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  1. cpandrewschmidt

    E30 Picnic 2018

    no go for me will be up north
  2. cpandrewschmidt

    Madison - 1988 E30 325i Convertible - Thread

    looks great. Looking forward to seeing another e30 vert around Madison! I have a black '91. Now if only we could actually drive them with the tops down.
  3. cpandrewschmidt

    new to me, 98 M3

    i don't really have any noticeable knock or miss that I can hear. Pulls strong under under full throttle. I'll monitor again when I get it back out. Still curious to know more about if the injectors can be tuned or not. My DME says its: MS41.1 if that matters.
  4. cpandrewschmidt

    new to me, 98 M3

    I have a datalog from a couple months ago saved in excel. Can't drive the car the next few days because of the snow. Jinxed us with putting summers on, sorry........ I tried to attach it here, not sure if it will work. In looking at the IGN category it starts out around the 15 mark and hovers there for a while, then goes up to the 30 ranges and hovers around there. I noticed at lines 8781, 9195, 9641, and 11785 it starts to drop down to 1 along with my Lamba sensors zeroing out. Could be something, could be nothing. I'm not really sure. Again, this log was from a little bit ago. I assume if I do a few more runs it would overall look similar. I'll do that when I can drive again with the weather. If you all can take a peak at this and let me know your thoughts that'd be great. Datalog.csv
  5. cpandrewschmidt

    new to me, 98 M3

    I'm using an "autolink" scanner from a friend, same one on page 2 of this. There's a section for freeze frame data. It shows: DTCFRZF, FUELSYS1, FUELSYS2, LOAD_PCT(%), ECT(degreeF), SHRTFT1(%), LONGFT1(%), SHRTFT2(%), LONGFT2(%), RPM, VSS(mph) - what should I look for in that? Live data seems to show more categories. I also have the ability to datalog from http://bimmersoftware.com/bmwlogger it shows pretty much same stuff as the live data along with Vanos IN/OUT Hopefully that Admin gets back to you
  6. cpandrewschmidt

    new to me, 98 M3

    Haven't swapped DME at all. Don't have an extra, or a car to swap into. Are there other ways to test DME? When you say ECU, it's the same as the DME, right? For Injectors all I know about them if from when I sent them in. He said "They are "weber style" After cleaning The dynamic flow test ( 12 ms pulse width / 2400 rpm / 25 seconds ) had flow rates of 100 up to 104 cc.s across the board. The injector flow balance is now very close to 3.8 %. He said they all performed flawless in all the tests and All of the injectors held pressures over 80 psi without leaking a drop, and their spray patterns were perfect." I'll pull one soon to get the model # off them. On my DME. I pulled it a few weeks ago to look at it. I've read about corrosion issues. Sure enough, it was pretty corroded. I thought that would be it. Attached are before and after cleaning pictures, along with the "chip" side, which was clean. I cleaned it real well with electrical cleaner. No difference in how car performed and it did clean up well. I would guess it was still OK, nothing looked fried on the chip side of things. No visible burn through marks on the board. Also, all live data systems like o2, stft, ltft, MAF etc all get readings when plugging in my code reader. So, they appear to be reading fine.
  7. cpandrewschmidt

    new to me, 98 M3

    tried to check for exhaust leaks around manifold / before 02 sensors. Nothing that I could find. Couldn't get Coolant Temp sensor installed without removing supercharger. Highly doubt it's that anyway. So, really thinking this thing it just putting too much fuel into it since I can't think of anything else to check. Everything else is solid, no leaks etc. Guess that brings me back to what you all might know about tuning injectors? I'm not 100% sure what ones i have. They have a blue O ring on them. Guess I'll have to pull one to confirm. If there's anyone that can help with computer stuff that's where my knowledge stops. Willing to pay for help! Andrew
  8. cpandrewschmidt

    new to me, 98 M3

    Never not had a CEL. but i didn't know enough back then to look at fuel trim ratios. was focused on vacuum leak stuff as that is what everyone always talks about. Since I bought from out of state I assume previous owner cleared codes before selling. 1st thing I noticed were 02 sensors were actually disintegrated post CAT. did those 1st but still didn't fix CEL. Then did valve cover as that was leaking oil. Then the rest of the list above as other preventative maintenance along the way. Still haven't pin pointed it. Ordered up a coolant temp sensor for the block as they are only $25 bucks. Figured why not. Will try to put that in tomorrow too, but supercharger might make that a difficult job.
  9. cpandrewschmidt

