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    Freeze-12 would be alternative If you need more after finding leaks.
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    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    155.8k Made it to the picnic! Forgot to take any pictures since I was having too good of a time. The weather couldn't have been better and it was great seeing everyone! Snapped this crappy picture of it after washing off 1.5 years of garage dust and dirty fingerprints.
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    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    This thing sounded great at the picnic. 😍
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    New member from Milwaukee area

    welcome! we are building a legion of white e30 coupes. one day there will be 10 of us, and we will roam the streets pulling hijinx - and the police wont know who to chase, just like the movies.
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    looks like much funz were had!
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    Freeze-12 is the way to go. Looking at that OBC. Do you think anyone actually uses the security code immobilizer on 80's BMWs anymore? I always thought it was cool but felt like it left a potential no-start diagnostic hell if the OBC went rogue
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    The Badger Bimmer folks have been super nice. They've always been welcoming, despite not being a member. If you get service/buy parts from dealerships, like to read Roundel, or want to go to any of their driving events, the membership is a no-brainer. If you do none of these things, the membership (like any other club membership) is pointless.
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    Back from the dead or something.

    I have answered the age old question: Will a Honda Metropolitan fit into the back of a gutted compact?
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    I had an awesome time walking around checking out all the different setups people were running and chatting with them about it. I must say I was a bit surprised at the amount of 24 valve swapped cars that were there. On the down side I made the mistake of forgetting sun screen and my arms as well as the back of my neck were bright red by the time I got home. I do hope we can get a couple cruises going this summer, I really enjoyed hanging out with everyone!
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    I took some pictures through the window of that turbo e24 at 608. I can say that the paint is less than impressive from even that far away. 😕
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    More progress! I was able to install the new water pump and thermostat and all new gaskets. I tested the temp switches and the gauge and all of it was functioning good. Good enough to show me that the car was still overheating. I was super disappointed and stayed up all night to troubleshoot the issue. I bled the system repeatedly but I wasn't sure if all the air was out. By morning I decided I was unable to make it to the E30 picnic in this thing. Instead I drove the hybrid and the whole time I was there, all I could think about was what could possibly be causing this thing to run hot. I ended up borrowing an Airlift bleeder from Chubs and tried again when I got home. Great success, no air and now its running nice and cool. 😎 This was after driving for 15 mins in 75 degree weather: More recently now though my inspection light has come on, and I tried to reset it last night with no success. Did the Si batteries just start to fail? I moved on to the stereo with all this success and tackled that as well: Kept going and picked up the owners manual to find the code for the OBC. Well no shit I got that to work too. Sadly I think the outside temp sensor has failed as it always reads -22F But it seems like the other features work great! I drove it to work today and it seems like everything is coming together nicely now. Next up is this vintage R12 A/C recharge kit. Fingers crossed it works it looks older than I am.
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    Was nice bumping into you at WIR! Car looks and sounds great.
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    chit chat thread

    That's pretty awesome that you made one yourself. I think for now I'll just do the subframe and down the road look more into the diff bushing especially if it starts to wear out. I'm getting really antsy to get my car back so I don't want to ask them to do much more and have it for longer.
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    Back from the dead or something.

    The ground control RSM's are one of the favorite parts I've purchased for the black car
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    Joined the Club Today

    Not E30 content, but super stoked about this. 1984 Yamaha QT50.
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    Great to see everyone and all the progress on the builds. Nicely done guys! Cool mix of stock, swapped, and forced induction e30s; coupes, sedans, verts; garage queens, weekend beasts, and dailies with assorted levels of wear; and the mix of owners from old school purists to younger innovators. Each year this keeps on getting better.
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    Fantastic get together! Makes me sad to see a smashed up E30.... I also angered the E30 gods by installing cheap Chinese axles thinking they would last more than 120 miles while sending the old ones off to be rebuilt.... The final hard launch occurred on HWY K/HWY 83 in Washington County when the drivers side upper CV joint bought the farm. I know, I was warned about aftermarket axles... I’ve learned my lesson, new GKN Lobos axels are on the way. In the interim, I’m gonna take some time and clean up the rear undercarriage while everything is apart. She will roll again soon. Great seeing everyone! Wasn’t enough time to get caught up. I love seeing the progress on each car every year. -Tim
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    I stopped by for a bit. It was good to meet Peter and see some of the cars in person that I see here. I was there for a little over an hour with the family and then we went to People's Park for lunch.
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    E46 Things

    I felt this one. Good work on fixing all of the little annoying stuff!
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    Back from the dead or something.

