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New, old guy

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New guy here...but not really. Been around the block a few times. I apparently forgot my login stuff, or my account got deleted....anyways. Sold all my toys and projects 5-6 years ago to buy a house and start a family. 

Well, I'm back. 

Picked up a 97 328ic for a song last week. Currently, the trans is wonky...might be an easy fix, or not. It may just get swapped with another autotradgic for the time being just so I can enjoy the car. Or, it may go manual swap. Or, it may go full LS swap. Not really sure at this point.

Anyways, here she is....stock and boring. That wont last long




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11 hours ago, patsbimmer1 said:

Welcome!  Do a flush and fill on the trans.  Those e36 auto's with the 4L30E were very susceptible to shitty shifting once the "lifetime" fluid takes a shit.  I'm not sure about the zf auto.

Not sure what trans it has. Either way, gonna try the obvious first. The trans essentially has no R or 1st. If I put it in 2nd it works fine. 

Worst case scenario, I have a lead on a replacement for $100. I am just not sure if I want to go through the trouble of replacing and auto instead of just doing a manual swap since I am going to be digging in anyways. 

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