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  1. Steelblue E36 Build Thread

    i actually fit pretty well. even had to put the seat up a little to be comfortable. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. Steelblue E36 Build Thread

    Yup! The seatbelt was actually the cause for my broken back and the internal bleeding. Im 6'4" and when we got in the accident I was sitting pretty relaxed which caused me to have a bunch of movement.
  3. Steelblue E36 Build Thread

    Hey all, just popped in to check in on this thread and kinda wanted to give an update of everything that happened. So my friend and I went to go pick up my new Miata on Monday the 19th, and once we got about 15 minutes away from the car, the lady struck the rear corner of the semi with the side of her SUV and hit us head on. We were in a 2002 Camry doing about 45-50, and she was in a newer Equinox doing about 60. The crash ended up pushing our car back some even. I ended up flying over the airbag and smashing my head on the windshield so I had a super bad concussion. I had internal bleeding from tears in my smaller and larger intestine, and I fractured my L2 lumbar in my spine. I cant feel part of my leg but I still have full strength. I wasnt able to eat or drink for about 10 days when I was in the hospital, and I finally got home last wednesday on the 28th. Im getting a lot better at walking and functioning normally, and I even started driving again yesterday. The lady who hit us has no idea what happened, and she got the worst injuries out of all 3 of us involved. My friend who was driving just has a back brace for 6 weeks, then he is gonna be back to 100% after he gets that off. I have another surgery scheduled on my back next January to get the 6 screws and 2 titanium rods taken out of my spine, but after then I will be back to normal 100%! Thanks for the support! Heres the camry after the accident. You can see where I went over the airbag and hit the windshield. I also did end up with the miata. My dad and brother got the money and bought it when I was in the hospital. I love it so far. EDIT: Glad to see that bumper going to good use ;D
  4. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    Alright all, sad day but today was my E36s last day. Its new owner will treat it well. If I end up with another BMW, I will be back. If not, it was nice to meet everyone! Goodbye.
  5. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

  6. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    Did a thing today! Staggered Style 37s, E39 offset wheels. Rekpoint found these on facebook and within 10 minutes of him finding the wheels on facebook I was on my way to Minnesota. Got them for an absolute steal! $320!
  7. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    What do you mean by RAW? I'm extremely new to taking pictures of my car in manual mode. I changed some settings just so that it wasn't so insanely bright.
  8. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    Decided my valentine needed some good pics taken of her. She dirty but I needed some pictures for my photography class. Unedited, but these are my favorites so far. This is my first time using full manual mode. Anyone have any advice? Camera is a Canon Rebel T1i.
  9. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

  10. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    48$ shipped to my door. already primered and ready for paint
  11. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    Hey all! Got the fender on. I'd say having the black fender looks better than having a fucked up green fender. A nice green fender would look the best, though. I'll be painting it once it gets warmer out. Also, I was cruising around with the car and saw this. Not sure if it is rare or anything, but still thought it was cool.
  12. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    Not really. Had to get it done in class so I didn't really have a lot of times for pictures. These are the only pictures I do have, though.
  13. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    I think some of the exhaust was fucking up the mic, its a quiet same volume rasp all the way through irl. You can hear the air/exhaust hitting the mic just barely if you listen closely when im revving. You can hear the shit hitting the mic in this video better since it was a lot closer to the exhaust.
  14. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    Did some more stuff! Got my mishimoto radiator and mishimoto silicone radiator hoses on. I actually did it at school during my car care class, I bet the teacher a 12pk of mountain dew I could have it done by the end of the hour. I now owe him a 12pk of mountain dew. You can see the new radiator stuff in this video and there is an exhaust demo of what the car sounds like without cats. ALSO: 1. The car is warmed up already 2. I know the right top radiator mount is broken. Have 2 new ones already on the way. Also, my new fender came in the mail today! Getting that on tomorrow. I'm gonna paint it once it gets warmer outside.