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  1. Nvm he sold them
  2. Paging uncle ben. He has DS2s for sale in good shape at a good price
  3. Try and find some AT italias for some winter wheels. Look good in snow mode [emoji41]
  4. Hahahaha. This thread is great
  5. At what point does the kidney grille stop being a kidney grille and just become a regular grille. Grille.
  6. Odd that the head-side went. You'd think the stud would be bottomed out and the nut wouldn't turn it anymore. But as you said. 100000 times better than a cam
  7. Shoot it
  8. Journals in good shape?
  9. I'll be at RA autox this weekend
  10. Will also clean it up a bit and maybe paint it. But probably not paint it. Because it's stainless.
  11. ^replacing the VF Swiss cheesed BS plastic charge tube dealio with some silicone hoses and this guy which was finished today The barbs will be trimmed up yet to shorten them. The larger barb is for the bypass valve, smaller barb is for the ICV. The three ports, for now, I will put some 1/8npt plugs in. Eventually may use these for water/meth injection, IAT sensor, etc. Overall that plastic tube was a mess of poor design, epoxy, and randomly drilled holes
  12. Crazy how the guides were blasted already.