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  1. Train horn would be quite sweet though
  2. Can confirm they are good
  3. Exciting stuff!!
  4. http://www.fvscc.com/results/2017_Summer/event5_raw.htm Results from today. Joe and Dan battled it out as doppelgängers.
  5. my rain jacket is a women's large plastic garbage bag. *shrug* bright side of things: wet pavement should prevent axle detonations Ah yes, flashbacks Hopefully axles didn’t detonate this year
  6. Still need to put the red413 in, remove the silver413, install GIAC tune for 7lb pulley
  7. Front end is back together. Hoses are routed & headlight covers are on. Filter is also in, still need to figure out a splash shield for it. Sensing a theme with this car where clearance is measure by fingers. This has two fingers of clearance. It’ll be fine though
  8. Brought it into work today and asked some plastic process engineers. They all said it’ll be good. At least now I have people to blame if it does fail
  9. As others have said, would be blown out 9/10 times. Also the way the plastic is laid over it, if it were to delaminate from that pipe, it wouldn’t fit thru the hole. My OCD will make me check it after every drive though I’m sure
  10. Just used the stuff that came in the box from harbor freight. Assuming it’s some type of polypro. Epoxy would’ve probably worked as well. I thought about sanding it & doing all that beautification. But I’m not any good at that so I’ll probably just leave it for now
  11. Absolutely! Thunderstorms are forecast. It could be pretty amazing! That’s my desktop background at work!
  12. You should get the plate “NO URO” just to remind yourself never to buy URO parts
  13. I’d 2nd that! I don’t think I have ever replaced my ICV hose probably the same one it came with. I did how ever have an issue with the fitting in the back of the intake popping out, falling off, or whatever decided to keep happening. I did however solve this issue with an epoxy called plastic bond. I used this However there is no provision for the small vac line that runs from the valve cover PCV to that clip (as we know in stock config there is a nipple there for it)
  14. Seriously throw it away The URO brand I had lasted maybe 1500 miles before it split in half