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  1. m42b32

    Rekpoints new Corvette

    Mods please ban this hooligan
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  2. Rekpoint

    Rekpoints new Corvette

    My flight is scheduled for the 23rd. The plan is to strictly check out the car. Assuming all is well, pay cash and fly back home. Then get it on a transport truck later in the week to bring it up here.
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  3. m42b32

    Rekpoints new Corvette

    Jokes aside, the week before flying out to get my wagon was agony haha, I got absolutely nothing done. I'm guessing you're planning to road trip the new ride home? I'm looking forward to getting some more details on this 'vette'
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  4. I grabbed 6 2x4x8's yesterday and they were $40. wtf. That's exactly what happened to us. We signed our contract before the prices went up and we ended up using our total framing/exterior budget on basically the rough framing. We still had to buy all the siding and all the carport material. It was awful and sent us quite a ways over budget very quickly.
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  5. Yeah, my dad is in residential construction and he said the other night prices have gone up around 70% for framing lumber for him compared to pre-pandemic cost. It's obviously factored into bids now, but the price increase when he had houses in progress sure sucked.
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  6. wasnt m3

    I Have a Problem

    You're a big boy. Go get one.
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