/bumps37C8FD43-753A-453D-ACF4-7A17CBBDD27E.jpeg

^the finish on day 1s course was sketchy, in 3rd gear across the line and trying to stop after basically a straight, before the parking lot ended494E65F5-199B-4ED1-B3CD-26F16AA6E244.jpeg20D4E408-7CE4-4B66-957C-A8259448C1C4.jpeg7BDC7E51-51B9-4DE9-BB36-E5CEFFA3C68B.jpeg4CA71BB2-BD96-420F-BBF2-A27F4A4D210C.jpeg

here are the layouts

And an outside shot because Intake noise is great 

Pretty much 1 event left before Halloween, night time autox at golden sands. Usually end up taking the beater Miata to that one 

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