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Anyone here a 996 or an Audi 2.7t expert?


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Weird topic, especially for a BMW board, but you all are local, and automotively savvy.  

Picked up a 2002 911 narrow body (kind of by accident) with a blown up engine (IMS failure).  Planning to put in a 2.7t from a 2004 Audi AllRoad.  But....I'm completely new to both of these platforms.  Would be cool to get some info from someone with experience on either of them.  I have good direction and plan of action on the actual swap, but I'm looking for info on what is the best way to refresh the porshe, and what is the best way to refresh the 2.7t.


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3 hours ago, Jdesign said:

The only input I can provide is that I have driven both platforms, but not combined. LOL From what the internet says it seems like a pretty straightforward swap. GL!

Yeah, the swap seems very painless.  Even the electronics are plug-n-play which is crazy.  Just trying to do my due diligence on the porsche maintenance and audi maintenance to make sure both are as good as new...or improved!  

I'll get there.  No rush, have another car I have to get on the road first....per the wife, and she's the boss so...  :)  

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