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  1. As title states, looking for a 2001-2005 E46 330i midpipe and possibly a factory catback. Unsure if the 325i uses the same one but if so, that would be fine
  2. Its due to the sad combination of bad luck and being a complete idiot
  3. Hey all lol, its been a while. My E36 has been on jackstands due to life things. Hopefully will be cranking it out in the next couple weeks. Crashed my BRZ daily, so depending on if it ends up getting totaled I have my eyes on an E46 330i to be its replacement
  4. Got the brackets for the BBK back from the powdercoater today, they look great! Currently nothing has really changed about the car, Im still getting some parts here and there so I am kinda waiting to have all my ducks in a row before I really tear into it. But soon it will be time to start the project, and I will be uploading some videos to my youtube channel on the process in case anyone is interested.
  5. Hey all! Its been a minute since my last post, but ive been in the business of acquiring parts recently. I was very lucky to be able to pick up these throwing stars and a UUC BBK for my e36 from @ChrisO!! So for the throwing stars, they are 17x8 square off of an E34 M5. Also the wheel with the center cap pictured has a small crack, so I am hoping to get that welded up when I get the new tires mounted and installed. The SSBC calipers also seem to be in really good condition. I was very lucky because Chris was also able to supply the mounting hardware and brackets and Im planning on having all the stuff cleaned up before I get it on the car. I was also very lucky because @Rekpoint was able to find me this awesome Eibach strut bar for a pretty good deal! I have some more parts on the way, and I will make some more posts as stuff comes in
  6. When I said "before you ask, yes its 6spd the listing didnt specify and the pics werent great" I meant the knob itself, not the car haha. Im sorry I should have been clearer.
  7. So, I did some little stuff here and there. I picked up a new blower motor since it was desperately needed and I also got a new shift knob. (before you ask, yes its 6spd the listing didnt specify and the pics werent great) I also got a front plate delete! Then, as a little treat for myself I got a door cupholder. My old 325i had one when I bought it, and I absolutely loved it. I also purchased the shifter rebuild kit from @Rekpoint and hopefully picking up the z3 shifter tomorrow! Hoping to have the blower motor and the shifter done too.
  8. I believe its to prevent the shift knob from coming off. In my roommate jacobs 318 and my old 325 the knob would come off all the time while driving
  9. So here is the exterior. I am absolutely in love with the color, and the car is pretty clean except for the fact it looks like someone poorly buffed it and it has some hail damage you cant really see in photos. Doesnt bother me much since my main concerns were drivability related when I was purchasing it. The underbody is in pretty good shape, it does have some minor rust spots on the passenger sideskirt, and it has some bubbling starting on the driver side rear quarterpanel. Now onto the interior. Yes, the shifter was electrical taped on by the previous owner. But besides that, the interior is in really great shape. The previous owner definitely took care of it. It even came with weathertechs which was a very nice surprise. No rips in any of the leather. I have a BMW performance shift knob coming, and im picking up a Z3 shifter from my friend Tom this weekend. Hopefully @Rekpoint lets me snag his shifter rebuild kit, because my shifter is in dire need of new bushings. Now onto the engine/drivetrain. This E36 has definitely the cleanest engine bay out of all the ones I have owned. It runs and drives great too. PO had mountains of reciepts of work done to it, but for now I definitely need to replace the blower motor as it makes a pretty annoying sound. I was lucky because my friend Will had a spare that should work nicely. Also when I have the heat on it smells like coolant, leading me to believe the heater core needs to get replaced. But other than that, I couldnt be more happier with my E36! Edit: Also for those interested, I made a youtube video on going to pick up these cars. The video can be found here: https://youtu.be/IepdL5U0sc4
  10. I will be posting some exterior/interior/engine bay pics tomorrow No sport package For those interested in options, here is the vin decoder https://www.mdecoder.com/decode/ef51243
  11. Making my annual new e36 post. The last few I had were very shortlived, i usually just ended up being distracted by one of my other projects. Dont plan on letting that happen to this one, Im starting to think that I finally found the best e36 for me. So, context. Me and my roommate Jacob were messing around looking on craigslist for a car that he could drive in the winter. During that search, we found 2 E36s. I found a really nice 1995 BMW 325is, and he found a pretty good priced 1995 BMW 318i and they were both down in Chicago. We got a ride from a friend that was going to work in Ohio, and we picked up both of them. Definitely happy to be back in an E36, and I am very excited to see whats in store for my latest entry!
