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  1. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    So, my cats are shitting out on me. It has the definite smell of cats going bad or clogged. OBD1 so no post cat o2 sensors. Any advice on the best way to do a cat delete? I want the car louder anyways, and now I have a reason to do it. I have little welding experience, and no welder.
  2. 318ti or 325i?

    This is true, but he won't go above $50 cash on top which personally, I don't think it is worth it. I also am not too worried about the car selling, I will start getting worried if it hasn't sold by the end of summer 2018. I have literally 0$ to paint the bumper on the ti, but I can definitely see if I can pick up some stock grills for it. I'll see closer to summer time though. I doubt it is gonna sell before april/may.
  3. 318ti or 325i?

    Any maintenance I have done or have any possible record for is listed in the ad, and the ti or 325 would be for a daily. I can't really afford to go boost or to swap it, both time (after my old civic sat in my dads garage for 3 months (boost things) he said "if its not done in a week its getting towed to your mothers" so, i dont have a garage for any long projects anymore) and money wise. Also I end up being the carpool a lot for my friends and carry all my computer gear and desk chair places close to 4-6 times a year so the whole sedan thing was a big factor in buying the 325.
  4. 318ti or 325i?

    I would guess the whole "rust free calitop" thing is definitely hurting its sale at this point in time. Also the miles doesnt help. I have no clue, im starting to have conflicting thoughts. But i also dont have the knowhow, time, or money to do a swap in the ti. Once it gets nicer out and the salt is gone, if it hasn't sold I am gonna drive both around for a week and see which I like more. My biggest complaint with my Ti is that there was little mod support engine wise for the M44 to go faster, and that is why I picked up my 325. And that the 325 was an insane deal. I owe my mother quite a chunk of change because of the 325. Maybe I just have to get some new wheels, seats, fender, and gut my cats and I will feel better. But who knows, only time will tell.
  5. 318ti or 325i?

    So at this point I have been trying to sell my 1998 BMW 318ti for a while now. It is an absolutely rust free 318ti with 206k miles. Runs great and handles fantastic. Rokkor coilovers, big 15 inch subwoofer, m3 bumper, style 161 wheels, and a muffler off of an aftermarket catback that was on a vr6. Pic: I also have a 1994 BMW 325i I picked up a while back. Currently it has 103k miles, and is definitely not rust free. Its not rusty at all except for a piece of the sideskirt, but runs great. Has raceland ultimo coilovers in front and ultimo springs with bilstein shocks in the back, old manzo catback, and an ebay tune that just raises the rev limiter. Pic: ' Now, which would you pick?
  6. Re-engaging in the community!

    Welcome! S52 E30 should be a fun swap, plenty of help on here too.
  7. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    no sir. looking at 3.38 m3 lsds. i really enjoy that image, though
  8. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    Thanks! And they still ride kinda like ass lol. Not a big deal to me though, the rear raceland struts were pretty garbage and I am trying to ignore the fact that the fronts are probably the same way. I am planning on attending a few drift events this summer, so around that time I will see whether or not I'll need new coils.
  9. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    I got a few better daylight pics of how it sits.
  10. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    Sounds good! That might be too far of a drive for me, but ill lyk. I found an add for a primered sedan fender with the same side marker style as mine iwht free shipping for 50$. But if it is not there when I go to order it ill pm you
  11. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    nope If they want to replace it im just gonna say no. i can get a primered one online for about 50$. then ill just paint it myself, theres a local place that mixes paint and @Rekpoint and i will go in together on a paint gun.
  12. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    very much appreciated. im gonna take that to a body shop and have that straightened out in no time. if not im gonna find a new fender and paint it.
  13. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    agreed, fits reeeeal nice in the back
  14. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    put the jack too close to the fender and my hand slipped on the jack, stand slipped under the fender when it was coming down
  15. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    Hey all! It has been a little bit since I have posted on here, but I actually picked up some Raceland Ultimos from @stealthbimmer and threw the coils on my car. I did the full coilover in front and just replaced the springs in the back, left the bilstein shocks on. Snapchat-1942518083.mp4 Here is the car after getting the coils on. And also im a fucking dumbass and fucked up my fender. Only do that once...