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That's what I loved to. Sounds just like the E30 I got to ride in. Built up 2.7I, HX35R turbo, made mad power, and pulled like no other.

Is that the dude with the twin-scroll in Madison? If I can experience a virtually lag-free turbo M20 then I would do it.

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It was me, I'm almost positive. It's not so much the motor, its the turbo. Well it is the motor too, but the turbo is the main part. Holset HX35R is literally the perfect size turbo for a 2.7I build, or an M30. It goes from vacuum to full boost in like.. 500RPM's? Which is faster then you think. And it starts at like 3500RPM's. It's scary. And it pulls like a friggin train. I've rode around in/driven some fast ass cars, but that E30 2.7I built was probably the fastest I've been in.

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Today's forecast: Cold as **** and if its ever this cold again I will shoot the sun with a shotgun.

Some of the orange LED signboards on the Freeway were glitching out from the cold. or maybe it was just coincidence.

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