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  1. Our first Jeep was an ebay jeep. I thought it was decent.
  2. 3D printer who has one

    If it was printed with a metal printer, yes. Usually these have the same properties as a sintered metal. It would also probably be prudent to give some work to the ring grooves to verify consistency all around.
  3. Madison E39 M5 - Thread

    Nice add! Good to see other e39's showing up!
  4. So.... 100% chance of you not going. No Snow/Salt? Really? Do you stay at your house all winter? Uber Wrist Braces
  5. About time!

    Very cool! Congrats!
  6. 3D printer who has one

    Newer than that one I think.
  7. Wanted - E46 M3 front Subframe

    No worries. I appreciate all the help in this thread. If someone doesn't turn up with one soon, I'll do the ebay thing.
  8. 3D printer who has one

    It is a stratasys dimension dual head printer with water soluable support. New price was $55K it looks like they are selling between $1500 and $4K depending on age and whatnot. Mine works, but it would need some maintenance done with the belts and such. I'd be looking for the lower end of that. Sucker is as big as a refrigerator though. Not exactly desktop lol.
  9. Wanted - E46 M3 front Subframe

    Wow. Awesome. Thanks!!
  10. Wanted - E46 M3 front Subframe

    Is this telling me that all are the same or that the M3 and 328i is the same? Sorry, I'm e46tarded.
  11. Looking for the brace that goes under the engine in an e46 M3. This is called the subframe, right? Are the M3's different than non-M's? Let me know if anyone has one. Thanks!
  12. 3D printer who has one

    I have 3. One really fancy but old one, it's pretty much decommissioned probably will go to ebay soon. The other 2 are much less expensive ABS/PLM single head printers. They print OK, but not to the level of the fancy one. Both print better than the example shown on Jdesigns pic. If you are going to use it to print interior parts you will want to look into the heat capacity of whatever you are printing with. Interirs can get very hot. Most 3D printer material melts at a lower temp than molded plastic used for interior pieces. Interiors can get hot and you don't want your parts getting soft.
  13. Secret Santa 2017

    100% positive?
  14. Secret Santa 2017

    Was it your girlfriends name? You sure?
  15. Secret Santa 2017

    You guys are making the rest of us look bad.