    Zomg Heres the breakdown:
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    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    Went to my garage after work with the intention of leaving in this car. Forgot to take pictures, but honestly nothing here has any visual change from before. - Cooling system leaks are fixed! A new viton o-ring in the upper radiator hose and ptfe tape on the coolant temp sensor threads (that I forgot to tape apparently) sealed it all up nicely. Re-bled and ready to go. - Brake lights are working again, just had to pull out the plunger on the switch and let it re-settle - Removed the stud conversion and went back to lug bolts so I can run the center caps on my wheels, at least for now. I'll have to get some new studs in the 60mm range to clear the caps eventually. - Modified the original M42 wire harness cover (just the one part to the far passenger side) to accommodate the swap wiring and cover the hole in the firewall. I'll need to do something to seal it off properly, but at least its not wide open anymore. - Reinstalled the brake ducts and lower fender liner things. Couldn't run the big splash guard since the skid plate now occupies that space, so I rigged up a temporary support so the ducts don't fall out. I'll eventually do something more permanent. There was nothing left to do except take it for a drive! First drive was pretty uneventful, no complaints here! Some things to note and improve: - The exhaust is WAY too loud, and gets some rasp around 3k rpm under load too that doesn't sound too great. I am going to replace the center glasspack with something a bit better. It's a cheap louvered one so I mounted it backwards to improve flow, thinking it would still help cut rasp and such a bit. I think once the exhaust gas velocity picks up beyond idle it basically does nothing but add weight. I ordered a flowmaster FlowFX 71419 since it looks like it could help drop the volume and not hang too low. It's perforated core round body muffler, only 1/2" larger in diameter than the one it's replacing. The body is a bit shorter, but it should quiet things down a lot more than the reversed glass pack... - Clutch is a bit chattery, I'm hoping it smooths out a bit as it breaks in. No gear rattle at idle that I have noticed, maybe I can't hear it over the exhaust. - It had what sounded like belt squeal at low RPM's, probably just contamination from the radiator hose leak. Seems to be gone this morning. - I am getting a terrible noise when turning the wheels to high angles at parking lot speed, almost as if the strut tops are sticking/binding and the springs are turning in the top hats. This was happening every once in a while before so I don't think it's related to the swap. I will have to inspect further. First drive impressions and stuff: - It. Rips. Even with just some light pulls it pushes you into the seat and picks up speed really quickly, this is going to be a beast once everything is broken in and I can really get on it. It feels super torquey too and is actually pretty easy to drive despite the clutch being heavier than stock. - The diff is butter smooth, not a sound coming from it. Couldn't be happier with that. - Trans shifts super smooth too, compared to my old M3. The shift detent repair was worth it. - Engine vibrations with the basically solid Condor mounts could be worse, the M42 was way worse at idle with poly mounts. - Brake feel is fantastic with the larger master cylinder, though it definitely takes more force. I still need to dial in the bias, but I have the dial set at maybe halfway so it will be close enough for street use. Officially out of storage mode! Stopped to top off the tank and tires on the way to work this morning Picnic hit list (2 days remaining): - Clean it, it's absolutely filthy. - Drive it! See you at the picnic!!
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    Ahh crap! Picnic Eve catastrophe! The E30 Gods are not well appeased my friend (not an active poster here) got into an accident today, not his fault. Subaru driver in background was either playing Crossword Jam or reloading their vape while driving.
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