  12. Yeah, if you look through the report the car was very well maintained, and the mileage slowly climbs up after it was rolled back. 100% sure
  13. Thanks! It's a great daily. The pictures don't show the dents or minor scratches well, but thank you.
  14. Well, hello again. That 318is I had was very short lived I know, didn't last very long. I've decided to take a break from projects for a while, so I needed a nice, reliable, no worries daily in a platform I really love. So, I got another E36 sedan. And so, here it is. 1996 BMW 328i, auto. 102k miles *on the odometer* (we will get to that in a sec), rust free cali car thats never seen salt. PO acquired it in california a couple months ago. I currently work as a detailer full time so the plan is to keep it clean throughout the winter while its my daily so that it doesn't become a rust bucket haha. Black leather interior with wood trim is a plus. I got it for a good deal and don't see it going anywhere anytime soon. And thus, onto the bad. The odometer says 102k miles, but when I ran the carfax back before I went and got it I noticed that the odometer had been rolled back from 73000 miles to 37000 miles back in 2008. Almost 40k miles of difference, so that's interesting and the $40 I spent on that car fax saved me a couple hundred getting the car. Otherwise, only things I really need to tend to is that it has a slight power steering like, a /horrid/ exhaust leak from somewhere in the midpipe, a burnt out taillight, and new front seats. The current ones are power and the drivers seat does not adjust. Since I am taking a break from cars for a little while, I don't expect much to change in it from now until spring aftermarket wise. Need to get my finances and life in order before I start something else that I can't financially finish.
  15. also, it has heated seats. absolutely perfect for this winter. nice people hauler too since some of my friends are stingy on gas *cough* *cough* @Rekpoint *cough*
  16. like, it starts in a nice amount of time, but i gotta give her the gas and keep it revd above 1k for a few seconds after it starts for it to idle after. otherwise itll die.
  17. Well, I went ahead and impulse bought another E36. So, backstory time. Since I bought my ND miata, I had the money still from my black miata I had sold. (I was originally going to use the money as a down payment, but I ended up selling the NA after I bought the ND and couldnt.) I was joking around and called my mom to tell her I was leaving for Milwaukee to buy a car. I wasn't actually planning on doing such a thing, but she was actually okay with getting a car for the winter. At this point, I did find a nice clean 318ti for cheap down by Milwaukee I was kinda interested in. 4 hours later I figured out the guy had sold it, and had 2 options. A 228k mile 318is with supposedly 110k on the motor, or a 200k mile 328i convertible that had been rained in, so the interior was trashed. I didn't sleep, and left at 8:30am for Milwaukee. I get there and the guy worked at a oil change place, so we pulled it in and I got a chance to look under it. Underbody is decent for the mileage, just a few spots with some bubbling so I wasn't crazy worried. Test drove it and it rode fine, so I walked away with it. Made the roughly 4 hour trip home, and now its mine. Plan is, clean it up and fix anything mechanical during the summer so that I can have it running nice for the winter. So far, I need to fix the drivers side door handle, find out why it doesn't start right (When starting, the car smells like gas and you can see some on the ground. Runs great after starting though), throw on a new fender, new fogs, and clean up some of the rust so it doesn't get that much worse during the winter. I didn't have to buy it, but I did anyways and now I'm back on here. No slaps for this one
  18. i actually fit pretty well. even had to put the seat up a little to be comfortable. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  19. Yup! The seatbelt was actually the cause for my broken back and the internal bleeding. Im 6'4" and when we got in the accident I was sitting pretty relaxed which caused me to have a bunch of movement.
  20. Hey all, just popped in to check in on this thread and kinda wanted to give an update of everything that happened. So my friend and I went to go pick up my new Miata on Monday the 19th, and once we got about 15 minutes away from the car, the lady struck the rear corner of the semi with the side of her SUV and hit us head on. We were in a 2002 Camry doing about 45-50, and she was in a newer Equinox doing about 60. The crash ended up pushing our car back some even. I ended up flying over the airbag and smashing my head on the windshield so I had a super bad concussion. I had internal bleeding from tears in my smaller and larger intestine, and I fractured my L2 lumbar in my spine. I cant feel part of my leg but I still have full strength. I wasnt able to eat or drink for about 10 days when I was in the hospital, and I finally got home last wednesday on the 28th. Im getting a lot better at walking and functioning normally, and I even started driving again yesterday. The lady who hit us has no idea what happened, and she got the worst injuries out of all 3 of us involved. My friend who was driving just has a back brace for 6 weeks, then he is gonna be back to 100% after he gets that off. I have another surgery scheduled on my back next January to get the 6 screws and 2 titanium rods taken out of my spine, but after then I will be back to normal 100%! Thanks for the support! Heres the camry after the accident. You can see where I went over the airbag and hit the windshield. I also did end up with the miata. My dad and brother got the money and bought it when I was in the hospital. I love it so far. EDIT: Glad to see that bumper going to good use ;D
  21. Alright all, sad day but today was my E36s last day. Its new owner will treat it well. If I end up with another BMW, I will be back. If not, it was nice to meet everyone! Goodbye.
  22. Did a thing today! Staggered Style 37s, E39 offset wheels. Rekpoint found these on facebook and within 10 minutes of him finding the wheels on facebook I was on my way to Minnesota. Got them for an absolute steal! $320!
  23. What do you mean by RAW? I'm extremely new to taking pictures of my car in manual mode. I changed some settings just so that it wasn't so insanely bright.
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