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  1. I was planning on grabbing some other stuff as well, and it's a good excuse to hit some good driving roads over in the kettle moraine area that I otherwise don't get to drive as often as I'd like.
  2. What about a 190e?
  3. Interesting. If you two are in the same area so that I wouldn't have to make two separate trips from Madison I think I'd do it. Otherwise it's not a huge deal, I'm not all that concerned with having a perfect one.
  4. I'll take it, mine is gone completely.
  5. Since you're keeping the interior I'd imagine you wouldn't want to part with the rear ashtray if you have it?
  6. Interesting. Any specific product/method you recommend for getting the oxidation off? The rear bumper on my e30 could definitely use some love.
  7. Was the bumper oxidized, or just scuffed/scratched?
  8. I'm in as long as I can get home from school for the weekend.
  9. Do you have an intact rear ashtray?
  10. Where did you go for the smoke test? I've been looking to do the same thing, but haven't really been sure where to go or how much it'd cost.
  11. What are you planning on using to repaint the rockers?
  12. http://www.chasebays.com/chase-bays-front-to-rear-brake-lines-rear-hard-line-delete-82-91-bmw-e30/ No clue if it's a reputable company, but it's kinda intriguing.
  13. I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. That must've been a hell of a raccoon to damage that much stuff.
  14. https://rockford.craigslist.org/cto/5955521807.html I think he has some kind of a problem with raccoons.
  15. Have you thought about using NACA ducts on the hood or roof? Might look interesting.