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  1. I believe I’ve got a farm and fleet 3 ton, not super low car friendly and super sticky when you initially lower the car, but it feels super sturdy. Also curious to see what people recommend.
  2. When I’m home over break I’ll have to trace the wire through the firewall, I know the car had an alarm at one point but it wasn’t an Alpine but I suppose there isn’t any reason they couldn’t have used factory plugs for certain parts of the system.
  3. I haven’t, that’ll probably be something I do next spring when I’m back home. I forgot to mention that it did have clips on the sides, one was already broken and the other one crumbled when I was looking at it.
  4. It’s an ‘89, it doesn’t reach far enough to reach the brake fluid reservoir, I can’t think of anything else that’s even in that area.
  5. I was poking around on the car today and found a mystery connector sitting up by the fuse box on my e30. I’m curious to what it’s for, any ideas? The wires coming out of it are brown and green/brown. At first I figured it was from the old alarm, but it has a BMW connector on it and doesn’t look spliced in.
  6. Yeah it was a great day for a drive, although I got quite a few funny looks as it got colder later in the day haha. I drive a ‘98 Mercury Grand Marquis when I’m home in the winter (it’s not going back to school with me), it’s a barge and a gas guzzler but a total hoot in the snow. Tires are going in the basement because they’re extreme performance summers, and I think I’m going to follow manufacturer warnings at least for this year and keep them out of the cold. The car is stored in an unheated garage so I don’t want to take any chances with the rubber cracking and ruining a 1500 mile set of tires.
  7. Went for the last drive of the season, car is going on jack stands and the tires are going in the basement tomorrow. It’s a sad day. I also rolled 192,000 miles, so that’s cool.
  8. While we're on the subject of verts, here's a pretty decent one for the money. I really dig the euro bumpers, but it could use a rear skirt. https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/cto/d/bmw-e30-convertible/6378083461.html
  9. I was thinking maybe a table or something using these and the m20 cam I have already laying around for legs. If I had the time...
  10. I really like the side exit above the rockers, that'd look sweet. Also, shooting fireballs would be cool.
  11. Why not be like @Jdesign and put a Ford 5.0 in?
  12. https://madison.craigslist.org/cto/d/1994-bmw-530i-touring/6347523687.html Not a bad car, not running but it looks fairly clean and rust free.
  13. Agreed, the route was awesome. I would love to run it again when it's dry, maybe something for next summer for us Madison area people/anyone else who wants to make the trip? It was great to meet all of you and finally put some names to faces!
  14. I'm in for breakfast as well. I'm also planning on driving around for awhile in the black earth/blue mounds area after the meet if anyone wants to tag along.