    new to me, 98 M3

    Morning all, time to pick your brains again. So, I've never been able to figure out my CEL issue and I'm determined. If you'd read back you'd notice car seems to run fine but I'm running rich. Quick summary: I get mixture deviation codes on banks 1 and 2 with negative fuel trims. I'll clear codes and monitor the live data. LTFT starts at zero then works its way to the -8.6% threshold fairly quickly where DME overrides and trips the CEL. I've noticed bank 1 gets there about -1% more quickly than bank 2, but then they both eventually get to the -8.6% I understand this to mean I don't have a vacuum leak as that would cause lean fuel trims (positive) Plus I've tested numerous times with smoke for any intake leaks. Things I've done within the last 3-8,000 miles: valve cover gasket, vanos seals, fixed intake boot leak, fuel filter, new FPR, all new O2 sensors, sent out injectors for testing (tested good, no leaks), spark plugs, boots, coil packs. Unplug MAF and confirm idle change, so appears to be working. Cam shaft position sensor. The latest was the cam shaft position sensor. Old one was definitely compromised. It had frayed exposed wires. Light stayed off for 2 weeks and a lot of driving so I thought I found it. Then, came back. Same codes. This brings me to a couple ideas. 1. Possible exhaust leak - I've read if the leak is on the exhaust side before the o2 sensors that can cause rich conditions. I'll be confirming tomorrow if there's a leak at the manifold or elsewhere. Assuming that's ok onto my next ideas. 2. When I got the car it was needing maintenance, valve cover leaked, intake, etc. My thought is perhaps the tune was done with these leaks causing causing misleading lean conditions. Now that I've patched them up, cleaned up fuel filter, fpr, etc it's just flowing that much better and running rich. My question is does anyone here know if you can tune injectors to not run as much fuel? Anyone here know how to for some $? 3. DME compromised? There's a guy on bimmerforums that'll re-flash the tune onto a new DME but that's $380 and i don't want to spend that if it's fine. Car doesn't experience any other symptoms so I assume it's OK? 4. Timing issue from vanos job. I've done it now 3 times checking my work and using the compressed air to confirm movement. Seems OK. But with bank 1 showing signs first maybe intake CAM is still off? Are there computers out there that can sense that? I did job using blocks and all lines up. 5. Coolant temp sensor? I'm basically out of mechanical ideas to fix / test. Only thing I haven't changed is the CCV. I don't think that would cause a rich condition. I've cleaned out ICV. I was OK replacing all the other parts because they were maintenance items anyway, but now I'm out of things to fix. Looking forward to hearing all your thoughts and wisdom! Willing to pay money for help. I just don't want to take to the deal because they'll do all the same things I've already done, unless their programs are more capable than what I have. Thanks, Andrew PS - detailed and put summer tires on, so you all can blame me if we get 6" of snow Friday night.
  10. cpandrewschmidt

    1997 M3 Sedan Part Out

    cool, i'd take em
  11. cpandrewschmidt

    1997 M3 Sedan Part Out

    do you have the rear spring pads?
  12. cpandrewschmidt

    Alpine E30 Convertible Running Log

    count me in!
  13. cpandrewschmidt

    1997 M3 Sedan Part Out

    hows the condition of the zhp shift knob?
  14. cpandrewschmidt

    new to me, 98 M3

    note to my idiot self. it usually helps with vibrations to actually tighten lug nuts............. rtabs all better now.
  15. cpandrewschmidt

    new to me, 98 M3

    yes, stock w/ limiters. i got some tips on bimmerforums: "Don't fully tighten the bushings bolt.Install RTAB bracket to car, install wheel, lower car to ground.Drive the car back/forward 10ft or so so the suspension can settle.With a marker (pref a paint marker) reach into the RTAB bracket area and draw a line across the bracket relative to the trailing arm.Put the car back in the air, remove RTAB bracket and you should now be able to line the RTAB bracket to the line you just drew. Now tighten and torque the bushing bolt. Tada!"