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  1. Highly recommend the m18 mid torque as a beefier gun for suspension/driveline/brake work, I use it arguably more than the stubby. They’re great complements to one another, especially if you ever work on anything heavier.
  2. 110,657 Oil change and filter, just received all the VANOS rebuilt parts, valve cover gasket and a few other odds and ends so I can take care of a few leaks and the VANOS system all at once. Replaced all 6 coils with Bremi units and solved an idle misfire/stumble when pulling away from lights. Planned on replacing rear brakes due to the “low brake pad squeal” noise starting and had all the parts necessary in hand, but pulled the rear wheels and had decent pad left. Probably going to take care of them later this summer when I have more time. New giubo is also in hand, the old one is a bit cracked and provides a good excuse to replace the shift shaft and input shaft seals on the transmission as well. Also going to be a “when I get to it” project, probably slated for this fall. 112,8xx Took a ~800 mile round trip to the boundary waters over Memorial Day weekend, not a single hiccup and averaged something like 23-24mpg even with a big ass canoe on the roof the whole way. Had awesome weather, great fishing, and an overall good time. Got to bomb a total of around 40 miles of forest roads to and from the entry point too, which was a riot. In other news, I finally picked up the M-Systems! Not overjoyed with how they turned out and I think I’m going to polish them out further myself, but the bulk of the work is done. The shop that did it was unable to get into the sharp corners of the lips to fully polish them out, and also managed to round over the corners of the valve stem openings so probably wouldn’t go back, but after the 2 months that I waited I was just happy to have them back. Pics:
  3. Looks awesome! Details on the underseat sub? Depending on how I feel about the 3.73 that I’m about to put into my car, I would maybe swap with you if yours is also a LSD. I’m not sure if it’ll lose a noticeable amount of pep with also going to a manual, but if I find I want something shorter I’d maybe entertain a trade. I try to do more backroad driving anyways, so ~3500-3600 on the interstate doesn’t bother me. Can’t hear the engine anyways over all the wind noise 😂. We could also start with you driving my car once it’s done for you to get a rough feel of the difference. There’s some weight penalty on mine for sure but I bet it’ll be enough to make a rough call.
  4. I can’t wait to see them done. Of course, their polisher has been out for a month for eye surgery (safety squints not cutting it maybe?) so this is just waiting in limbo for them to finish. Ugh.
  5. Thread jack, but if you want the pro strat for boat oil changes, the next time you do it buy or make a drain hose kit. My parents inboard came with this setup from the factory and it’s slick as shit, and so easy. Just snake the tube out of the boat drain plug, put a drain pan underneath, and pop the cap off. Easiest oil change I’ve ever done. Example of a kit: https://www.wholesalemarine.com/sierra-18-7891-oil-drain-kit.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_9PmkLjb9wIVBezjBx3cYQ45EAQYAiABEgKgXfD_BwE
  6. I am 100% in for next year. Bit off more that I could chew time-wise this spring so it’s looking more like mid summer when the e30 will be back on the road, but I definitely want to do this and would love to make it an annual thing.
  7. 110,657 Oil change and filter, just received all the VANOS rebuilt parts, valve cover gasket and a few other odds and ends so I can take care of a few leaks and the VANOS system all at once. I have a full set of coils and rear brake parts also on order to go in as soon as they get here. Planning for a trip to Voyageurs NP at the end of the month and need to make sure everything is all sorted for that. In other news, the M-Systems are in the process of being refinished, they’re at the polishers getting the lips polished out then I’ll paint the centers in the stock black. Already have a set of Michelin Pilot A/S3+’s to go on. Can’t wait!
  8. Looks great, definitely a worthwhile improvement!
  9. I believe the donut gaskets can both be replaced, however I have only ever done the one that sits loose between the flanges on the cat and cat back section. I’d like to preface this by saying I have an aftermarket muffler so it might not be the same, but on mine, one donut is pressed onto one of the pipes on the cat side, with an inch or two of pipe extending beyond it, and the other cat side pipe ends in just a flared flange. On the cat back side, both pipe ends are flared. Thus, when you put them together, the small protruding pipe section on the cat side serves to line everything up, and once it’s nearly in place you slip the other donut in between the two flared flanges on the second side and then bolt everything together to hold it all in place. So yes, you should in theory be able to replace them both. The donut that is pressed on will probably have to be cut off, however, if your exhaust is anything like mine was. I also just took a closer look at your pictures, and it appears one of your bolt flanges is broken in half on the cat side, so that’ll be your bigger issue here. That’ll require fab work of some sort because those wont come off/go back on due to the flared pipe ends.
  10. Might be worth checking the gauge cluster if you had it out, the speed sensor wire to the back of it can get loose/disconnected and that stops the cruise working. Mine was non-functional for years until I checked, that’s all that was keeping it from working.
  11. Oh heck yeah. I’ll shoot ya a text when I’m getting closer to doing it, think I’m going to order the seal and rattle kit sometime this week. I bought a spare m50 vanos unit so the plan is to rebuild that unit and then toss it into my car when I’m doing the VCG. Any compensation/beverage preference? If @m42b32 falls though, I’ll let you know! We currently live about 10min from each other haha so it’s nice and easy to trade parts and tools.
  12. Like the title says, looking to rent/borrow a set of timing tools for replacing the vanos unit on a M50tu, so the cam lock blocks, exhaust cam tool, chain lock pin, etc. If anyone has the vanos tools also (soft vise jaws, modified 18mm socket) that would also be desired. Willing to compensate with monies, parts or beverages of your choice. Thanks!
  13. What an awesome car, I really enjoyed the short stint I got behind the wheel. I’m sure it’ll do well, it’s an awesome spec and you took good care of it. Ill be watching the auction closely once it goes up!
  14. Noted, good to know. I’m perhaps unnecessarily wary of flaring my own lines, but it’s an option for sure. Might’ve been the shitty kits I used in the past though too. Bending the trailing arm line wasn’t too bad from what I remember, but I suppose these lines are a bit more complicated. I’ll let you know! It’s probably going to come down to price, if the OEM lines and fittings come out to be more than $150 or so I might just get the chase bays setup to be done with it.
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