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  1. I’ve got a later model tank laying around
  2. For your health
  3. Or parts their shit out
  4. Nice! I did the same thing lol
  5. It’s been a long road to recovery, but we’ve finally worn him out
  6. With a tune/injectors/cam maybe Stock for stock probably not
  7. Usually
  8. I know a few people that have these, and the foot lever is pretty neat for lifting, but the biggest downfall is that the release is a fairly small diameter knob at the end of the T handle, and it apparently can be a bit tricky to control (aka dropping really fast to start). That may not be true of all of them, but just a heads up. That’s the one I have The foot pump is only useful to quickly get the jack to the lifting point on the car, which is ironic because usually we use these on lowered cars, soooo. It’s useless for actually lifting any weight (I don’t think anyone was under the assumption you could lift your car via the foot portion anyhow) The knob at the top can be a real SOB if you hulk mode tighten it. I’ve found that just barely snugging it works well & doesn’t act like a 40year old jar of pickles when you go to loosen it
  9. Doesn’t hurt to test the tstat in some hot water before installing it. Just to make sure it works. I imagine the eBay chip won’t do anything noticeable, but for $30 it will force you to make sure the DME compartment doesn’t have any surprises in it. Don’t install the chip backwards either lol. Good time to check the serp belt as well & the stock expansion tank for cracks I’m surprised it has both fogs lol It’s probably not a bad idea to change diff fluid/trans fluid/oil too.
  10. Update, built a mount & added shifter
  11. Chain would be ideal, also mount it with a hinge so when they aren’t in use (unless they’re always in use?) they can be folded flat against the wall. ^makes sense for those of us that don’t have what appears to be 42’ high ceilings lol
  12. Another vote for harbor freight low profile jack. Works on our low vehicles just fine
  13. Well, MS3 Pro is on the way. Never really liked the idea of the chiptune and no datalogging capability. Thankfully the turbo Miata has been a good learning experience
  14. Agreed, though that sport seat is too mint looking for an iracing chair. Lol! The passenger seats are always better
  15. Glad he is okay!